Saturday, November 3, 2018

Sad Ghosts of the Creepy ThornHaven Mansion, Indiana

The Haunted ThornHaven Manor, Indiana

The ThornHaven Manor is not just another house you come across during your everyday transit. It has been one of the spookiest houses in New Castle for the obvious reasons. Till yesteryear, it was just a covert mansion until the “Ghost adventures” did a ghost hunting out there. After the episode was aired, the ThornHaven became a hot talk for every horror enthusiast wandering for new spooky destinations out there. So, let’s get on to the name and fame of this manor (In the mysterious way).

After they unveiled the scary happenings and ghastly phenomenons in the ThornHaven Manor, they had to blame someone. Who better than the petty deceased creatures? Oh that’s freaking sad, let them live in peace (or die in peace I meant.) Oh Boy, it is the land of mysterious deaths and rumoured suicide, ghost hunters claim.

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But let’s get straight on to the point. Alright, they have named it ThornHaven for the presence of the ThornHaven trees. And ghosts were very sad for the fact that the owner didn’t consider them before naming the mansion. After Steve Miller, the current owner of the mansion realised his mistake, he tried to please the spirits by renovating the house itself. To do this, he tried to gather funds by opening the manor for paranormal investigations.

Talking about the spooky incidents, the visitors have claimed to hear “Hey” several times. Unfortunately they didn’t respond back. Maybe they were afraid of the molestation the unsatisfied suicidal soul would make, so as to fulfil his desire. If you would like to visit that damn place, make sure you definitely draw a chat. Try not to be an ass!!! Who knows you get a great mate alongside.

In case, you are free someday and like to bust that myth up, the manor is situated on 2172 S Spiceland Road in the Henry County of Indiana. Go check that up!!! Have Fun, Happy Haunting.

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