Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Awaiting Death- Babysitter's Ghost Tale

This is an old story my Goth babysitter told me when I was eight just to creep me out.

There was a little boy named Jonny. He had two twin brothers, they were twelve, and he had a baby sister, who was only five months old. Jonny was only eight just like I was when I heard this story.

Anyway, one day Jonny’s mom gave him $10 to go buy some meat at the food store just down the street from where they lived, just passed the graveyard. When Jonny got to the store he saw that candy was on sale. So with the $10 his mom gave him he bought the candy. On his way home he thought to himself, “Oh no, my mom is going to be so mad when she finds out I bought this candy instead of meat. What am I going to do?” Then he had an idea. (Remember he was only eight and he is a little dumb.)

Jonny slipped in to the graveyard and when he found a newly buried grave with a shovel next to it, he dug till he found the small little box of a girl who was killed by her father. He opened the box and oddly said, “Perfect, she still has meat.” (Jonny didn’t like to be in trouble. His mom beats him when he does something wrong.) So after skinning the girl and taking her ‘meat’ the little boy went home, ate the meat with his family, and shortly after went to bed.
That night he heard a noise outside his house. It was the little girl he skinned… and ate. She was talking to him and saying, “Jonny. It’s me, Amy, the girl you ate for dinner tonight. I am at your front door.”

There was a moment of silence then she spoke again, “Jonny, I am at the the top of your stairs.” Jonny was totally FREAKED, he hid under the covers. She then spoke again, “Jonny, how could you let your family eat me? I can never forgive you! Your family ate me and now I will eat them too!”

awaiting death babysitter ghost tale

Jonny didn’t know what to do but sit there. He couldn’t do anything about the deaths that were happening. He could only wait till they were over. For he could hear screams and bumps, but all he could do was stay there.

In the morning, when things had calmed down, he went to each room and in each room he saw two things: his dead family and the words in blood that read: “Tomorrow it will be you who will join the others.” Jonny didn’t like what he saw, but again he couldn’t do anything about it, and now he can’t do anything about what was coming for him.