Thursday, June 22, 2017

Haunted Site Office Experience- Too Creepy

I used to work very late in the office when I was still a learner in the construction industry. Normal for a construction site staffs, our office is always situated within the site compound where it used to be hoard up; away from public view for safety reasons. So, as a construction guy who was trained to use to be at this condition, I felt nothing. No scare, no eerie feeling, no ghost thought except planning what should be carry out for the next day. The work schedule alone is enough to keep our brain busy all the days and nights. In fact I have been through from one project site to another; none of my projects is giving me the eerie feeling even though I have to stay through the night to complete tons of works given by the boss.

Haunted Site Office Experience- Too Creepy

Things has gone the usual ways until one day I was transfer to a new project site in Sungai Buluh, to look after the construction of six storeys building. At the very first week, nothing is happen and I have stick to my usual style of doing work in the site office until 9 p.m or 1 a.m almost every alternate day. Of course I’m not alone staying in the office. There are always few of us doing work together that consist of the Project Manager, Planner, Draftsman, Site Manager and me as Quantity Surveyor.

To cut short the introduction chapter, one day during the second week working at this site as usual five of us were still in the site office and that’s around 9.30pm when three of them want to go out for dinner. Left only myself and the Draftsman in the site office doing works, no feeling of fear. I still remember, at around 10.30p.m there was someone knocking the office door. I went to the door and open it, no one there but I can felt a soft chilled air slowly entering the office passing through my body who stand blocking the door. Suspecting nothing, it’s normal we can feel cold wind during the night especially at construction site. I went back to continue my load of works.

After sometimes around 10.45p.m the rest of the members came back with dinner packed for me and the Draftsman. We continue for our discussion about work related problem until 11.30pm where everyone seem to be tired. Identified what should be done tomorrow, all the three of them the Project Manager, Planner and the Site Manager started to tidy up their things and plan to leave office. Due to the urgency of some works need to be done, Myself and the Draftsman have no choice but to stay for a while to tidy up our items for tomorrow presentation. Feeling hungry, the Draftsman went strait to the pantry to have his portion of dinner just now bought here by our superiors.

More than half an hour in the pantry, It’s 12.30a.m and the Draftsman still not coming out to continue. I started to call him,,” Eh, Khairol…lama dalam pantry? Tak sihat ke?”. No answer from him, but I can still heard him busy taking foods with sounds of plastic bags and chair moving inside the small pantry. Then I leave him alone while rushing to complete my own work before I take turn to have my dinner too. It’s nearly 1.00a.m now, feeling exhausted and hungry in the same time I walk to the pantry trying to figure out what is Khairol doing for such a long time. Wow!! To my surprise I found that Khairol is finishing my portion of food as well, left nothing for me on the table! Feeling angry, I scolded him for leaving nothing for me to eat at the night. “ Eh Bro, dinner aku pun kau sapu? Habis aku nak makan apa haaaah??!!” He seem to be too busy finishing the soup and doesn’t response to my words. I started to shout “ Cukulah! Lapar sangat ke kamu ni??!” angrily. Same time I am banging on the table showing my frustration. Khairol stared at me with the eyes red and his mouth keep saying something that I couldn’t understand at all, only one word that I could clearly memorized was “Engkau jangan buat aku marah..”.

He suddenly stood up and look to me, with the eyes that doesn’t seem to be like a normal person. Shouting back to me “ Aku dah banyak tahun tak makan sedap macam ni,,,tiap malam makan sampah!!” and keep laughing like a crazy people. From that moment I already sense that something was wrong and knew that he might have been possess. I ran to my desk and started to pick up my bag in a hurry, no time to call anyone at this hour.

As I am about to rush to the main office door, he acted aggressively by throwing a chair to my direction, luckily it didn’t hit me. Normally a quiet person, I knew this is not my usual Draftman Khairol anymore. I quickly ran out of our site office and alert the security guards on duty. One of the “pak guard” is telling me there is something is taking over my friend’s body. They help to calm him down with some prayers but the spirit seem to be too strong for the two elderly guards to handle. The scary part is at that moment not much people there and no one is dare enough to catch hold Khairol to prevent him from walking around. Worry about anything bad happen to him, we were force to follow him from a distance wherever he walk until at one time he stop and demanding fresh ”chicken blood” from us. “Aku dahaga ni,,,Aku dahaga!! Mana ada darah ayam, aku nak!!” , Khairol shout to three of us behind him.

