Monday, July 10, 2017

Passing By The Spirit - California Creepy Tale

This is my own experienced encounter during my stay at a rental condominium in California years ago. I was joining my friends to rent a condominium somewhere near Old Road, after a year we have to move out from Block A to other unit, then 3 of us decided to stay together again and we found another unit at Block B.

The first day we were busy to clean up our own room and common areas, then my friend did a simple prayer in Hindu style before we shifted in. The next day I started moving in my stuffs in my room, during arranging my stuffs all my housemates left the house for food, and I was just continue my arrangement in my room.Then I closed my room door to fix up some wires for my power connection to my computer, when completed I straight away tuned on some musics and continue arranged my stuffs. Suddenly I heard someone was knocking my room door by using fingers, the sound was like using the finger nails and it knocked three times on my room door, the sound like ‘krock krock krock’… I thought my housemate just came back, so I just opened my door to see what he wants.

The moment I opened my room door, I saw no body was outside my room! Then I checked around the house and I found no body in the house! I wasn’t believe it so I called up my housemates where were they, guess what? They all still having their meal at opposite of the condo! From that moment, I just don’t care about it and continue to arrange my stuffs.

Most of the time I was just alone in the house, both of my housemates like to go out till late night, but I always can heard like someone just came home but I saw no body. For example, I always used to came back home from work earlier than them, got few times during I took my shower, I heard someone just came back home, I can heard someone was opened the main door and walked in together with the house keys sound. After I finished my shower, when I came out from bathroom, I saw no body at home! So who was entered to the house? After some time they only came home, then I asked does anyone of them came home just now, both of them said NO!!! They asked me why then I said nothing, I don’t want them to get freak out of this.

passing by spirit creepy tale

Sometimes I felt someone passed by the hall when I was in my room with my computer, and I can assure you that there was no body except me in the house. Sometimes when I watched TV at the living hall, I felt cool air passed by from main door to window, the main door was closed and how does the cool air came from? If the cool air from window I will not bother about it. Anyway I just acted like nothing happen and continue watching the TV.
One time, one of my friend who can see and sense the ‘thing’ came to my house, after his visit he told me the house does have the ‘thing’ but it’s no harm, it just passing by my house. It is because our house is empty most of the time compare to our neighbors all are family house. That’s why I rared some fishes in the living hall to make sure have some living spirits in the hall, after that the weird sound was reduced, but I can heard my fishes get shock sometimes even no body in the hall.

Anyway, I still like that house, since I work in Wisconsin now, I no longer rent the house anymore, my friend is continuing staying at the house.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Poltergeist at My Dad's House - Ghost Tale

I stay at my Dad’s house every second weekend, and as of lately, those two days are always a nightmare. What makes it worse is that my Dad doesn’t believe me and my step mum never seems to notice anything, but when occasionally she has, she brushes it off and refuses to believe that it’s anything paranormal.

It started last year, round about the time my nephew came to stay. My step mum told me she felt something tap her shoulder, but she never thought anything of it. Later, I bent down to pick up a magnet up off the kitchen floor and something tapped me gently on the back. When my sister and I were sitting in the living room one evening we heard someone sink into the armchair across the room.

A few weeks later, my sister was staying in the house as she was looking after our nephew and she was in our Dad’s room in bed when she heard the wardrobe door creak open. She also heard what she believed to be the mirror being shaked next to her. When she put the light on, the wardrobe door was wide open and the mirror stopped shaking. I have experienced the shaking mirror myself.

poltergeist at my dads house ghost tale

Other strange things have happened, like my nephews dummy went missing. It was later discovered on the bathroom shelf. It was only my Dad and my nephew in the house: My Dad swore he never put it there and my nephew is too small to reach up there.

The scariest thing, which strangely only my sister and i experience, is the sensation we are being chased up the stairs and along the upstairs hall. We also feel as though someone is looking at us from the bottom of the stairs.

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Another time my sister and I were sitting at the bottom of the stairs supervising our nephew. I was trying to attract my nephews attention so I knocked on the stair wall twice. A few seconds later, we heard two knocks coming from outside our bedroom. In our bedroom, about fifteen minutes after we go to bed, we hear someone flicking our lightbulb. I told my Dad and he tried to say it’s likely just the bulb, but if that’s so, why only at night? Why not through the day?

About four months ago, i woke up with the image of a small girl, maybe only about seven years old, and the name ‘Emily’. She had blonde hair that was slightly wavy and casually pinned up at the back. Her eyes were a grey-blue colour and she had unnaturally pale lips and chalky white skin. She wore an old fashioned white nightgown with bare feet. I have never seen the ghost before, but I imagine that the girl I saw is her. I can’t recall dreaming of her or seeing such a child before. I refer to the ghost as Emily.

