Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Poltergeist at My Dad's House - Ghost Tale

I stay at my Dad’s house every second weekend, and as of lately, those two days are always a nightmare. What makes it worse is that my Dad doesn’t believe me and my step mum never seems to notice anything, but when occasionally she has, she brushes it off and refuses to believe that it’s anything paranormal.

It started last year, round about the time my nephew came to stay. My step mum told me she felt something tap her shoulder, but she never thought anything of it. Later, I bent down to pick up a magnet up off the kitchen floor and something tapped me gently on the back. When my sister and I were sitting in the living room one evening we heard someone sink into the armchair across the room.

A few weeks later, my sister was staying in the house as she was looking after our nephew and she was in our Dad’s room in bed when she heard the wardrobe door creak open. She also heard what she believed to be the mirror being shaked next to her. When she put the light on, the wardrobe door was wide open and the mirror stopped shaking. I have experienced the shaking mirror myself.

poltergeist at my dads house ghost tale

Other strange things have happened, like my nephews dummy went missing. It was later discovered on the bathroom shelf. It was only my Dad and my nephew in the house: My Dad swore he never put it there and my nephew is too small to reach up there.

The scariest thing, which strangely only my sister and i experience, is the sensation we are being chased up the stairs and along the upstairs hall. We also feel as though someone is looking at us from the bottom of the stairs.

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Another time my sister and I were sitting at the bottom of the stairs supervising our nephew. I was trying to attract my nephews attention so I knocked on the stair wall twice. A few seconds later, we heard two knocks coming from outside our bedroom. In our bedroom, about fifteen minutes after we go to bed, we hear someone flicking our lightbulb. I told my Dad and he tried to say it’s likely just the bulb, but if that’s so, why only at night? Why not through the day?

About four months ago, i woke up with the image of a small girl, maybe only about seven years old, and the name ‘Emily’. She had blonde hair that was slightly wavy and casually pinned up at the back. Her eyes were a grey-blue colour and she had unnaturally pale lips and chalky white skin. She wore an old fashioned white nightgown with bare feet. I have never seen the ghost before, but I imagine that the girl I saw is her. I can’t recall dreaming of her or seeing such a child before. I refer to the ghost as Emily.