Tuesday, January 31, 2017

5 Most Haunted Places in Milwaukee With Eerie Spirits

Milwaukee is the largest city in the united state of Wisconsin. It is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan. It is quite a glorious city and is eminent for its eye-pleasing sites. Although a mix of emotions flow out while roaming at some grand restaurants or, few luxurious hotels or, chilling at a beach, say. Well, what about leaving every jubilant sentiment at the sea-shore and joining a hoedown full of adventurous-thrill? Sounds fun?

That’s what it is gonna be the tour to these 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee. So, all you horror fanatics out there, let’s take a visit to each and every spot mentioned here. If lucky, you can spend a night there and make few awesome ghost buddies.

Hilton Garden Inn, Milwaukee

most haunted places Milwaukee
The Hilton Garden Inn is built on the ashes of the NewHall Hotel and promises a creepy environment. It is the conversion of the Loyalty building built in 1886 after the NewHall hotel fire. That was an unfortunate night of January 10th, 1883 when a despondent news of massive death came out. Well, it was a misfire that generated from the basement of the hotel and soon captured the whole building. More than 70 people had died in that accident and their shadows still wander around the premises of this building. However, room number 326 and 201 are more sensible as many a reports of paranormal activities were recorded there. 

You might hear horrible sounds and experience smoky apparitions when alone and that would indeed be a brawny evidence of ghastly existence. Set of evidences like hair pulling and sudden knocking on bathroom doors have already been verified by the hotel employees. Thus, must take a note of the haunted Hilton garden, reportedly one of the 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee.

Marquette University

most haunted places Milwaukee
There is a famous quote in demonology that says, “every haunting has a callous past associated with it.” This very quotation seems so laconic in the context of the haunted Marquette University in Milwaukee. Humphrey hall is among the many worn buildings on the Marquette campus that are notorious for their dark history. Locals firmly believe that the hall was once a children’s hospital where few children died during their treatment process, and their souls are still occupying that particular section.

The University’s Schroeder Hall is the another nail in the coffin where the misty apparition of a young girl is usually seen. There are few other haunted constructions such as the Straz tower where a boy drowned to death, and the Johnston Hall that can narrate, why those two priests jumped it off, only if buildings could talk. The Marquette university has a variety of spooky place filled with numerous ghosts. Talking about the general spirit encounters, visitors have claimed to see apparition of patients in hospital gown during night hours. Swimmers feel disembodied touch while splashing around the Tower, and intrepid spirits of jesuit priests can be encountered hanging around the residence section. Overall, the Marquette university offers much more to be listed among 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Public Museum

most haunted places Milwaukee
Proceeding further in our list of most haunted places in Milwaukee, the haunted Milwaukee public museum is up next. Though a hasty glance around the corridors of the museum only reveals less creepy mannequins engaged with the taxidermy. But, the real catch is on the third floor of the construction. It is believed that Stephen Borhegyi ghost shares that section with the spirit of a lady. Visitors have reported the ghost sightings of a man in a cape, and also the phantom of a woman in a white dress wandering around the third store. Few cold spots on the third floor, halt of elevator car on the haunted floor without an apparent reason, and off chore motion sensors are some epoch-making indication to suggest haunting of the Milwaukee public museum.

Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee

most haunted places Milwaukee
The Forest home cemetery was established in 1850 on the ruins of a former Indian village and burial grounds. This huge graveyard host thousands of graves, including remains of few famous personalities like beer barons and William Davidson. In the past years, there have been many a negative reports flashed out. Those stories proclaim that,
People who had visited this cemetery have witnessed eerie feelings, blurred visions and dreams about shredded corpses. Disembodied touch and harsh noise are some added phenomenon that suggests the Forest Home Cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
There are some other incidents where visitors have encountered apparitions that would come and disappear. Woman crying, tall shadow figures and eerie noises are some other stuff that confirm  this graveyard’s importance in every horror fanatics’ visit-list.

Brumder Mansion

most haunted places Milwaukee
The notorious Brumder Mansion was built by George Brumder Senior in 1910. There are various news about the haunting of this Victorian Mansion. There are endless rumours, and many stories regarding the paranormal cases to rely upon. However, when you go through the reports, you would get chills down your spines for sure.

The much creepy Brumder Mansion is believed to be haunted by both female and male spirits. Malevolent spirit of Suzanne haunts the Blue room section of this grand structure, while her female mate loves to wander around the third floor bedrooms. The third womanlike creature loiters in ballroom theatre, catacombs and frequents the first and second floors of the building. However, there exist male ghosts including a man that haunts the George’s Suite; a doctor and a Scottish maintenance man. Altogether the Mansion becomes creepy enough to be explored during strange dark hours.

Due to the presence of multitudinous spirits, the Brumder Mansion undergoes disembodied phenomenon very often. Guests have claimed to witness spooky shadows, orbs around the structure and even in their photos. Strange feelings, whispers and tap noises without any evident phenomenon can be felt here. If you love ghost haunting, the good news is you can officially visit the Milwaukee Bed and breakfast Mansion (Brumder Mansion). 

This was the list of 5 most haunted places in Milwaukee. Take a couple of free hours every weekend and try visiting down one of these haunted locations in your city. Happy Haunting !!