Listen to his weird request, I have no other better idea but to call police using my hand phone. Fifteen minute later four policeman arrived with two motorcycles and trying to stop Khairol from walking around and talking non stop with language that no one could understand. Seeing the polices walking near him, Khairol started to run into the building which is under construction and disappear. All of us searching for him the whole night, non of us is able to locate him until the next morning.

His body was recovered the next afternoon inside the building perimeter monsoon drain by an Indonesian worker, many injuries to the whole body with the neck almost detach from the body. Forensic report from the police is telling he falls from high level, suspected the night before he ran up to the building under construction and fallen from level three of the building into the drain just below the building.

After that scary incident, feeling unsafe I decided to leave the company and started a new life. I heard from my other friends that the spirit of Khairol have seen wondering at the area and voices of him crying for help can heard during the night.

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Creepy Ghost in the Polytechnic Hostel

Back in January 1997, I got offered to study at Polytechnic in Jitra, Kedah. As a new student, we have to stay at the hostel for the first semester. During the 6 months staying in the hostel, I encountered lots of strange things. I heard alot of the encounter stories from my seniors about the hostel, but I don’t give a damn at the beginning.On the first night, my roommate fell sleep already after the first day orientation which made us very tired.

Creepy Ghost in the Polytechnic Hostel

When I was about to sleep, suddenly I heard someone walking outside my door. I thought must be my next door student, but the sound keeps on non-stop, sometimes IT walked like dragging the shoe, sometimes running and jumping! I was really pissed off that time and I decided to get up and tell the person to stop it. So I was waiting at my door and waited the sound right outside my door, when I opened the door… I saw nothing! I felt strong cold wind blow after me, I was thinking… the corridor surrounding by all hostel rooms, there is no way the wind can blow to corridor. I checked on next door, all the doors were well shut, so I knew there was something wrong and I quickly close the door and back to sleep.

On the next day I asked my roommate did he heard the noise, he answered me he was in deep sleep and don’t know what was going on. I still never gave up and wanted to find the answer… but until now I still haven’t get it. The sound can be heard almost everynight! That’s why I have to sleep with listening to my walkman that time.

During mid-semester exam, I can heard even more weird sound around my hostel. Got one time, I heard a group of kids were playing in other corridor which connected to other block of hostels. As we know the sound transfer between corridor will have strong echo sound. I was wondering, how come my hostel got kids? I never seen any kids around my campus at all during day time, where the hell they came from? I can heard they were laughing, small bicycle sound and marble balls sound. I purposely went to toilet for a pee to check it out, the toilet just right at the corridor, when I pass by there… I don’t see anything and the sound slowly get faded.

I remember that time, a chinese radio station 988 used to have ‘encounter’ show for 30 minutes long on every monday night. Me and some friends never miss the radio show, we always gather in a room and listening to it. One night, after the show, we were still excited with the stories and we started to talk about it. I was a clear and hot night, we can see the sky was clear and stars are everywhere.

Suddenly in less than 5 minutes, the weather changed so dramatically, strong winds coming and thunder glooming so loud. We decided to stop the topic, and guess what? The weather changed to normal in less than 5 minutes too! On that night, some of my friends were disturbing by ‘uninvited guest’. They can’t move or talk at all until they chanting bible words then they only back to normal! They told me on the next day, and they were fall sick at the same time.

On the final exam week, the weird sound even more scary! Got one middle of the night, I heard someone shouting very loud like very helpless, the sound was like very struggled, I quickly ran out from my room and see what is going on. I see nothing again! Normally if we made some noise, other students will come warn us to keep quiet, but I saw everyone were so concentrate on their revision. That’s really weird, because the voice was so clear and loud for so long, but everyone seems like heard nothing.

According to my seniors’ stories, the block I stayed which is block C, got a student accidently dropped in the upper roof the reservoir and died in there. For block A, got a student accidently dropped off from the staircase, and for block B got a student suicide before. What I discovered about these 3 blocks of the hostel, on the top floor (3rd floor), they always leave some rooms empty and lock it very tight. Although still got so many empty rooms, but the warden always told us no more rooms there. Does the rooms are reserved for ‘them’?

My other senior told me, they were staying at 3rd floor, that floor really spooky all the time, got one time he went to his friend’s room just for chit chat, his friend saw ‘something’ walk by the door, his friend suddenly feld unwell and passed away following week with ‘unidentify’ sickness! Doctor also can’t identify what kind of sickness.

During my stay for the 6 months, I continuous sick for 4 months long! After the semester, we all have to move out and look for room or house for ourself. When I left the hostel, my sickness getting well right after that… Thank god!!!

