Sunday, July 9, 2017

Phantom Noises Outside the Bathroom

On the 2nd of January in the New Year, my oldest daughter, who is fourteen, angrily emerged from the bathroom after taking a shower. She demanded, who was shoving the bathroom door, as if desperately needing the bathroom. I was in the kitchen that has no door to the hallway, giving me an uninterrupted view of the bathroom door, and my wife was in the living room, who also had a clear view of the bathroom door. Nobody else was around. My other daughter was upstairs in her room.

My wife thought my daughter was watching too many horror films. But I was quite familiar with the bathroom door phenomena, though I kept it to myself for a number of years. On a number of occasions I have heard someone trying the bathroom door while I was taking a shower only to find there was no one around. On an occasion I was taking a shower late at night when the children were asleep, and my wife hadn’t still come home from work from the restaurant. 

I could hear the down stairs door opening, and footsteps up the stairs, and a cloths closet being opened before trying the bathroom door. I thought it was my wife coming home from work, and called out, “I’m taking a shower”. I cut short my shower and dressed. I left the bathroom only to find the house empty. A few minutes later my wife actually did return home.

On another occasion, I was brushing my teeth late at night. This time I was at the wash basin next to the bathroom door, when I heard and saw the bathroom door being shoved. The bolt was across, so it couldn’t open. Thinking what ever it was, was trying to intimidate me, I said, “That door is no barrier for you”. Reasoning, if it is a ghost, it could enter the bathroom when ever it wanted. I didn’t let it influence my routine and continued as if nothing had happened. When I finished cleaning my teeth, I left the bathroom knowing it was out there. I walked right into a cold spot. It made me shiver from the sudden burst of cold air.

phantom noises outside bathroom

A year ago to the day from my daughter experiencing the bathroom phenomena, I discovered the secret behind the mystery of the bathroom, but in an unconventional way.

Late at night, while I was asleep, I had a rare out of body experience. In this state, I can see, hear, and even feel ghosts or spirits. And this time I was at the top of the stairs outside the bathroom. As before, I could hear the shop door open at the bottom of the stairs. It was boarded up, because we are renting the shop, and it couldn’t be opened. We use the other door to gain access to our flat. I could hear someone coming up the stairs. I called out, “And who are you”.
“Sarah”, came the chirpy reply from the bottom of the stairs. It was the voice of a young girl in her late teens or early twenties. A few moments later, I could clearly see her. She was slim with blond hair. The hair looked long, but was tide back into a loosely fitting bun, and she wore a white slip. She looked Victorian. She was going to take a bath. So this was my phantom, a young Victorian girl. It was a visit, and she just kept her familiar routine. 

Out of modesty, she knocked the bathroom door so she could use the bathroom. It wasn’t that we could see her, but she could see us. She looked such a nice girl. Seeing her made me change my mind about a scary phantom. She was something I didn’t expect.

A voice told me, “She was born named Sara”, if you could imagine the vowels pronounced hard. “She changed her name to make it sound softer”, the voice added.

Occasionally, I some times hear the bump on the door, and on one occasion even tried to stop me from closing it. I had to put my weight behind it in order get the door closed. It normally only takes a light touch. I have never told my family of my experiences, but a year to the day my daughter has had the same experience, at least one that I know about.