Sunday, July 9, 2017

Demon That Refuses to Go Away

In the last couple of months of my teenage life, it has been very difficult and tough. Suddenly losing of close friends, losing lots of money, breaking up with my girlfriend ( we both always talked about marriage with each other in the future), becoming the man of the house and a recent death in the family.

It all started about 1 – 2 months ago, when my girlfriend at the time, was petrified calling me 8am in the morning telling me about the previous night where she had woken up in the early hours of the morning being greeted by a dark blob in the corner of her bedroom coming towards her. She lent out as this apparition was coming closer and felt the need to touch it ( she was not afraid/scared). As she lent to touch it , she felt the urge to pull back and a vibe that this was not good.

About 15 days after this, a recent death in the family occurred and we were in her bedroom coming to realize what had happened, in the early hours of the morning. We both suddenly felt a vibe that someone else had walked into the room and creaks on her carpet , the temperature suddenly dropped and felt very very cold.


Ever since then everything has gone down hill from there. As mentioned previously nothing has gone my way. She has changed significantly and has felt the urge to fight and change her actions towards me and others. She is telling me she is not herself lately and believes there’s a stronger entity controlling her. She can now see things, she never could see before (apparitions and the dead) and her faith has lowered towards god, since she is a strong catholic and believed highly in god, Prays always and goes to church.

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She tells me, to stand clear and wont give me information on what “this thing” is, because she believes it will attach it self towards me and hurt me. I have a strong italian background and went to a elder to do the “molochio” an old prayer used to rid someone of the evil eye curse, by putting a bowl of oil and water above their head and praying to mary. This hasn’t helped so far, and I really do not know what to do. If someone is out there, could you please make effort to give me advice and help me? ( i have tried telling her to go to priest, it hasn’t worked).