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Malevolent Soul looking for Revenge - True Story

This is a true horror story. It was told by my colleague who currently working together with me, last time same university with me. The year I graduated she just joined. It was year 2005/2006. That time she (my junior & my colleague now) is going to have her first semester final exam. So one day, as she walking back to her room at her hostel, she passed by a room not far from hers.That room was occupied by two international students. Unknown of both of the nationality, she can only tell that both of them are Negro. So as she passed by, she saw one of them sitting near to the window and talking alone to the tree just outside their room facing their window.

Soul looking for Revenge creepy story

My junior was staying at third floor that time. Let’s call my junior (YS). So as YS passed by the room and saw that, she stops a while. She was wondering why that Negro lady talking to the tree. Then YS just make her way back to her room. As YS reach her room, her roommate quickly grab her hand and tell her that the Negro just few doors away is suspected possessed by those thing.

The negro roommate was questions by few friends from the same floor and she also don’t know how to tell them. The Negro roommate just mentioned that she don’t even understand what language her roommate use to talk alone to the tree. She also mentioned that everyday around 7pm, her roommate will start sitting facing the window and talk to the tree just outside the window. For your information, YS is an Indian lady.

YS is also the committee members of the hostel she staying. After few hours that night, YS received SMS from her committee president who is a Chinese guy. The president told her in SMS mentioned that they already confirmed that Negro lady is being possessed and they are arranging ‘bomoh‘ at that night itself to get rid of that thing. So he told YS try to bring her down to the hostel hall.

YS able to dragged that Negro lady down to the hall. As they arrive, there were 3 guys, whose actually are lecturers. But they are famous in ritual of getting rid of those dirty things in the university. They tied the Negro lady and start questioning her. To their surprise, the Negro lady actually talks in Mandarin. So the student committee president was asked to translate what the Negro lady was talking about. The conversation as below:

The bomohs: What you want with this girl? Why you possessed her body?
The G Thing: I don’t want anything from her but I want to use her to do something.

The bomohs: What you want her to do for you?

The G Thing: I just wanted to do things…

The bomohs: So what can we offer so that you will return to your place and not disturb her anymore?

The G Thing: I want to eat fruits…. Fruits which is in red colour.

So they gather all the red colour fruits. That includes apple and watermelon. The G thing ate the whole watermelon just in few minutes. After finish the watermelon, she said she won’t leave. She said that she wanted revenge. The bomohs ask her what revenge she wanted. Then she started to cry and she start to tell her story.

She was actually a Chinese student who died of suicide few years ago. She was actually being taken away by the university security guards (two of them) while she was walking back to her hostel late at night after study at library. The security guards rape her and after that drop her back at the roadside near to her hostel middle of the night that day. She ended up hang herself at a tree nearby her hostel.

She was crying badly and mentioned that she was the hope of her family and she is the only child in the family. Then the ‘bomoh’ also mentioned to her, if she uses that girl body to revenge, then it will spoil that girl future also. The “G Thing” stops crying and stared at the 3 ‘bomohs‘. She said that she will still want the revenge no matter what and she will be back to haunt the security guards. After that, the Negro girl collapse.

YS went back to her room with shocking mood and also she has to study for her final paper the next day. After the next day, YS went back to her hometown for holiday as she already finishes all her final exam. After the semester break, YS shifted to another hostel. One day YS met up with the Negro lady roommate and the roommate mentioned that she still talking alone to the tree sometimes after 7pm.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Horrifying Encounter with a little Child's Spirit

One of my close friends lived next to a house that was always vacant. It would sell, people would move in, and then one day they’d be gone and the house would be up for sale again.
scary encounter with a children soul
One summer, when the house was listed again and the last family had moved out, we decided to go take a tour and eat some Jack in the Box we had picked up. We weren’t very smart sometimes and thought it would be cool to play chicken with whatever was haunting this house. 

My friend was really skinny and crawled through the dog door that led straight into the kitchen, then opened the back door for me. We went through all of the rooms and it was pretty nondescript, just a typical 50s style bungalow house with a similar layout to his home, lots of pretty woodwork and built-ins. 

After we determined that the house really wasn’t that creepy after all, we sat down in the dining area, on the floor, across from a little horseshoe shaped nook with a kitchen table and built-in bench. 
It was dusk out but the windows didn’t have curtains and it never got that dark in our city, anyway.

At this point, we had been in the house for maybe 25 minutes and after we finished eating we stayed sitting just to hang out and talk since we weren’t spooked out at all. All of a sudden, mid-sentence, completely out of nowhere, my vision went black and I felt this eery coldness wash all over me (I’m getting chills thinking about it), a feeling so thick I felt like it penetrated my through my body down to my bones. 

