Thursday, July 6, 2017

Demons in the House- Real Creepy Tales From America

Jeffy- The Young Demon

Jeffy is not something to laugh at, in fact by the time you finish reading this, your mind will wonder if I’m telling the truth, well I will tell you I would not waste my time trying to warn what your curiosity can bring, and no it doesn’t start with the Ouija board. Jeffy was a demon, who unwelcomely walked from my closet and into my life, when I was alone and into witchcraft. I was on the edge of going into satanism, but not quite. And gladly never did. Anyways, Jeffy was something serious, he was dressed as any attractive Gothic guy, black mohawk, nose, ear, lip and eyebrow piercings, black tribal tattoos, and a buckle suit from his neck to his feet. His skin was deathly pale, cold, breath stunk and his eyes were a endless black pit of hate. 

He hated the human body and used me like a puppet on a string. He taught me many powers, levitation, telekinesis, and how to heal myself in less than a minute. He also taught me how he could posses my body unwillingly. He was an evil man, always watched me sleep, slept with me naked, biting my neck, shoulders, arms and ankles. Scratching me, cutting me and even burning my body. He finally wanted my soul and I had to get rid of him with the power of god. My last look at him, he was a beast, Bull head, lion main, hooves, claws, horns, spikes on his arms and back, The same black eyes I fell in love with. He claimed to hate me but showed me love at certain time, kissing, rape. Not exactly romance. He wanted to seed me, only in my sleep he accomplished. There is more to the story but I don’t have the time.

The Demon

demon in house creepy tales america

There once was a family who moved into a house. Later that night after moving in they heard noises in the attic. They thought it was the house but later the dad disappeared. The family were scared. The son woke up with cuts on his thighs and the daughter woke up with blood in her room. They moved house again but the demon followed. On the day the mum was up in the attic, she saw a picture that was from when she was little. That photo was burnt.

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Her family went to bed, this time the daughter disappeared, then the son.
Weeks went by and every time the mum went to bed, she heard footsteps on the tiles get closer, closer and closer. Bang, bang, bang on the door, bang, bang, bang, even louder! BANG, BANG, BANG, KICK! She was so scared. She yelled at the top of her voice, “Go away!” “I’m gonna rape you!” the demon said very lightly. A weird gas came into the room which came from the demon. Two weeks later cops came into the house and went into the bedroom. The woman was on the bed. A shadow came from the attic. As it got closer to the cops, all the cops said was, “He”. The demon then killed them!

A Scary Demon

This true story has something to do with a demon. When I was about 9 years old and living in Coriscana, Texas, my brothers and I were sitting on our front porch late in the evening with the porch light on. We lived in a rural area where we took some old corn stalks and the old silk that came off the ears of corn and made stick horses. We were all having a lot of fun, when all of a sudden, I felt as something was watching us. I looked up and noticed something by our old picket fence. It was glowing a deep orange and had big green glowing eyes, and it was about the size of a small love seat. I tugged at my little brother’s shirt to get his attention to whatever it was. We both likely to have broken our necks getting inside of our screen door. We then latched the screen and hollered at our other brothers to look toward the fence. 

They scrambled to get in the house and couldn’t. Mama came running to the door to see what all the fuss was about. We’d likely to have all had a spanking over that and Mom said it was probably someone’s cow that had got loose. We didn’t believe that, so we all went to the spot the next morning to show Mom where we had seen this thing. What we all saw where the thing or demon was laying. The grass was burnt and was about the same size as the demon we saw. Needless to say, it was a long time before we went outside in the evening time. There is some unknown things out there and it doesn’t need to be Halloween to see them.