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Haunted Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery in New York

The Gurnsey Hollow cemetery is situated on Gurnsey Hollow road, Frewsburg and is believed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries of New York. It was built back in 19th century and today, it is known for its ghost haunting, creepy vibes and the various associated spooky tales to offer you chills down your spines. So, Let’s get psyched up for a virtual journey to the haunted Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery. There is an interesting story behind possession of this very graveyard. According to legends, long ago a girl equipped equipped with neurosis ailment was pebbled down by townsmen. She was left in her wounded state and due to improper care and enough bleeding, she died.

Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery Haunting

haunted gurnsey hollow cemetery new york
Later, that mentally ill girl was buried in this cemetery. It is her ferocious soul to be blamed for the creepiness and weird experiences interlinked with the Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery.

Except the girl’s malevolent phantom, two other apparitions of a boy and aged lady had also been seen there. Locals would claim their shadows protect the deceased girl. Although those spirits are not harmful and there are no any reports of any disturbances occurred by those two ghosts. But, wait. You need to remain circumspect of the callous girl’s ghost.

Located in Cattaraugus County of New York, there are various reasons behind the ghost-occupied Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery. While residents have a lineup of spooky tales to offer about the graveyard, there are some real world experiences as well. We fetched out some of those experiences to let you analyse the creepiness index of this very place.

Ghost Experiences at the Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery

haunted gurnsey hollow cemetery new york
“I have grown up in Jamestown, New York that is a short drive from Gurnsey. I had a weird experience while visiting the graveyard by 1 AM to see what would happen that late. We parked our car at the top gate and entered the cemetery. We noticed nothing until 30 minutes passed. While we were about to leave, a rush of air passed through us, but no leave moved. We had also seen an orb floating behind my friend.” - Katherine

“I found hand prints on my car. I also felt a presence during my ride back to home. To be exact, that was a muddy child hand print on the back of my car. It was indeed a very frightening experience.” - Amanda

“ I live in Frewsburg and have gone there many times over these years. This cemetery has a dull environment. Once me and my friend visited the Gurnsey Hollow cemetery during late night hours. We sat in the graveyard and talked until we saw shadows and creepy noises. Later we saw the phantom passing off the garbage. It totally scared us.” - Scott

“I went to Gurnsey Hollow with my companion and before entering the car, I was severely attacked by an unseen force and felt like someone is throbbing my chest. Later, I discovered three deep scratches on my chest.” - C. Mills

A glut of experiences are recorded everyday by the visitors at this cemetery. This cemetery has been investigated by some paranormal investigators over the times. There are pictures of a man sitting next to his grave. People who had visited this cemetery have complained of being scratched off, seeing orbs, imparting hand prints on their vehicle and some of them even encountered the evil spirit as well.

Talking about the other experiences, few people have reported to hear child’s laughter and footsteps following them while the others claimed to hear a rattling noise around their car. This cemetery is indexed as the most haunted cemetery in New York due to its true ghost haunting and unparallelled phantom experiences. Would you like to pay a visit there? In other case, you might take a visit to few other most haunted places in New York City, if you like so.


I've been there a few times I've parked down the road and had orbs follow us we parked at the gate and heard noises and seen orbs but the strangest thing is one time we went up there was a full big bag of Tootsie rolls but only full of wrappers my buddy picked it up and threw it spilling all the wrappers we are always respectful when we go there and say thanks for having is upon leaving but this one time on our way back out we went to clean up the wrappers and the bag was back on the stump full of wrappers again

I made a trip up there several years ago and obtained several pictures of orbs and one of what a lot of people say is a face of an old woman. As we were there, probably about 10 of us, an explosion occurred and within 100 yards of us. A cabin of some sort lit up like candle and those were pointed in the direction of it, say it was like a strike of lightning through the trees somehow. It was never figured to what caused the fire. The girl I am sitting with now also told me that her and her party she was with at another time, were shot at.

I was up there back in 2007 and we were shot at one night. There was about 8 of us up there we saw some shiny things in the woods and after about 5 minutes of standing there a few gun shots were fired. We all ran and left after that.

I have been there with my friends a few times. Nothing weird except the one time which was the last time we were walking around and after an hour we decided it was time to leave. As we approached the car I kid you not we heard a horrible moaning female noise. I nearly cried as we got into the car and left. Nothing has ever spooked me more and finding out other people have heard the same noise makes it even worst. It's a hit or miss with this one. It tends to get freaky when no one is really around.

I have spent a great deal of time up here at the hollow with friends and even alone, hoping to have some good scares and stories to tell, but sad truth is None.. There was one time I found it odd that a deer must have tried to jump the fence and got stuck on it- the half that was inside the cemetery was down to the bone and nothing left, the part on the outside of the fence was completely intact.. Other then then car not starting for like 30mins when trying to leave, nothing else has ever happened to me or any of my old high school friends who use to party up there all summer long and have even spent the night more then a few times... There is an area up there away from the cemetary that was very scary, we happened to come across it exploring the old dirt roads where in the middle of no where, there was a huge fence and all around it motion sensors, security cameras and out pof no where one time four guys appeared out of no where we could see them coming from with assault rifles and told us we needed to leave right now an not come back.. That was very scary moment when guys appear out of thin air with assault R iffles and then gone as you look in the rear view mirror an all you can see is dust from the tires and nothing else... My friends and I were always respectful of the place, we cleaned up others messes including ours when we'd stay over night and we even tried re standing headstones that were knocked over or on the ground.. We use to kiss the big white cross at mid night being told things would happen if we did and nothing... I heard a story that a church was or a school behind the other side of the fence in the back of the cemetery that burned down with a bunch of children trapped inside and they are suppose to haunt the grounds.. I've also heard that it was an old Irish plague that wiped people out there and that's where they were buried... So many stories for this place and yet I have never had a bad experience at any time I have went there ever.... :( :(
Kind of makes me sad

We have audio evidence from this amazing location. Went with my sister and my cousin one evening close to dusk a few years ago. Highly recommend this location.

Frewsburg is not in Cattaraugus County It is in Chautauqua County.