Wednesday, July 5, 2017

3 Stories that would make you believe in Ghosts Again

Since I was a kid, I sometimes felt a little shiver in exactly one arm or leg. All the times it happened, I would have a nightmare of that person’s death or know where it is buried if it’s in the house.

Years passed, I was 13, almost about to stop believing in ghosts. One day I went to a house of a friend of mine, I could feel something, I was starting to get pale and cold, my friend told me that I was starting to get colder than normal. I fainted, while I was there, lying on the ground, I could hear a voice telling me to open a hole under the place I was. I got really scared when my friend and his parents discovered human bones scattered under the ground.

In connotation, we have collected few real life scary stories for you. Have a look at these three ghost stories that would make you believe in ghosts. If you like these creepy stories, feel free to like and share it.

The Day I believed in Ghosts

day i believed on ghosts

It was a late night I couldn’t sleep at all, so I got up to get a glass of water. On the couch I saw two children, a girl and a boy. They looked so little compared to me. I ran to my room. I had left the light on, but it turned off, then on, again and again. I got the nerve to go and see who was causing it. What I saw was five children playing with the lights, I tried to yell but I couldn’t. All the children then came toward me and held hands running around me singing “Ring around the rosie.” I asked who they were, they looked at me with red eyes. They they spoke and said, “We got buried alive under this house.” They kept walking toward me and I was right by the stairs. They took one more step and I fell down the stairs. When I woke up ten years later in the hospital after a coma, no-one believed me.

Once I got out of the hospital, I asked some guys I used to know to go with me and dig a hole in my basement. There I saw bones, hair and old clothes from the same children I saw that scary night.

Many people called me crazy, others believe me. Since that day, I believe in ghosts.

An Ordinary Day

ghost stories make you believe on them

It started off an ordinary day. I was using my laptop to read ghost stories when I started to hear little girls giggle in my room! I was a little scared but I went on with the stories. Then I heard a thump! I turned around and looked in my closet and there was something staring at me. Everything got FREEZING cold and the ghost left! I ran out screaming!
This was not the only time it happened or the only time I ran into ghosts! One time was really strange. I was used to seeing ghosts by now! A ghost appeared when I was home alone! I was eating a sandwich and I looked over my shoulder and there was an old man, probably in his 60′s, standing right there! I could have sworn I saw him before! He looked all blurry!

He started to cry, so I asked him if he was o.k! (Remember, I was used to seeing ghosts by now, so I was not scared.) He replied with a, “Yes, now I am!” Then he disappeared!
I found history on my house and yes… people have died here!

To really freak you out… there is a man I don’t know watching me right now! He is right next to me! TRUE STORY!!!

The New Subdivision

new subdivision ghost story from america

My son’s godparents recently purchased a new home in a brand new subdivision. Growing up I’ve always heard ghost stories but most are based around older homes, I had never heard of a new home being haunted, especially one that has never been lived in. After living in their new home with their 17 year old daughter for a couple of weeks strange things started happening. The first one to notice was the mother. One evening when she was in the bathroom, which is towards the back of the house, she heard laughter outside the bathroom window. She said it sounded like children playing and she thought it could be the children from down the road. 

The funny thing to her though was that it was late and very dark outside. She went to the back of the house to see who it was and no-one was outside. This happened several times to the mother and the same thing happened every time she went outside to see who or what it was. She never said anything to anyone because she believed it was the kids from down the street but that they were just being sneaky and playing tricks on her. She said it did make her feel uncomfortable but didn’t make a big deal out of it.

One early morning when it was still dark outside the mother and father had left for work and the daughter was alone and getting ready for school. She was in the bathroom when she heard children giggling at the front door and it sounded as if they were running back and forth and bouncing a ball. At first she just let it go and didn’t really think anything of it but then the giggling turned into loud laughter. She wasn’t afraid but annoyed! She stormed out of the bathroom and opened the front door to yell at the kids and when she did no-one was there! She walked to the sidewalk and looked up and down the street. Nothing. It was the strangest feeling. 

She said she felt really scared and the fact that it was still dark out made it creepier. That evening she told her mom what had happened. Her mom told her that the same things had happened to her several times. With the fear being as strong as it was the mother decided to call their priest to come bless the house. After the blessing everything stopped. Still puzzled by the strange happening the mother decided to investigate the land the subdivision was built on. Come to find out a huge fire happened on the land claiming several children’s lives in the 1960′s.