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The Indiana university, situated in Bloomington is known for various spooky tales. Today the creepy location is said to surrounded by numerous ghosts and that, being a prime reason, the haunted Indiana University is said to be one of the most haunted places in Indiana.

Many a several spots of the Indiana university is believed to be occupied by paranormal creatures. The first one is the career centre where babies were heard crying. In addition, the folklore office is also possessed by a deceased head of the department. Among the many spooky spirits, the phantom of a suicide victim is often encountered at the Lily Library. Most noteworthy, you may also visualise the apparition of a deceased dog, if lucky.

There are two other spooky locations in the haunted Indiana university corner. Reed Hall, being the first, hosts the ghost of a murdered dame. Many a creepy sounds and noises can often be heard in the premises during late night hours. Moving ahead to the Read dorm, the malevolent spirit of a former resident advisor, who committed suicide jumping off the stairs, can also be noticed here.

Stories about the Haunted Indiana University

Talking about the creepy incidents taking place around the Read dorm, we have a student who had been living the dorm during her junior years. What she felt was creepy and give chills down our spines.

“ I was an atheist and had a firm disbelief over otherworldly happenings. It was a day when I was taking shower during late night hours. My room was locked and I was in solitude when I heard someone calling my name. I turned off the water, heard nothing, turned it on and then the same thing happened. I made a query to my friends and they claimed of doing nothing as such. Later, I discovered the creepy hall of my dorm and the spooky history of the haunted Indiana university.”

Well, that can be a terrible incident, but not more than that of something took place on Beck 5 of the Read Hall. People have claimed of listening odd rustling sound, banging noise and other disturbing activities created by the hidden entities out there. There are few other moments when people had witnessed the door getting open and close by itself. The doors were quite heavy and hence it was impossible for the fans to move them up.

During past few hours, many a creepy incidents have taken place around construction of the haunted Indiana university. There are some really frightening incidents that denote the creepiness of the haunted Indiana university. Take a note of the following happening-

It belongs to the time when I used to stay on the 5th beck of the Read Hall during 2014. One fine night, I was sitting over my desk. There was a dry erase board hanging above my desk. Everything was fine and there was no distraction out there. Suddenly, the board fell off the wall and landed several feet away. I heard the bang and a screaming noise at the same moment. Later, i discovered that the Read Hall was a very creepy portion of the haunted Indiana university.

Till date, numerous paranormal investigations have taken place. Examiners have found multiple signs of hauntings including the cold spot detection, creepy screaming noises and orb-sightings. There are a variety of tales floating, describing the negative environment around this construction. Due to unparalleled tales about the existence of the supernatural entities, the haunted Indiana university is rated a strong 70% in the spookiness index. If you are an Indianian and love to visit adventurous places, what else would be better than the University itself? Happy Haunting !!!
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The Gurnsey Hollow cemetery is situated on Gurnsey Hollow road, Frewsburg and is believed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries of New York. It was built back in 19th century and today, it is known for its ghost haunting, creepy vibes and the various associated spooky tales to offer you chills down your spines. So, Let’s get psyched up for a virtual journey to the haunted Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery. There is an interesting story behind possession of this very graveyard. According to legends, long ago a girl equipped equipped with neurosis ailment was pebbled down by townsmen. She was left in her wounded state and due to improper care and enough bleeding, she died.

Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery Haunting

haunted gurnsey hollow cemetery new york
Later, that mentally ill girl was buried in this cemetery. It is her ferocious soul to be blamed for the creepiness and weird experiences interlinked with the Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery.

Except the girl’s malevolent phantom, two other apparitions of a boy and aged lady had also been seen there. Locals would claim their shadows protect the deceased girl. Although those spirits are not harmful and there are no any reports of any disturbances occurred by those two ghosts. But, wait. You need to remain circumspect of the callous girl’s ghost.

Located in Cattaraugus County of New York, there are various reasons behind the ghost-occupied Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery. While residents have a lineup of spooky tales to offer about the graveyard, there are some real world experiences as well. We fetched out some of those experiences to let you analyse the creepiness index of this very place.

