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10 Haunted Places in Sacramento Full of Spirits

The capital city of California is the hub of hauntings.  The interesting thing is the kind of locations that feature in our list of 10 haunted places in Sacramentos- apart from spooky houses, cemeteries, and theatres, you'll find rivers and even a Burger King. Sit back, grab a snack and enjoy discovering a little more about Sacramento and the surrounding area's afterlife, with our list of Top 10 haunted places in Sacramento. These places include a creepy tunnels, few haunted mansions, asylums and dilapidated structures in Sacramento. Get psyched up to wander around these spooky attractions.

1. Old Sacramento Tunnels, Sacramento

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Old Sacramento was rebuilt over the original town, with tunnels being built after the great flood of 1862. There are tunnels and a hidden town underneath, buried because of the rising waters of the Sacramento River. Reports state that the series of tunnels under Old Sacramento were the town’s original streets before they were raised above sea level against flooding. Legend has it that the tunnels became establishments of ill repute, such as opium dens, brothels and occult practitioners’ hideouts, and witnesses have felt a menacing presence and heard unexplained sounds coming from them. It is rumoured that the underground area of Old Sacramento is so haunted that the transients don’t like sleeping down there. 

2. Richard Trenton Chase aka The Vampire of Sacramento Victim’s Homes

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Richard Trenton Chase also known as The Vampire of Sacramento committed some grisly murders in Sacramento. He was a serial killer that dabbled in drinking the blood of his victims and cannibalism. As a child he was known to have mutilated animals. In mid-1977, Chase had been stopped by a Native American agent on a reservation in the Lake Tahoe area and arrested. He was wearing a blood soaked shirt and driving a truck containing guns and a bucket of blood. He convinced them that it was a misunderstanding involving an animal he'd hunted. No charges were filed. On December 26, 1980, a prison guard found Chase dead in his cell. Coroners determined Chase had committed suicide by overdosing on his medication, possibly taking three weeks worth of medication at once, killing himself. It appears that at some of his victim’s homes, there may be some residual hauntings, the reenactment of murder plays over and over again.

3. Sacramento River – Green-haven Area – Gloria Drive

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Late at night as you walk down the embankment of the Sacramento River, you can see a campfire going. As you approach the campfire, the campfire disappears. It is rumoured that a transient drowned in this area and the campfire you see is the campfire he would make on his cold nights camping along the river. This could be a residual haunting. In addition to this, two men from SMUD and a dog walker once saw a Sea Serpent, or what appeared to be a Sea Serpent in the same area of the Sacramento River, making loud thumping noises in the water. The dog walker said the sighting of the Sea Serpent occurred at 3:00 a.m.

4. Haunted Freeport Factory in Seattle

haunted places in Sacramento
Many employees have said to have died in the factory during their job, and now it seems the only thing this factory will be making is making people shiver in fear. Be sure to hold open the door when entering this factory for it’s rumoured that the door will lock and close behind you if left unattended. It is said that the Freeport Factory is Haunted by workers that died on the job. Once inside, it’s also said that one can hear the sound of children laughing as if they are using the abandoned machinery as their own personal playground.

5. Burger King on Florin Road

Those looking for a late night snack may get more than they order when eating at this fast food joint. It has been said that during a busy lunch hour, a gunman walked into the restaurant and shot the store manager before turning the gun on himself. Employees working late night shifts have reported hearing gunshots and screams as if the event is being reenacted by the spirits themselves.
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6. Creepy California State Library, Sacramento

The walls of the building themselves have more daunting tales than those kept on the shelves of this public library. Visitors have been reported sightings of the ghost of an elderly man in glasses peering over old books when browsing the California Section of the library. Library staff have also reported hearing the sound of Mylar rustling resembling the sound of when a book is being pulled out or shelved when there is no one there.
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7. Sand Cove Park, Sacramento

This place has seen many people drown in the waters in recent years. Visitors claim to have heard the voice of woman saying “te papa” in Sand Cove Park near the Sacramento River, and seeing ghost lights seen as well. Some locals believe that the site once featured a mine shaft where a miner accidentally passed away, or possibly an ancient burial ground here haunted spirits still roam in the night.

8. Sacramento City Cemetery

haunted places in Sacramento
Reports of several apparitions including a couple dressed in black, a pit bull who follows visitors around the cemetery and suddenly disappears (no animals are allowed inside the gates), and a little girl seen playing near the headstone of a deceased child have been recorded for the site. The cemetery is closed at night except for occasional guided tours and is well known for its numerous hauntings. Sacramento’s favorite ghost May Woolsey is said to haunt the Cemetry. Her gravestone at the cemetary is said to emanate a positive energy.  The 12-year-old girl died in 1879 from encephalitis, then appeared to her parents and told them she was not yet dead but just “waiting” for them on the Other Side. 

9. Sacramento Theater Company

Believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Sacramento, as per reports, this theater is home to at least five ghosts. The most well known specter, believed to be a former stagehand, has been affectionately dubbed "Pinky" because of the glowing pink aura that is often seen near hot spots. Disturbances include footsteps heard on the stage after hours, a man walking the hallways, lights flickering. The theater is currently under paranormal investigation. Two phantasms hang around the upstairs, stage-left dressing room. One was a tall, thin man with a mustache, who has been identified as a former volunteer. The other is a very sad Polish actress by the name of Madame Modjeska, who image is often seen in one of the large mirrors in the room. In 1994, investigators recorded unexplainable footsteps crossing the McClatchy Mainstage and photographed numerous infrared anomalies during a séance in the Stage Two area.

10. Antelope Haunted House, Sacramento

This 1998 house was built on a Japanese Internment Camp of WWII. The occupants of the house, an Asian family claim to have woman without a head that scares their 6 children that reside in that house. They also see a ghostly figure of a man in white t-shirt and white shorts. There is piano music that plays that can be heard from a distance. Sometimes objects are moved around the house and placed in inappropriate places.

This was the list of real haunted places in Sacramento that are full of spirit. You may visit these with the group of your friends and get fascinated with the horror experience out there. Happy Haunting !!