Friday, July 7, 2017

Paranormal Happenings at the Haunted Sorrel Weed House in Savannah

The Sorrel Weed House is an antebellum mansion in the historic district of Savannah, GA.  It is a beautiful house and really speaks to the elegance of the pre-Civil War era in Savannah. This house, however, is also noted by many to be the most haunted spot in Savannah, and one of the most haunted in the country.  Visitors and citizens of Savannah both have claimed to see figures in windows, hear voices in the house, and even be touched by unseen hands.

As with all hauntings there are many variations of the story behind the unexplained occurrences that have been reported at the Sorrel-Weed House.  The most common story that you hear is that Mr. Sorrel was having an illicit affair with a female servant in his household by the name of Molly.  Upon learning of this treachery, poor Mrs. Sorrel, mad with grief, threw herself to her death from a top floor window.

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It was not long after when the young servant Molly was found hanging from the rafters of the Sorrel’s carriage house, dead from a possible suicide (or murder) although the facts remain unclear.

haunted sorrel weed house savannah
Haunted Sorrel Weed House Savannah
Since that time the house has maintained a reputation for being haunted, and the number of paranormal sightings and sounds floating around town is overwhelming.  So much so that in the mid-2000′s the Sci-Fi Channel’s television show Ghost Hunters decided to bring their cameras and recording equipment to the Sorrel-Weed House to do an investigation, and feature their findings in an upcoming episode.

The crew was performing an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recording in the courtyard when it captured a terrifying sound.  The recording apparently captured what seems to be a woman’s voice crying out.  The words are hard to understand but seem to be saying “get out” or something similar.  If you have ever heard the recording you know how chilling it is.

There is a that takes you to the house at night, and plays the recording for you.  It is quite a thing to hear.  The tour tells you the story of the Sorrels and the slave girl Molly and also takes you to the basement where you can see the Voodoo markings of the slaves still on the floor.

With such a back story, the myriad of reports, not to mention the recording, it is no wonder the Sorrel-Weed House is considered Savannah’s most terrifying and haunted spot.

Before you go here are some videos that apparently have captured certain phenomena inside the house, plus the Ghost Hunter’s recording of the woman’s voice. I can’t say for sure if they have been doctored or not, but they are interesting none the less.  Enjoy!