Ghost Experiences at the Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery

haunted gurnsey hollow cemetery new york
“I have grown up in Jamestown, New York that is a short drive from Gurnsey. I had a weird experience while visiting the graveyard by 1 AM to see what would happen that late. We parked our car at the top gate and entered the cemetery. We noticed nothing until 30 minutes passed. While we were about to leave, a rush of air passed through us, but no leave moved. We had also seen an orb floating behind my friend.” - Katherine

“I found hand prints on my car. I also felt a presence during my ride back to home. To be exact, that was a muddy child hand print on the back of my car. It was indeed a very frightening experience.” - Amanda

“ I live in Frewsburg and have gone there many times over these years. This cemetery has a dull environment. Once me and my friend visited the Gurnsey Hollow cemetery during late night hours. We sat in the graveyard and talked until we saw shadows and creepy noises. Later we saw the phantom passing off the garbage. It totally scared us.” - Scott

“I went to Gurnsey Hollow with my companion and before entering the car, I was severely attacked by an unseen force and felt like someone is throbbing my chest. Later, I discovered three deep scratches on my chest.” - C. Mills

A glut of experiences are recorded everyday by the visitors at this cemetery. This cemetery has been investigated by some paranormal investigators over the times. There are pictures of a man sitting next to his grave. People who had visited this cemetery have complained of being scratched off, seeing orbs, imparting hand prints on their vehicle and some of them even encountered the evil spirit as well.

Talking about the other experiences, few people have reported to hear child’s laughter and footsteps following them while the others claimed to hear a rattling noise around their car. This cemetery is indexed as the most haunted cemetery in New York due to its true ghost haunting and unparallelled phantom experiences. Would you like to pay a visit there? In other case, you might take a visit to few other most haunted places in New York City, if you like so.

New York City is the most populous city in the United States. It is known for the unlimited fun at the variety of amazing locations here including some ramshackle houses, gruesome structures and haunted places.

While many of people have reported to experience paranormal at different haunted places in NYC, we have picked up few most haunted places in New York City that are absolutely creepy. It’s a post based on real experiences and true otherworldly investigation and offers plenty of excitement when you visit these extremely creepy locations in NYC. So, pack your bags and peep in to this list of 6 most haunted places in NYC, given the order of creepiness is in descending order.

The Dakota, New York

most haunted places new york
When you head to the central park west at 72 Street, you find a worn structure in front. Generally there are many of modern buildings and new formations out there but, The Dakota is an eminent name in itself. Wonder why? Obviously because of the few spirits that are frequently seen within its boundary. What exactly does these ghosts belong to and why the Dakota is counted in top 5 most haunted places in NYC? Read below.

From decades, this place is rumoured to have a boy ghost walking severely in its premises. He is blamed to commit suicide for unknown family issues that are unclear. Besides that, many workers have reported to see a girl ghost hanging out in classic apparel. The third ghost belongs to a man who was ferociously killed outside the area revolving Undertakers gate. Due to the continuous presence of these 3 ghouls in the Dakota’s air, people feel fierce to check in during dark. 

If we talk about the physical signs, the appearances of girl’s ghost during twilight and the painful cries in night add extra spice of horror to the juice of excitement. No wonder the famous horror movie “Rosemarie’s Baby” was filmed here, after all the Dakota is placed in our listing of top 6 haunted places in NYC.

The House of Death

most haunted places new yorkLocated on 14 West 10th street near Fifth Avenue, this place actually proves its name meaningful. The whole west village is a wonderful place and does gain a lot of fame especially from the House of Death, that the residents of New York find one of the most haunted places in New York. When we had written to Graham Smith, he depicted this place to contain numerous paranormal creatures and convinced Stephen, a paranormal investigator from our group, to appear right up. After his visit, Stephen extracted a lot of facts, legends and stories and we came to a point. This place is gruesome enough to get counted in top most haunted places in NYC.

If you take a look at this 65 years old building, you would have no doubt about this place being a creepy one. This place has a throng of ghosts including spirit of Mark Twain and the prominent attorney Steinberg’s daughter. Urban legends have it Mr. Steinberg had beaten his adopted young so hard that she met with death. The body became lifeless and the soul vanished… to haunt every inch of this very house. 

Mark twain’s ghost is said to guard the staircase section of this house and other 22 ghosts populate the whole housing area. Many apparitions were seen by Stephen and several noises such as sound of giggle and heavy boot in the basement section continuously occurred in night. Due to endless eerie activities, the house of death is one of the eminent haunted places in NYC where you can definitely find a ghost.

Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York

most haunted places new york
This historical mansion is addressed to exist between west 160th and 162nd street as 65 Jumel Terrace in New York City. It was constructed by a British colonel Roger Morris to sustain the purpose of a summer home. This is cited as the oldest standing in Manhattan and is in this list of 6 most haunted places in NYC.

A sequence of suicides at this beautiful place turned to be turmoil to the jovial surrounding of Morris-Jumel Mansion. First the former mistress Eliza Jumel and then a young servant girl, both unleashed their soul from their respective bodies. It is believed that ghost of the females haunt this mansion. Apparition of Eliza has been seen wandering frequently in a purple dress in this house while the white hazy figure of a girl is caught up in the mansion’s servant’s quarter. 

You can detect noises that of rapping on walls and windows when you give a visit to this place. Some visitors have claimed to see an apparition of a soldier that looks like the same as the photo of an American soldier that hangs in the mansion. Due to the presence of three ghosts, it feels hideous to step in to this mansion in night. I will definitely not, Would you?

Manhattan Bistro, New York

most haunted places new york
Located on 129 Spring Street, this place houses a deadly spirit. In Parapsychology, it is considered that those who suicide or die in an accident by mistake, or die in a natural way are not as dangerous as a person who was killed in a barbaric way. If you have not caught it now, let me elaborate.

This construction is said to be possessed by the spirit of Elma Sands, a young woman that was brutally murdered in 1799. Her murderer Levi weeks put her corpse in a well that exist in the basement region of the restaurant. Levi was never convicted all his life and seems this holds the ghoul of miss sands to this building. It can be said that her soul is awaiting her murderer and to kill him, in turn to attain eternity. 

Talking about the numerous signs of a witch’s existence, you can her knocking of the doors and experience broken plates, flying bottles and ashtrays down the table in the No man’s land. All these incidents confirm the presence of an evil spirit pushing Manhattan towards top haunted places in New York.

Haunted Belasco Theatre, New York

most haunted places new york
Once known for the entertainment sessions, Belasco theatre is now ruined and creepy. There is much more beside just the time factor responsible for this worn scary theatre. Unleash the history and mysteries tied with Belasco theatre that is known as one of the most haunted places in NYC where you can see a ghost.

Established on 111 West 44th Street, Belasco theatre is known as one of some oldest theatres New York has.  This place is haunted by the builder and his mistress. It was a theatre with livelihood and magnificent environment until David Belasco, the builder of this very building died in 1931. He lived on the top floor of this building and thus, his soul is said to wander frequently in its premises.  Later his soul got a partner when his companion met a natural death. 

Spectators have claimed to see many creepy activities including footsteps of unknown entity, working of disconnected elevator and hazy appearances. Belasco’s ghost interacts with actors and greets them often, says Henry, a frequent visitor to this theatre. If you are lucky enough, you could see the ghost of the Blue lady that wanders expeditiously on the upper store. This sequence of hideous incidents conveys the popularity to us and we did the honor by letting it secure a plot in Top haunted Places in New York City You would ever visit.

Beth Israel Hospital, NYC

most haunted places new yorkFor the last slot, we had three contenders – Algonquin Hotel, Bridge café and the Beth Israel Hospital itself. Stephen had a tough time choosing the one, because we had focused on the deadliest 6 of all. There are more than 20 haunted places left in New York City but, out of all the spooky locations New York has, we are sure to any extent that this list contains the most haunted places in NYC where you can actually see a ghost. 

Well, we preferred Beth Israel over the remaining two, for the ferocious spirits that roam in this hospital overnight. A hospital, in its own span of time, faces many cases. They have patients treated for over burning to patients that die from major diseases. All their souls belong to the hospital (the place they die) forever, till these get eternity. Especially when a hospital shuts down, all the dormant ghouls and witches get fuelled up and completely haunt the whole section.

Now when we are over with explaining the mechanism, let us tell you the weird happenings one experiences when they step in this hospital during late night. Numerous people including some ghost hunters have complained of hearing noises, female screaming, footsteps and scratching throughout the hospital. 

Trespassers have reported to hear a sudden outcry and loud giggle that terrify them whilst passing through the road nearby Beth Israel hospital. If you are interested in ghost hunting, we advise you to visit the hospital, popular for real ghost experiences and known as one of the top 6 haunted places in NYC.

