Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Tight Slap To Those Who Don't Believe in GHOSTS!

Most of us are well aware of ghastly creatures, paranormal activities and otherworldly happenings. Well, If I ask how many of you have seen a ghost- a lot of us will disagree. In real life phenomenon, we come across moments when we visualize spooky incidents. Although we don't know a face behind it. Having said that, there is no ultimate destination or, time period where there is a certainty of finding a supernatural creature. Oh Wait! You gotta see this.

Mehendipur Balaji. This is neither a phrase nor a chant from the Bible to ward off evil spirits. This infact is a temple located in Rajasthan, India. "Mehendipur" is the exact location of this temple in Rajasthan and "Balaji" is the chief deity residing within this holy structure. It is claimed that a lot of possessed people come to this temple and they get rid of the evil spirits attached to them for a very long time.

"Balaji" replicates Hanuman- the prime supporter of God Rama; the god of values and prosperity in Hinduism. Hanuman is known for finishing forlorn chores and eliminating negative energy. Along with Hanuman, there are two other deities in this temple. Pret-Raaj or, the lord of spirits resides here with Kaal-Bhairava, the chief follower of Lord shiva. 

When you enter the premises of this very temple, you find an enormous crowd of devotees gathered outside its main gate. There is a special provision for possessed people as they look breathtakingly creepy. 

All possessed souls gather around the centre of the temple. First of all, the priest sprinkle some holy water flowing from Balaji's statue. It is interesting to know that the source of this continuous water flow is still a mystery. Moving ahead, priest offers them some lucidity to get started.

"Hundreds of possessed females and males continue to dance in a weird manner. They hit their head on temple's tomb, scratch their body, cry and laugh occasionally and move their head in a retarded manner. It looks very spooky and gives a glimpse of ghosts existing in our world."

There is also a ghost fair conducted in this temple once an year. During that occasion, a series of exorcisms are conducted here to ward off malevolent spirits.

If you are planning to visit this place, make sure you depart from here in the daytime. Once dark, you are surrounded with numerous evil spirits trying to find a new body. Never reply to a weird call or a harsh voice. Never turn back when you hear somebody calling you, locals advise.