Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Malevolent Spirit at My Sister's Haunted House in Utah

Once, I was at my sister’s house while they were knocking a wall down ~ they just moved in. My sister lived in Utah. At that time, I was the age of 8 and studied in third grade. The exact date was October 13, 2008. My birthday was on the 14th. Anyways, me, my cousin and my nephew (age 5 then but age 7 now) were sitting on the stairs. We were watching the men working on the wall and my sister was taking pictures of it. The 15th, after my birthday, we had to color Halloween things for the homework. 

I was at my aunt’s place because she had invited all of the relatives over because she hired a fortune teller for the adults. Amber (my sister) was looking through the pictures that she took while at the house. While she was, she came across a picture of the wall with a ghost figure with his face all twisted. When we had seen it, we were all in shock. So, it was Amber’s turn to go in and the fortune teller had told her something about “Wall Walkers” or something. Meanwhile, I just continued with my coloring. 

That night I was in my bed, and I felt really funny. I began crying cause I was scared. I went in my mom’s room and told her. After that, I just got a drink and went back to bed. A couple months later, (About late December or early January) Amber did some research about her house. There was a man who died there. But, he had always wanted his walls in that house torn down, but, he never got to. Amber told us that. 

malevolent spirit at my haunted house utah

In the summer, me, my best friend Taylor, her little brother Preston, and my nephew and Preston’s best friend Joey were playing outside on Joey’s blow up water slide. Forgetting about the spirit, me and Taylor went inside to get some chips and Pepsi. We heard a huge thump and a soft cry, so, we ran outside to tell our parents and Amber. We didn’t want to tell the little boys then because they were only 6 and we didn’t wanna scare them. 
Our parents didn’t believe us. But Amber didn’t say anything. Later that day when Taylor had left, Joey, Amber, and my mom were outside while I was watching TV. I felt someone was watching me, and then I glanced to the stairs, and I saw that same figure running up the stairs. In about September, me and one of my best friends Hailee were upstairs in Amber’s house and we heard a huge plate crash in that room but nothing fell. 

Then, I glanced over to her glass dresser and seen that same figure behind us. When I turned around, I saw nobody there. One day in January, me and Joey were watching a picture slide show on Joey’s Nintendo Wii. The picture came up as the spirit, Joey asked me and Amber what it was, we both said smoke, because that’s what it looked like and Amber smokes. Ever since then I’ve been kind of creeped out. But research shows he is a good man.