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Milwaukee is the largest city in the united state of Wisconsin. It is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan. It is quite a glorious city and is eminent for its eye-pleasing sites. Although a mix of emotions flow out while roaming at some grand restaurants or, few luxurious hotels or, chilling at a beach, say. Well, what about leaving every jubilant sentiment at the sea-shore and joining a hoedown full of adventurous-thrill? Sounds fun?

That’s what it is gonna be the tour to these 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee. So, all you horror fanatics out there, let’s take a visit to each and every spot mentioned here. If lucky, you can spend a night there and make few awesome ghost buddies.

Hilton Garden Inn, Milwaukee

most haunted places Milwaukee
The Hilton Garden Inn is built on the ashes of the NewHall Hotel and promises a creepy environment. It is the conversion of the Loyalty building built in 1886 after the NewHall hotel fire. That was an unfortunate night of January 10th, 1883 when a despondent news of massive death came out. Well, it was a misfire that generated from the basement of the hotel and soon captured the whole building. More than 70 people had died in that accident and their shadows still wander around the premises of this building. However, room number 326 and 201 are more sensible as many a reports of paranormal activities were recorded there. 

You might hear horrible sounds and experience smoky apparitions when alone and that would indeed be a brawny evidence of ghastly existence. Set of evidences like hair pulling and sudden knocking on bathroom doors have already been verified by the hotel employees. Thus, must take a note of the haunted Hilton garden, reportedly one of the 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee.

Marquette University

most haunted places Milwaukee
There is a famous quote in demonology that says, “every haunting has a callous past associated with it.” This very quotation seems so laconic in the context of the haunted Marquette University in Milwaukee. Humphrey hall is among the many worn buildings on the Marquette campus that are notorious for their dark history. Locals firmly believe that the hall was once a children’s hospital where few children died during their treatment process, and their souls are still occupying that particular section.

The University’s Schroeder Hall is the another nail in the coffin where the misty apparition of a young girl is usually seen. There are few other haunted constructions such as the Straz tower where a boy drowned to death, and the Johnston Hall that can narrate, why those two priests jumped it off, only if buildings could talk. The Marquette university has a variety of spooky place filled with numerous ghosts. Talking about the general spirit encounters, visitors have claimed to see apparition of patients in hospital gown during night hours. Swimmers feel disembodied touch while splashing around the Tower, and intrepid spirits of jesuit priests can be encountered hanging around the residence section. Overall, the Marquette university offers much more to be listed among 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Public Museum

most haunted places Milwaukee
Proceeding further in our list of most haunted places in Milwaukee, the haunted Milwaukee public museum is up next. Though a hasty glance around the corridors of the museum only reveals less creepy mannequins engaged with the taxidermy. But, the real catch is on the third floor of the construction. It is believed that Stephen Borhegyi ghost shares that section with the spirit of a lady. Visitors have reported the ghost sightings of a man in a cape, and also the phantom of a woman in a white dress wandering around the third store. Few cold spots on the third floor, halt of elevator car on the haunted floor without an apparent reason, and off chore motion sensors are some epoch-making indication to suggest haunting of the Milwaukee public museum.

Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee

most haunted places Milwaukee
The Forest home cemetery was established in 1850 on the ruins of a former Indian village and burial grounds. This huge graveyard host thousands of graves, including remains of few famous personalities like beer barons and William Davidson. In the past years, there have been many a negative reports flashed out. Those stories proclaim that,
People who had visited this cemetery have witnessed eerie feelings, blurred visions and dreams about shredded corpses. Disembodied touch and harsh noise are some added phenomenon that suggests the Forest Home Cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
There are some other incidents where visitors have encountered apparitions that would come and disappear. Woman crying, tall shadow figures and eerie noises are some other stuff that confirm  this graveyard’s importance in every horror fanatics’ visit-list.

Brumder Mansion

most haunted places Milwaukee
The notorious Brumder Mansion was built by George Brumder Senior in 1910. There are various news about the haunting of this Victorian Mansion. There are endless rumours, and many stories regarding the paranormal cases to rely upon. However, when you go through the reports, you would get chills down your spines for sure.

The much creepy Brumder Mansion is believed to be haunted by both female and male spirits. Malevolent spirit of Suzanne haunts the Blue room section of this grand structure, while her female mate loves to wander around the third floor bedrooms. The third womanlike creature loiters in ballroom theatre, catacombs and frequents the first and second floors of the building. However, there exist male ghosts including a man that haunts the George’s Suite; a doctor and a Scottish maintenance man. Altogether the Mansion becomes creepy enough to be explored during strange dark hours.

