Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Strange Nightmare of an Indiana Girl

Just this morning, I woke practically screaming, see this wasn’t just any normal dream, nor nightmare. It was something that scared me a lot. I stay at the Indianapolis, Indiana and have heard certain spooky places over here. Well, this story belongs to a fine night.

I sat on the porch of our house with a few of my best friends saying how exciting camp would be. I wasn’t really into the camp idea because my dog was kinda sick. I don’t know how I agreed to going. At the camp, we found this white and red brick dorm with the blinds down. We entered the home barely knowing what was coming next.

When night approached, we climbed down the stairs into this pitch black basement, the only light was from a candle. Then my friend started crying for some reason. She said that the church told her parents that one of her children would be infected with the blood of a demon and would go crazy once they passed a certain age. 

Without hesitation we ran upstairs grabbing knives from the kitchen to protect our friend if her parents came looking for her. One girl started freaking out and tried to stab our friend, so our friend stabbed her to death and we dragged the body down into the basement. That’s when we heard the door upstairs creak open, we started freaking out and slashing the air. I don’t know, but we ended up slashing our writing teacher and we put his body against the wall next to the girl who died earlier. 

We walked outside crying from the guilty feeling, we saw our friend’s parents pulling her brother up a hill with a large stake in the middle. He looked crazed but not like that, from fear of dying. We walked back inside the house because we didn’t want to see another person die. We walked into the basement and we sat around the floor crying and saying how horrible we are, and soothing her saying how she was going home. Then black veins appeared streaking through our friend’s face, her skin began to rot, eyes turned red and she smiled exposing full sharp black teeth dripping blood. She blew out the candle and I heard a blood curdling scream. That’s when I woke up.


The next day, my friend said she had some really weird nightmare, she said she was walking and she saw a hill, with a stake going through it.