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List of 6 Most Haunted Places in New York City

New York City is the most populous city in the United States. It is known for the unlimited fun at the variety of amazing locations here including some ramshackle houses, gruesome structures and haunted places.

While many of people have reported to experience paranormal at different haunted places in NYC, we have picked up few most haunted places in New York City that are absolutely creepy. It’s a post based on real experiences and true otherworldly investigation and offers plenty of excitement when you visit these extremely creepy locations in NYC. So, pack your bags and peep in to this list of 6 most haunted places in NYC, given the order of creepiness is in descending order.

The Dakota, New York

most haunted places new york
When you head to the central park west at 72 Street, you find a worn structure in front. Generally there are many of modern buildings and new formations out there but, The Dakota is an eminent name in itself. Wonder why? Obviously because of the few spirits that are frequently seen within its boundary. What exactly does these ghosts belong to and why the Dakota is counted in top 5 most haunted places in NYC? Read below.

From decades, this place is rumoured to have a boy ghost walking severely in its premises. He is blamed to commit suicide for unknown family issues that are unclear. Besides that, many workers have reported to see a girl ghost hanging out in classic apparel. The third ghost belongs to a man who was ferociously killed outside the area revolving Undertakers gate. Due to the continuous presence of these 3 ghouls in the Dakota’s air, people feel fierce to check in during dark. 

If we talk about the physical signs, the appearances of girl’s ghost during twilight and the painful cries in night add extra spice of horror to the juice of excitement. No wonder the famous horror movie “Rosemarie’s Baby” was filmed here, after all the Dakota is placed in our listing of top 6 haunted places in NYC.

The House of Death

most haunted places new yorkLocated on 14 West 10th street near Fifth Avenue, this place actually proves its name meaningful. The whole west village is a wonderful place and does gain a lot of fame especially from the House of Death, that the residents of New York find one of the most haunted places in New York. When we had written to Graham Smith, he depicted this place to contain numerous paranormal creatures and convinced Stephen, a paranormal investigator from our group, to appear right up. After his visit, Stephen extracted a lot of facts, legends and stories and we came to a point. This place is gruesome enough to get counted in top most haunted places in NYC.

If you take a look at this 65 years old building, you would have no doubt about this place being a creepy one. This place has a throng of ghosts including spirit of Mark Twain and the prominent attorney Steinberg’s daughter. Urban legends have it Mr. Steinberg had beaten his adopted young so hard that she met with death. The body became lifeless and the soul vanished… to haunt every inch of this very house. 

Mark twain’s ghost is said to guard the staircase section of this house and other 22 ghosts populate the whole housing area. Many apparitions were seen by Stephen and several noises such as sound of giggle and heavy boot in the basement section continuously occurred in night. Due to endless eerie activities, the house of death is one of the eminent haunted places in NYC where you can definitely find a ghost.

Morris-Jumel Mansion, New York

most haunted places new york
This historical mansion is addressed to exist between west 160th and 162nd street as 65 Jumel Terrace in New York City. It was constructed by a British colonel Roger Morris to sustain the purpose of a summer home. This is cited as the oldest standing in Manhattan and is in this list of 6 most haunted places in NYC.

A sequence of suicides at this beautiful place turned to be turmoil to the jovial surrounding of Morris-Jumel Mansion. First the former mistress Eliza Jumel and then a young servant girl, both unleashed their soul from their respective bodies. It is believed that ghost of the females haunt this mansion. Apparition of Eliza has been seen wandering frequently in a purple dress in this house while the white hazy figure of a girl is caught up in the mansion’s servant’s quarter. 

You can detect noises that of rapping on walls and windows when you give a visit to this place. Some visitors have claimed to see an apparition of a soldier that looks like the same as the photo of an American soldier that hangs in the mansion. Due to the presence of three ghosts, it feels hideous to step in to this mansion in night. I will definitely not, Would you?

Manhattan Bistro, New York

most haunted places new york
Located on 129 Spring Street, this place houses a deadly spirit. In Parapsychology, it is considered that those who suicide or die in an accident by mistake, or die in a natural way are not as dangerous as a person who was killed in a barbaric way. If you have not caught it now, let me elaborate.

This construction is said to be possessed by the spirit of Elma Sands, a young woman that was brutally murdered in 1799. Her murderer Levi weeks put her corpse in a well that exist in the basement region of the restaurant. Levi was never convicted all his life and seems this holds the ghoul of miss sands to this building. It can be said that her soul is awaiting her murderer and to kill him, in turn to attain eternity. 

Talking about the numerous signs of a witch’s existence, you can her knocking of the doors and experience broken plates, flying bottles and ashtrays down the table in the No man’s land. All these incidents confirm the presence of an evil spirit pushing Manhattan towards top haunted places in New York.

Haunted Belasco Theatre, New York

most haunted places new york
Once known for the entertainment sessions, Belasco theatre is now ruined and creepy. There is much more beside just the time factor responsible for this worn scary theatre. Unleash the history and mysteries tied with Belasco theatre that is known as one of the most haunted places in NYC where you can see a ghost.

Established on 111 West 44th Street, Belasco theatre is known as one of some oldest theatres New York has.  This place is haunted by the builder and his mistress. It was a theatre with livelihood and magnificent environment until David Belasco, the builder of this very building died in 1931. He lived on the top floor of this building and thus, his soul is said to wander frequently in its premises.  Later his soul got a partner when his companion met a natural death. 

Spectators have claimed to see many creepy activities including footsteps of unknown entity, working of disconnected elevator and hazy appearances. Belasco’s ghost interacts with actors and greets them often, says Henry, a frequent visitor to this theatre. If you are lucky enough, you could see the ghost of the Blue lady that wanders expeditiously on the upper store. This sequence of hideous incidents conveys the popularity to us and we did the honor by letting it secure a plot in Top haunted Places in New York City You would ever visit.

Beth Israel Hospital, NYC

most haunted places new yorkFor the last slot, we had three contenders – Algonquin Hotel, Bridge café and the Beth Israel Hospital itself. Stephen had a tough time choosing the one, because we had focused on the deadliest 6 of all. There are more than 20 haunted places left in New York City but, out of all the spooky locations New York has, we are sure to any extent that this list contains the most haunted places in NYC where you can actually see a ghost. 

Well, we preferred Beth Israel over the remaining two, for the ferocious spirits that roam in this hospital overnight. A hospital, in its own span of time, faces many cases. They have patients treated for over burning to patients that die from major diseases. All their souls belong to the hospital (the place they die) forever, till these get eternity. Especially when a hospital shuts down, all the dormant ghouls and witches get fuelled up and completely haunt the whole section.

Now when we are over with explaining the mechanism, let us tell you the weird happenings one experiences when they step in this hospital during late night. Numerous people including some ghost hunters have complained of hearing noises, female screaming, footsteps and scratching throughout the hospital. 

Trespassers have reported to hear a sudden outcry and loud giggle that terrify them whilst passing through the road nearby Beth Israel hospital. If you are interested in ghost hunting, we advise you to visit the hospital, popular for real ghost experiences and known as one of the top 6 haunted places in NYC.

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