Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Haunted Indiana University in Bloomington

The Indiana university, situated in Bloomington is known for various spooky tales. Today the creepy location is said to surrounded by numerous ghosts and that, being a prime reason, the haunted Indiana University is said to be one of the most haunted places in Indiana.

Many a several spots of the Indiana university is believed to be occupied by paranormal creatures. The first one is the career centre where babies were heard crying. In addition, the folklore office is also possessed by a deceased head of the department. Among the many spooky spirits, the phantom of a suicide victim is often encountered at the Lily Library. Most noteworthy, you may also visualise the apparition of a deceased dog, if lucky.

There are two other spooky locations in the haunted Indiana university corner. Reed Hall, being the first, hosts the ghost of a murdered dame. Many a creepy sounds and noises can often be heard in the premises during late night hours. Moving ahead to the Read dorm, the malevolent spirit of a former resident advisor, who committed suicide jumping off the stairs, can also be noticed here.

Stories about the Haunted Indiana University

Talking about the creepy incidents taking place around the Read dorm, we have a student who had been living the dorm during her junior years. What she felt was creepy and give chills down our spines.

“ I was an atheist and had a firm disbelief over otherworldly happenings. It was a day when I was taking shower during late night hours. My room was locked and I was in solitude when I heard someone calling my name. I turned off the water, heard nothing, turned it on and then the same thing happened. I made a query to my friends and they claimed of doing nothing as such. Later, I discovered the creepy hall of my dorm and the spooky history of the haunted Indiana university.”

Well, that can be a terrible incident, but not more than that of something took place on Beck 5 of the Read Hall. People have claimed of listening odd rustling sound, banging noise and other disturbing activities created by the hidden entities out there. There are few other moments when people had witnessed the door getting open and close by itself. The doors were quite heavy and hence it was impossible for the fans to move them up.

During past few hours, many a creepy incidents have taken place around construction of the haunted Indiana university. There are some really frightening incidents that denote the creepiness of the haunted Indiana university. Take a note of the following happening-

It belongs to the time when I used to stay on the 5th beck of the Read Hall during 2014. One fine night, I was sitting over my desk. There was a dry erase board hanging above my desk. Everything was fine and there was no distraction out there. Suddenly, the board fell off the wall and landed several feet away. I heard the bang and a screaming noise at the same moment. Later, i discovered that the Read Hall was a very creepy portion of the haunted Indiana university.

Till date, numerous paranormal investigations have taken place. Examiners have found multiple signs of hauntings including the cold spot detection, creepy screaming noises and orb-sightings. There are a variety of tales floating, describing the negative environment around this construction. Due to unparalleled tales about the existence of the supernatural entities, the haunted Indiana university is rated a strong 70% in the spookiness index. If you are an Indianian and love to visit adventurous places, what else would be better than the University itself? Happy Haunting !!!