Due to the presence of multitudinous spirits, the Brumder Mansion undergoes disembodied phenomenon very often. Guests have claimed to witness spooky shadows, orbs around the structure and even in their photos. Strange feelings, whispers and tap noises without any evident phenomenon can be felt here. If you love ghost haunting, the good news is you can officially visit the Milwaukee Bed and breakfast Mansion (Brumder Mansion). 

This was the list of 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee. Take a couple of free hours every weekend and try visiting down one of these haunted locations in your city. Happy Haunting !!

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The capital city of California is the hub of hauntings.  The interesting thing is the kind of locations that feature in our list of 10 haunted places in Sacramentos- apart from spooky houses, cemeteries, and theatres, you'll find rivers and even a Burger King. Sit back, grab a snack and enjoy discovering a little more about Sacramento and the surrounding area's afterlife, with our list of Top 10 haunted places in Sacramento. These places include a creepy tunnels, few haunted mansions, asylums and dilapidated structures in Sacramento. Get psyched up to wander around these spooky attractions.

1. Old Sacramento Tunnels, Sacramento

real haunted places Sacramento
Old Sacramento was rebuilt over the original town, with tunnels being built after the great flood of 1862. There are tunnels and a hidden town underneath, buried because of the rising waters of the Sacramento River. Reports state that the series of tunnels under Old Sacramento were the town’s original streets before they were raised above sea level against flooding. Legend has it that the tunnels became establishments of ill repute, such as opium dens, brothels and occult practitioners’ hideouts, and witnesses have felt a menacing presence and heard unexplained sounds coming from them. It is rumoured that the underground area of Old Sacramento is so haunted that the transients don’t like sleeping down there. 

2. Richard Trenton Chase aka The Vampire of Sacramento Victim’s Homes

most haunted places in Sacramento
Richard Trenton Chase also known as The Vampire of Sacramento committed some grisly murders in Sacramento. He was a serial killer that dabbled in drinking the blood of his victims and cannibalism. As a child he was known to have mutilated animals. In mid-1977, Chase had been stopped by a Native American agent on a reservation in the Lake Tahoe area and arrested. He was wearing a blood soaked shirt and driving a truck containing guns and a bucket of blood. He convinced them that it was a misunderstanding involving an animal he'd hunted. No charges were filed. On December 26, 1980, a prison guard found Chase dead in his cell. Coroners determined Chase had committed suicide by overdosing on his medication, possibly taking three weeks worth of medication at once, killing himself. It appears that at some of his victim’s homes, there may be some residual hauntings, the reenactment of murder plays over and over again.

3. Sacramento River – Green-haven Area – Gloria Drive

haunted places Sacramento
Late at night as you walk down the embankment of the Sacramento River, you can see a campfire going. As you approach the campfire, the campfire disappears. It is rumoured that a transient drowned in this area and the campfire you see is the campfire he would make on his cold nights camping along the river. This could be a residual haunting. In addition to this, two men from SMUD and a dog walker once saw a Sea Serpent, or what appeared to be a Sea Serpent in the same area of the Sacramento River, making loud thumping noises in the water. The dog walker said the sighting of the Sea Serpent occurred at 3:00 a.m.

4. Haunted Freeport Factory in Seattle

haunted places in Sacramento
Many employees have said to have died in the factory during their job, and now it seems the only thing this factory will be making is making people shiver in fear. Be sure to hold open the door when entering this factory for it’s rumoured that the door will lock and close behind you if left unattended. It is said that the Freeport Factory is Haunted by workers that died on the job. Once inside, it’s also said that one can hear the sound of children laughing as if they are using the abandoned machinery as their own personal playground.

5. Burger King on Florin Road

Those looking for a late night snack may get more than they order when eating at this fast food joint. It has been said that during a busy lunch hour, a gunman walked into the restaurant and shot the store manager before turning the gun on himself. Employees working late night shifts have reported hearing gunshots and screams as if the event is being reenacted by the spirits themselves.
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6. Creepy California State Library, Sacramento

The walls of the building themselves have more daunting tales than those kept on the shelves of this public library. Visitors have been reported sightings of the ghost of an elderly man in glasses peering over old books when browsing the California Section of the library. Library staff have also reported hearing the sound of Mylar rustling resembling the sound of when a book is being pulled out or shelved when there is no one there.
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7. Sand Cove Park, Sacramento

This place has seen many people drown in the waters in recent years. Visitors claim to have heard the voice of woman saying “te papa” in Sand Cove Park near the Sacramento River, and seeing ghost lights seen as well. Some locals believe that the site once featured a mine shaft where a miner accidentally passed away, or possibly an ancient burial ground here haunted spirits still roam in the night.