Demon That Refuses to Go Away

In the last couple of months of my teenage life, it has been very difficult and tough. Suddenly losing of close friends, losing lots of money, breaking up with my girlfriend ( we both always talked about marriage with each other in the future), becoming the man of the house and a recent death in the family.

It all started about 1 – 2 months ago, when my girlfriend at the time, was petrified calling me 8am in the morning telling me about the previous night where she had woken up in the early hours of the morning being greeted by a dark blob in the corner of her bedroom coming towards her. She lent out as this apparition was coming closer and felt the need to touch it ( she was not afraid/scared). As she lent to touch it , she felt the urge to pull back and a vibe that this was not good.

About 15 days after this, a recent death in the family occurred and we were in her bedroom coming to realize what had happened, in the early hours of the morning. We both suddenly felt a vibe that someone else had walked into the room and creaks on her carpet , the temperature suddenly dropped and felt very very cold.


Ever since then everything has gone down hill from there. As mentioned previously nothing has gone my way. She has changed significantly and has felt the urge to fight and change her actions towards me and others. She is telling me she is not herself lately and believes there’s a stronger entity controlling her. She can now see things, she never could see before (apparitions and the dead) and her faith has lowered towards god, since she is a strong catholic and believed highly in god, Prays always and goes to church.

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She tells me, to stand clear and wont give me information on what “this thing” is, because she believes it will attach it self towards me and hurt me. I have a strong italian background and went to a elder to do the “molochio” an old prayer used to rid someone of the evil eye curse, by putting a bowl of oil and water above their head and praying to mary. This hasn’t helped so far, and I really do not know what to do. If someone is out there, could you please make effort to give me advice and help me? ( i have tried telling her to go to priest, it hasn’t worked).

Phantom Noises Outside the Bathroom

On the 2nd of January in the New Year, my oldest daughter, who is fourteen, angrily emerged from the bathroom after taking a shower. She demanded, who was shoving the bathroom door, as if desperately needing the bathroom. I was in the kitchen that has no door to the hallway, giving me an uninterrupted view of the bathroom door, and my wife was in the living room, who also had a clear view of the bathroom door. Nobody else was around. My other daughter was upstairs in her room.

My wife thought my daughter was watching too many horror films. But I was quite familiar with the bathroom door phenomena, though I kept it to myself for a number of years. On a number of occasions I have heard someone trying the bathroom door while I was taking a shower only to find there was no one around. On an occasion I was taking a shower late at night when the children were asleep, and my wife hadn’t still come home from work from the restaurant. 

I could hear the down stairs door opening, and footsteps up the stairs, and a cloths closet being opened before trying the bathroom door. I thought it was my wife coming home from work, and called out, “I’m taking a shower”. I cut short my shower and dressed. I left the bathroom only to find the house empty. A few minutes later my wife actually did return home.

On another occasion, I was brushing my teeth late at night. This time I was at the wash basin next to the bathroom door, when I heard and saw the bathroom door being shoved. The bolt was across, so it couldn’t open. Thinking what ever it was, was trying to intimidate me, I said, “That door is no barrier for you”. Reasoning, if it is a ghost, it could enter the bathroom when ever it wanted. I didn’t let it influence my routine and continued as if nothing had happened. When I finished cleaning my teeth, I left the bathroom knowing it was out there. I walked right into a cold spot. It made me shiver from the sudden burst of cold air.

phantom noises outside bathroom

A year ago to the day from my daughter experiencing the bathroom phenomena, I discovered the secret behind the mystery of the bathroom, but in an unconventional way.

Late at night, while I was asleep, I had a rare out of body experience. In this state, I can see, hear, and even feel ghosts or spirits. And this time I was at the top of the stairs outside the bathroom. As before, I could hear the shop door open at the bottom of the stairs. It was boarded up, because we are renting the shop, and it couldn’t be opened. We use the other door to gain access to our flat. I could hear someone coming up the stairs. I called out, “And who are you”.
“Sarah”, came the chirpy reply from the bottom of the stairs. It was the voice of a young girl in her late teens or early twenties. A few moments later, I could clearly see her. She was slim with blond hair. The hair looked long, but was tide back into a loosely fitting bun, and she wore a white slip. She looked Victorian. She was going to take a bath. So this was my phantom, a young Victorian girl. It was a visit, and she just kept her familiar routine. 