At the very same moment this happened, my friend screamed. I virtually could not see anything and was groping around trying to find something to grab onto and I felt so unsettled and ..cold. There’s really no other word for it. After what felt like hours, I felt my friend’s hands in mine and he pulled me to my feet and drug me through the house to the back door. He kept pulling on my arm and I still couldn’t see anything. We got outside and slowly know that feeling when you get a whole body shiver and it runs down your spine?

As soon as I was outside, that’s what I felt, except this was a whole body shiver that started at the tip of my toes and went all the way up to my scalp, and unexpectedly and suddenly I could see again. My friend was as pale as a sheet and looked absolutely terrified. I felt off and sort of, gross, I guess is the best word, and in shock. 

I told him that I couldn’t see at all until I was outside, that it felt like I had been enveloped in blackness. He was just staring at me and I finally asked him why he had screamed. He hugged me and told me that he pulled me out of the house as soon as I started reaching around like I was blind because a little girl who was completely black, and yet see through, crawled out from under the table we were across from and sat on top of me.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

5 Self Experienced Horror Tales From America

These are the top 5 self experienced horror tales from the streets of America. Based on people's experiences, these creepy stories can produce chills down your spine. Proceed to take a glimpse of it.
5 self experienced horror tales from america


I was sitting downstairs minding my own business when my sister yells down for me to come up stairs, I argue back for her to come down and stop being lazy. This goes on for around two minutes and I am highly irritated. All of a sudden I go cold and realise, my sister is in Japan for travel. But it was her exact voice. So at this point I am freaking out and I grab and knife and go upstairs, walk into my sisters room and the rain on the window was dripping down except for one circle around the size of a plate, which the rain was not touching but drizzling around the edges. So very strange. I called my sister and she confirmed she was fine and had no idea what it was upstairs.


I spent the night at my best friend’s house and had a horrible, vivid nightmare about her step-dad attacking and raping me. I remember waking up and thinking it was real so I sprung up and locked the door before a “second” attack could occur.

A couple months later she confessed that he had raped her multiple times (and “he thinks you’re hot”).


I had a patient one night who was mentally disabled. She was a young, dark-skinned black woman with these huge eyes. I don’t know if she always looked like that or if she was just genuinely spooked, but they were open wide. 

The first thing she said to me when I walked in the room was “She dead. That lady dead”, nodding her head at the woman in the next bed. The woman in the next bed had apparently been dealing with this all day and was fed up. “I’m not dead!”, she yelled. I tried to calm her down, to no avail. The day shift nurse told me she’d been doing that all day. I felt so bad for her roomate. I considered trying to transfer her, but that would just put someone else in the room to put up with it. She did this all night. She would even put her call light on to tell me her roommate was dead.

So this was creepy on its own, but guess who died the next day? It wasn’t an expected death either. I don’t believe in the supernatural, but damn, that was quite a coincidence.


My mother was a teenager and had a dream where my uncle, Doug, was banging on some large doors while laying down. He was trying to yell something but was injured badly. My mother says what woke her was the pounding noise on the door. She wakes up and runs to my grandparent’s room crying, “Doug is in trouble! He is hurt!” She tries to explain her dream and they comfort her back into bed.

Not long later my mother wakes up again, but this time the knocks are real. My grandfather opens the door to two policemen. They tell my family that Doug had been stabbed in a parkinglot at a local bar and was at the hospital.

Apparently my uncle Doug had some words with four other guys in the bar about his girlfriend. They went to leave and the four guys jumped him at the back of the bar. He yelled for his girlfriend to drive off and get help. So she did. But after the assault he was found by one of the employees at the back of the bar, knocking with his little amount of strength on his stomach. They narrowly missed a main artery, too. He still had visible scars he showed me as a kid.
Take what you will from the story, but it still creeps me out a bit.


I had a patient who was CMO and quite obviously very close to dying. The week before, my best buddy-cat Pippin had died (and I was pretty broken up about it, still). That being said… I walked into her room, and she said, “Oh, you brought your kitty with you!” I blink at her and say, “What?”

Mind you, this was the first time I’d had that patient and I hadn’t discussed my cat with her, having cats or even liking them. Her reply, “Your kitty. It’s right by your foot.” I get that frisson, that momentary shiver in my soul and ask, just for kicks, “Yeah? What color’s the kitty?” She says, “Black with some white.”