8. Sacramento City Cemetery

haunted places in Sacramento
Reports of several apparitions including a couple dressed in black, a pit bull who follows visitors around the cemetery and suddenly disappears (no animals are allowed inside the gates), and a little girl seen playing near the headstone of a deceased child have been recorded for the site. The cemetery is closed at night except for occasional guided tours and is well known for its numerous hauntings. Sacramento’s favorite ghost May Woolsey is said to haunt the Cemetry. Her gravestone at the cemetary is said to emanate a positive energy.  The 12-year-old girl died in 1879 from encephalitis, then appeared to her parents and told them she was not yet dead but just “waiting” for them on the Other Side. 

9. Sacramento Theater Company

Believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Sacramento, as per reports, this theater is home to at least five ghosts. The most well known specter, believed to be a former stagehand, has been affectionately dubbed "Pinky" because of the glowing pink aura that is often seen near hot spots. Disturbances include footsteps heard on the stage after hours, a man walking the hallways, lights flickering. The theater is currently under paranormal investigation. Two phantasms hang around the upstairs, stage-left dressing room. One was a tall, thin man with a mustache, who has been identified as a former volunteer. The other is a very sad Polish actress by the name of Madame Modjeska, who image is often seen in one of the large mirrors in the room. In 1994, investigators recorded unexplainable footsteps crossing the McClatchy Mainstage and photographed numerous infrared anomalies during a séance in the Stage Two area.

10. Antelope Haunted House, Sacramento

This 1998 house was built on a Japanese Internment Camp of WWII. The occupants of the house, an Asian family claim to have woman without a head that scares their 6 children that reside in that house. They also see a ghostly figure of a man in white t-shirt and white shorts. There is piano music that plays that can be heard from a distance. Sometimes objects are moved around the house and placed in inappropriate places.

This was the list of real haunted places in Sacramento that are full of spirit. You may visit these with the group of your friends and get fascinated with the horror experience out there. Happy Haunting !!
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When in Colorado, do take some time out to walk around the places mentioned in our list of 10 haunted places in Colorado– you will not regret these hikes in Colorado, because there are plenty of spooky occurrences in the city. This list of locations include few historic sites, a museum, few houses, casino, hotels and theatres- we have variety of each places to be listed in these top haunted attractions in Colorado. So, suit yourself up gentlemen as we go on a virtual journey to these spooky locations.

List of Haunted places in Colorado

1. Bed and Breakfast at Historic Onaledge 

haunted places in Colorado
This historic bed and breakfast is haunted by at least three spirits, which are seen in various guest rooms of the stately manor house. One of the spirit is said to be that of a woman in a pastel dress, who appears to oversee what goes on in the property. The next is a polite young boy in a blue suit, who often talks with guests before vanishing into thin air. The third apparition is a portly man in a suit, who has been seen wandering the ground of the house as well as in hate hallways. The Cigar smoke and tobacco smell is often attributed to him and is seen in various sections of the bed and breakfast.

2. Pueblo Firefighters Museum 

The purpose of the Pueblo Firefighters Museum and society was to preserve the firefighting heritage of the town, and now rather appears to have preserved some ghostly inhabitants of an otherworldly kind. Many vintage old-fashioned vehicles have been known to drive off by themselves, and staff and visitors claim to have heard the sound of disused vehicles moving through the museum at night. Other visitors claim to have seen a shadowy apparition sitting in a fire truck near the museum entrance.
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3. Brook Forest Inn 

haunted places in Colorado
The Brook Forest Inn was originally built in the early 1900s and many ghosts are said to walk through the accommodation facility. The top floor houses two ghosts: Jessica, a chambermaid who was murdered by her stable-hand lover, and the stable hand himself, who committed suicide after committing the dastardly deed. The second floor serves as the residence of Carl, the ghost of a man who killed his wife after learning she had had an affair. On the third floor lives a little boy ghost who can be heard running in the hallways late at night. Cold breezes are said to be felt going up the stairway to the third floor. Also, the forest surrounding the area is said to be full of the ghosts of Native Americans.