Out of modesty, she knocked the bathroom door so she could use the bathroom. It wasn’t that we could see her, but she could see us. She looked such a nice girl. Seeing her made me change my mind about a scary phantom. She was something I didn’t expect.

A voice told me, “She was born named Sara”, if you could imagine the vowels pronounced hard. “She changed her name to make it sound softer”, the voice added.

Occasionally, I some times hear the bump on the door, and on one occasion even tried to stop me from closing it. I had to put my weight behind it in order get the door closed. It normally only takes a light touch. I have never told my family of my experiences, but a year to the day my daughter has had the same experience, at least one that I know about.

My First Ever Encounter With A Ghoul in Washington

The headlights offered at best a dim and dingy yellow against this smothering blanket of black. Except for the sporadic and unusual lightning strikes that gave credence to the winding highway and sloping forest ahead, I drove on effectively blind. Stars had always comforted me and I knew they were up there – somewhere – far above this tarnished and soaked landscape. The storm’s relentless wind and rain hammered at the windshield as I peered between the rapid sloshing of the wiper blades. The storm felt alive, watching my every move, biding its time, waiting for its opportunity to send my eighteen-wheeler cartwheeling into the abyss far below. 

The engine growled as the rig climbed higher and higher into the Cascade Mountains in central Washington. The year was 1999. Reaching the summit, I kept the rig in the same low gear and began my descent down the mountain all the while keeping a close eye on the highway’s white line that guided and protected me from certain peril. The diesel made a different sound now – more of a defiant burble as it held the tractor and trailer at a low speed. A foot on the brake while descending this mountain was out of the question as they would surely overheat and fail.

At last, the golden glow of the old town’s streetlights came into view. I took a deep breath and for the first time in a long while relaxed into my seat. Finding my turn, I pulled the rig into the parking area. The brakes let out a lonesome sigh as I released the air pressure and locked them into place. I killed the engine and sat for a moment in the dark cab, rain hammering the roof, hands rubbing my face, my eyes, relieved to have reached my stop for the night. I was mentally and physically exhausted. After gathering my logbook and overnight bag I made a dash to the old hotel’s lobby. The time was after 11PM and it took three rings of the night bell before it captured the attention of the desk clerk dozing somewhere in a nearby office.

encounter with ghoul washington

With little exchange of conversation, I signed my name – she handed me a key and I proceeded down a long and dimly lit corridor. The red carpet appeared grey but the lighting did not change the musty smells that came and went, nor did it alter the sudden cold spots as at last I reached room 113. I thought nothing of the cold spots – after all, I was drenched from my mad dash from the tractor. My body needed rest. My mind needed rest. My brain needed sleep.
I wasted no time getting out of my wet clothes, completing my logbook and readying myself for a good night’s sleep – the morning would come all too soon. Onward then, into bed, switch off the lamp, total darkness, settle in between the mattress and comforter, a single sigh, relaxation setting in. My mind’s eye watched a reenactment of the sloshing wiper blades, the white line in the dark night and the storm’s slashing swords of wind and rain against the cab. The sound echoed in my ears as I relived the final hours of my drive, remembering and focusing on the worst of it all.

Suddenly, without warning, the opposite side of the bed pitched downward with a force. In the bleak darkness of the hotel room, someone had just taken a seat on the bed. Then, I felt them lay down. I knew I had been rather hasty getting into bed but how… how did I miss this other person in my room? Were had they been? In the bathroom? No, I used it; it was empty. Were they somewhere else in the room? No, there was no one in my room but here they were, in bed with me. How am I going to handle this? Somehow, in her groggy state, the desk clerk had double-booked my room. If I move, I’m going to scare… Him? Her? …And then what? I suddenly realized my heart was pounding; breaths laboring to keep quiet; my skin crawling. I dare not speak.

A minute ticked by. Seemed like an hour. “Can’t just lie here all night” I thought. “I have to do… something.” With that, I threw back the covers, spun myself off the bed and fumbled for the lamp switch. Fumbled… Fumbled… Switched it on. …And the bed was empty. The bed – was empty. Empty? How can that be? Empty! I stood in the lamp’s glow, bewildered, mind numb. What just happened here? I crept to the bathroom, switched on the light. “Hello?” Nothing. Someone had gotten in bed with me; that was an undeniable fact. …And had the room gotten colder or was it just my imagination? My brain tried to rationalize but my heart somehow knew the truth.