Pippin was a black tuxedo cat with white paws and a white bib. And the patient died that night.
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A Nerve Wrecking Dream of the Blood

A few years back I had an incredibly intense fucked up dream and I won’t go into details about it because I feel uncomfortable especially because of what happened afterward and I feel superstitious about describing it.
horror story of a frightening experience in dream
Anyway I woke up from this dream crying because of the despair I felt over what happened in the dream, and that is something that has happened only twice in my life, although the first time I woke up crying from a dream it was fear that caused it.

This was despair and something prompted me to call my family members to see if they were ok. When I got a hold of my dad I was on the edge of panic which I couldn’t understand and I was scaring myself. My dad was scared too and asked me what was wrong, I told him about the horrific dream and the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

He got really quiet and asked me to repeat some of the details of the dream. My father is Arabic and there are some old Middle Eastern superstitions he believes. He asked me whether I saw blood amongst the brutality from my dream I described to him. I could hear the fear in his voice but I had calmed myself down now and embarrassed that a dream drove me to do much panic. 
He told me seeing blood is a good sign because the old superstition he knew said that seeing blood is a good thing and despite the brutal things I saw, a sign of life.

I could hear in his voice how on edge he sounded, my hysteria when I initially called him didn’t help matters. Feeling silly for how I acted and wanting to reassure him I told him I did in fact see blood and he sounded relieved and just told me not to worry. The problem is I didn’t in fact see blood, there was no blood anywhere, all that horrific shit and no blood, which according to superstition is a very bad sign. For the record I am a very rational person and not someone who believes in dream omens or that type of stuff.

Minutes after I was done I get a call, it’s my sister and she’s crying hysterically asking if my dad was ok and she had a horrible dream about him. Side note, my sister was living apart from the family and estranged from my father. Hearing my sister in this state I start to panic again. I ask her what she’s talking about, did she call dad? She tells me no she just woke up from a horrible dream about him. My sister has NEVER called me this way before.

We are panicking for a good two hours because my dad wasn’t answering. A few hours after initially calling him the police call my house to tell us my dad was in an accident, he was in critical condition in the hospital and the person in the passenger seat didn’t survive. I break down, hysterical again, because it feels like I knew this was going to happen and I lied to him about the blood.

I got to the hospital and we got to go see him a few days later, the first thing he says to me was ‘your dream’ and he starts crying, and I’m crying too. I saved the news clipping from the accident but I won’t post it here because I’d rather not reveal my last name. It was the single weirdest and creepiest thing that ever happened to me and this has never been something I could explain.

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The Spooky Penthouse Paranormal Story

My family bought a penthouse apt back when i was in HS. We got it for like 50k under what it was worth. Turned out the previous owner was a music producer who had dissapeared. The guys body finally wound up being found months later, the way I remember it he had been tortured then shot multiple times. 
Real sad stuff, we bought the apt from his mom who just wanted to be done with the whole thing. Anyway, my step dad and I started going daily to fix it up but I always felt uneasy about being there as if someone was watching me. 

One day my step dad went down to the car to get some tools and left me alone. As i was there by myself I looked down the hallway that led down to the master bed room and I kid you not I saw a bright white silhoute appear from one side of the master bed room walking to the next, it stopped in the middle, turned and looked straight at me. I fucking froze, it wasnt like an evil kinda thing, he just looked at me for a few secs and then walked to the other side and disappeared. I freaked the fuck out and bolted for the elevator. This shit happened during the middle of the day, it was bright as can be so I knew what the fuck I saw but my step dad wouldn't believe me and laughed it off.

A couple days later while we were tearing down some built in shelves in one of the bedroom closets we found a notebook beloning to the previous owner and in it were love poems, lyrics and sketches. My mom told my step dad not to throw it away so we could give it to the guys mom. My step dad being a piece of shit threw it away. 

After that creepy shit starded happening, lights turned on and off. Windows we had closed the previous day would now be open. These were hurricane force windows by the way, the kind that have latches and keys to them. So it was impossible for the wind to have opened them. My mom and I stopped helping with renovations after that and my step dad hired some guys he knew to come and finish, these guys lived pretty far away so my step dad told them to stay in the apt while the repairs were done.
Lights started turning on and off. We were damn frightened and were shivering.

They lasted two days, they called my step dad in a panic in the middle of the night saying they heard shit, saw shadows and that their alarm clock would go off at random times they hadn't set it too. My mom decided that was it and called in a priest to bless the house, we then burnt sage all through out for a couple of days with the windows open to clense and clear the apt. The creepy things stopped after that.

A few years later I ran into one of the guys and asked him what had happened in the apt that spooked him and he said doors were slamming in the middle of the night and they heard what sounded like things moving out in the laundry area. He said it was the scariest shit hed ever been apart of and wanted nothing to do with it.

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