4. Pioneer Park - Henry Webber House 

The Henry Webber House is said to be haunted by Harriet Webber, the wife of the home’s builder- Henry Webber, a shoe merchant by profession. She reportedly died in 1881, interestingly enough four years before the house was built, of accidental strychnine poisoning,then available over the counter as a tranquilliser  Her last words, "Henry will know", led to rumors that her death was either a suicide or murder brought on by a rumored extramarital affair between him and her niece.
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5. Gilpin Hotel Casino 

haunted places in Colorado
At this establishment, witnesses have reported sightings of a female apparition on the second floor. Her name is said to be Lucille, and folks in the know say she committed suicide here upon finding out that her boyfriend was killed in a mining mishap. The distraught woman threw herself from a second-floor window of the hotel and died, but she never left the Gilpin. For several years in the late 20th century Jeri and Herb Bowles ran the Gilpin Hotel and Lucy’s room was normally not rented out because of her pranks. She moved suitcases and sometimes dropped them on guests’ chests – you can see why guests would demand another room. The Gilpin Hotel casino now has named its restaurant after Lucille.

6. Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheater (18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison) is a popular concert venue that’s rumored to be haunted by a couple of ghosts. One is said to be that of a bearded man holding a bottle, believed to be a miner. He shows up for a moment and then disappears. The other is a headless woman riding horseback through the night with a bloody hatchet.
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7. Stanley Hotel

haunted places in Colorado
At the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park the piano is often heard being played late at night when there is no one around.  Added to this, many people have heard sounds of revelry occurring in the empty ballroom.  Room 217 and 401 get singled out for special attention as people report numerous different disturbances occurring in these two rooms.  Room no. 401 is claimed to have a haunted closet where a man is seen standing and there are reports of banging noises coming from the closet.  Room no. 217 is said to be haunted by a more interesting ghost who is believed to be the long-term housekeeper of the Stanley Hotel.  As per locals, if she likes you, she will help you unpack your luggage.  Room 217 is also the room Stephen King stayed in that allegedly inspired The Shining.

8. Boulder Theatre

The Boulder Theatres’ ghost is named George Paper who in life happened to be the theater manager in the 1940s. He was hanged accidentally by some dangling wiring. George has been known to show up as an apparition, turn lights off and on, turn on bathroom faucets, and open the bathroom doors. Several witnesses have seen George’s ghost dash past them. The pub next door, George’s Food & Drink, was named after the very active ghost. Based on the statistics the Boulder Theater is one of the most scariest haunted places in Colorado and hence makes to our list of top 10 haunted places in Colorado.

9. Hotel Colorado

most haunted places in Colorado
Hotel Colorado’s was built in 1891 and became functional in 1893. During its early heydays, the hotel hosted such illustrious guests as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft, as well as the "unsinkable” Molly Brown. In the 1920’s, the hotel became the playground for a number of Chicago gangsters, including Diamond Jack Alterie, the Verain Brothers, and most notably, Al Capone. During World War II, the hotel was utilized as a naval hospital. The elevator of the hotel works by itself, doors open and close on their own, and there is a phantom smell of cigar or cigarette smoke in the lobby. The apparition of a little girl in Victorian clothing has been seen on the staircase, and the ghost of a murdered chambermaid is said to materialise in the Devereux room at night.

10. Poncha Pass

Near the top of Poncha Pass, there is an old dugout cabin near a gold mine, where people still come up and try their luck, although it has not been an operation for several years. Legend says that years ago, an old miner was digging in the mine, but he succumbed to fumes in the gold mine and died. His body was not found until years later by someone else near the dugout cabin, and apparently there was not a mark on his body at all. The other mysterious occurrences at Poncha Pass include sightings of plenty of ghosts from the Civil War. Apparently years ago a group of Southern soldiers deserted and stole a wagon of gold as they fled. 

There was a fight between these soldiers and a group of enemy soldiers, and the gold disappeared. Few people believe that one of the Southern soldiers escaped, but others say that he died in the woods with all of the gold. People in the area say that they can hear screams late at night and gun shots, but no one can ever be found. People still try to find the gold near this pass, but it can be dangerous at night. Several locals have heard of visitors dying because they came too close to a steep cliff. Be careful if you visit.