Call the front desk? No. Just… Just crank up the heater and go back to bed. And I did just that, sleeping with one eye open. In the morning I chose not to mention the episode as I checked out – I just wanted away from there. Stepping outside into the freshness of that spring morning, I was grateful for the sun’s rays that streaked over the mountains. …And I knew, the stars were still there, somewhere beyond the pale blue. As I pushed the starter button and fired up the diesel I realized this was not a continuation of my journey; rather, I had just begun a new one.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Motorcycle Crash Blessing- Out of Body Experience

After surgery to drain the gelatinized blood from my collapsed and crusty left lung I completely left my body. I was on a gurney heading back to my hospital room. I could hear the nurse’s voice asking me if I was in pain. I also heard my wife’s voice from a short distance away telling me I was going to live. A few seconds later I felt a slight flutter at the right base of my skull. It was then I opened my eyes. It was as if I was awakening from a good nights sleep. I felt rested and more awake than ever. I could still hear the nurse’s voice asking why I would not answer her about my pain. The truth is I was ignoring her. I did not want to answer her for fear of leaving the image in front of my own eyes.

I was not on a hospital gurney being wheeled back to my room. All I did was open my eyes. I was SHOCKED to be looking directly into a face. The face was about one foot away the eyes were closed and the face showed no signs of life. Nothing else to do, I stared deeply into the face. It was then I recognized the forehead and cheekbones. I had seen that face everyday when I shaved. It was me. There were two of me though the face I stared into looked ashen gray and dead.

The thought came to me “wow, I am out of my body! If “I” can get out, then something could get in!” I very tightly closed my eyes and that was the point my mind popped from the body and allowed me to see the entire scene. The conscious or soul body that had contained my mind which had separated from me was hovering over (one and a half to two feet above) the dead physical “me”. The dead physical me was wearing a light blue hospital gown and lying on a stone table. My mind could view the scene at every angle. 

motorcycle crash out of body experience

The best view came from the broadside perspective. Even though the room was in a dusky state of lighting I could see several entities (3 or 4) watching me. They were shoulder to shoulder. Thinking I was dead I looked for faces of relatives. However, the entities faces were bright brilliant light with no discernible features. The faces seemed so incredibly large and my mind felt so small that I felt I could fly off into any of the faces and be safe and welcomed as an enjoyable warm fresh Spring day.

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Behind the entities I felt there was a door. It seemed like a crystal doorway, but it did not seem important at the time. I do remember designs on the wall. These designs were square and were perfectly spaced at about 10 to 15 foot intervals. I had never seen art work like those, so I drew the designs later from memory. It took about three days to identify the designs as the “Greek Cross”. The only difference was I saw the “Greek Cross” in pieces with exact distance between them. 

But the “Greek Cross” is endless and continual with no breaks. The meaning of the Greek Cross is “everlasting life”. There was so much more to see, but “whooshing sound” brought me back into physical reality on the gurney in a hallway with the nurse continuing her incessant chatter trying to get me to talk.

Never, not even once, did I open my eyes while I was being transferred to my hospital room. I have no idea how long I was out of my body, but it did seem longer than physical time. By the way, three hours after the surgery my wife wiped the petroleum jelly from my eyes so I could open them and see. My life has changed in so many grand ways. I “know” who I am. I have no fear, no anxiety, no manipulations nor judgements. I only want to exude love and compassion.

Sensitive or Just Haunted?

I have been seeing things since a very young age, I have seen dark figures, apparitions and have heard things that no one else does. I have felt someone putting their hand on my shoulder when in fact I was the only one in the room; I believe this to be my grandfather. Up until about 6 months ago I was never harmed by any of my experiences, however that has quickly changed.

In the past few months something has been making itself known to me and I do not know what it is or what it wants. My cat and rabbit have started acting very afraid, and my cat keeps waking me up at 3am almost every morning. My cat is waking me up because she starts growling and hissing and showing her teeth to something in my doorway. I have been having very vivid dreams of me becoming possessed; they feel so real that I sometimes don’t know if they are dreams.


About 5 nights ago I had a dream and in my dream a dark shadowy figure was above me, I will never forget the way its eyes looked they seemed electrified; the shadow figure was sucking the air out of me. I woke up from it with a lot of pain in my chest, it felt as if someone had been sitting on me or had been hitting me. 

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My fear of this dream was nothing compared to what happened 3 nights ago, I was having the same exact dream of the shadow but when I woke up I could feel something really heavy laying on me; when it got off of me I had scratch marks on the top of my right foot. All the experiences I had when I was little did not to prepare me for what has happened in the last few days. I do not know if I’m just a sensitive or if I’m just haunted.