Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Motorcycle Crash Blessing- Out of Body Experience

After surgery to drain the gelatinized blood from my collapsed and crusty left lung I completely left my body. I was on a gurney heading back to my hospital room. I could hear the nurse’s voice asking me if I was in pain. I also heard my wife’s voice from a short distance away telling me I was going to live. A few seconds later I felt a slight flutter at the right base of my skull. It was then I opened my eyes. It was as if I was awakening from a good nights sleep. I felt rested and more awake than ever. I could still hear the nurse’s voice asking why I would not answer her about my pain. The truth is I was ignoring her. I did not want to answer her for fear of leaving the image in front of my own eyes.

I was not on a hospital gurney being wheeled back to my room. All I did was open my eyes. I was SHOCKED to be looking directly into a face. The face was about one foot away the eyes were closed and the face showed no signs of life. Nothing else to do, I stared deeply into the face. It was then I recognized the forehead and cheekbones. I had seen that face everyday when I shaved. It was me. There were two of me though the face I stared into looked ashen gray and dead.

The thought came to me “wow, I am out of my body! If “I” can get out, then something could get in!” I very tightly closed my eyes and that was the point my mind popped from the body and allowed me to see the entire scene. The conscious or soul body that had contained my mind which had separated from me was hovering over (one and a half to two feet above) the dead physical “me”. The dead physical me was wearing a light blue hospital gown and lying on a stone table. My mind could view the scene at every angle. 

motorcycle crash out of body experience

The best view came from the broadside perspective. Even though the room was in a dusky state of lighting I could see several entities (3 or 4) watching me. They were shoulder to shoulder. Thinking I was dead I looked for faces of relatives. However, the entities faces were bright brilliant light with no discernible features. The faces seemed so incredibly large and my mind felt so small that I felt I could fly off into any of the faces and be safe and welcomed as an enjoyable warm fresh Spring day.

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Behind the entities I felt there was a door. It seemed like a crystal doorway, but it did not seem important at the time. I do remember designs on the wall. These designs were square and were perfectly spaced at about 10 to 15 foot intervals. I had never seen art work like those, so I drew the designs later from memory. It took about three days to identify the designs as the “Greek Cross”. The only difference was I saw the “Greek Cross” in pieces with exact distance between them. 

But the “Greek Cross” is endless and continual with no breaks. The meaning of the Greek Cross is “everlasting life”. There was so much more to see, but “whooshing sound” brought me back into physical reality on the gurney in a hallway with the nurse continuing her incessant chatter trying to get me to talk.

Never, not even once, did I open my eyes while I was being transferred to my hospital room. I have no idea how long I was out of my body, but it did seem longer than physical time. By the way, three hours after the surgery my wife wiped the petroleum jelly from my eyes so I could open them and see. My life has changed in so many grand ways. I “know” who I am. I have no fear, no anxiety, no manipulations nor judgements. I only want to exude love and compassion.