Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Most Haunted Places in Utah For Horror Lovers

One of the most loved states of USA by the tourists, the state of Utah isn’t very different when it comes to paranormal stories. Here, we bring to you 10 places scattered around the entire state that are sure to give you goose bumps. In this list, we have a spooky train depot, few dilapidated mansions, a notorious college and farmhouse and many other chilling places. Take a read now.

10 Most Haunted Places in Utah

1. Rio Grande Train Depot, 300 S. Rio Grande St.

most haunted places in Utah
Constructed in 1910 by The Rio Grande Western Railroad, this train depot was operational from 1910-1947. Currently it used as the office of the Utah State Historical Society. The first hauntings date back to 1940. One popular ghost is known as "The Purple Lady” and the legend states that the woman met her fiancé at the train station as he was leaving for either World War I or World War II, and the two got called off the engagement post a heated argument. The man threw off the engagement ring into the train tracks. While the lady went to get it back, she got struck and got killed by a train. The society mentions another ghost to be haunting the building referring it as the tunnel ghost. The ghost is apparently that of a man who got unfortunately got killed while the tunnel between the train depot and the power plant next door was being constructed.

2. Shilo Inn, 206 S. West Temple

most haunted places in Utah
The book, "Specters in Doorways, The History & Hauntings of Utah," mentions the story of this Inn, previously known as the International Dunes Hotel. Immanuel David, had committed suicide  by carbon-monoxide poisoning and persuaded his wife- Rachel David wife to follow him to the afterlife by killing all of their children and taking her own life as well. She rented a room on the 11th or 12th floor of the Inn, and their some of her children off the ledge, while some willingly jumped off and she followed. The oldest daughter survived the incident only to be confined to a wheelchair.
The hotel is said to be inhabited by the ghost of a woman and a child- suspected to be Rachel Davis and one of her children. Guests often report hearing laughter coming from the first floor pool area when no one is in the area, as well as a pinball machine in the game room spontaneously turning on and playing.

3. Westminster College, 1840 S. 1300 East 

most haunted places in Utah
The Westminster College is no exception to the old universities known for the paranormal activities. It hosts several ghosts, seven of whom are prominent. A woman donning white haunts the Converse Hall- the first building built on the campus. She is said to be the ghost of a bride who killed in an unfortunate incident while on a honeymoon with her husband. She was married in Gunston Memorial Chapel near where Westminster stands today, and she still hasn’t left the place where she was married. A mother and another ghost inhabit the Nunemaker Hall and the freshmen hall- Hogle Hall, the science building- Foster Hall and Ferry Hall are all haunted. One of the ghosts haunting Westminster is believed to be Jeanette Hollister Ferry or her daughter Mary Hollister Hancock. Ferry was a driving force behind establishing Westminster.

4. Trolley Square, 600 S. 700 East 

most haunted places in Utah
The gathering ground for ghosts- Trolley house is the home to the famous ghost-the bus barn painter. Claimed to be the ghost of a man who died in the 1920s in a fire or after sustaining and injury for too long, he is often sighted near the north doors of the shopping center, by the locals.
The story says the man was injured at his place of work, yet continue to work, died shortly after and then came back to the location to stay.

5. Brigham - Old Indian schools

most haunted places in Utah
The Indian Schools were originally built as a dormitory cum high school for the Indians in Northern Utah. The school was also used as a Hospital for wounded soldiers during WWII, and had many underground tunnels built to support evacuation. In today’s scenario, most of the buildings have transformed into apartments, rented storage or have been abandoned.
The tunnels believed to have been closed, were open and used for satanic rituals. Rooms have blood hangs on walls, “alter” in the middle of the room, paintings of demonic clowns with knives and sharp objects painted on the walls. Passer-by’s and visitors report the sounds of windows breaking, flying objects, doors opening and shutting on their own and ghost sightings. Police warns locals to not go up there as human satanic activities have been verified. 

6. Clearfield - (old)north Davis jr. high

most haunted places in Utah
This place has witnessed a lot of unfortunate deaths which may justify the haunting the place suffers. Two boys jumped about ten feet in to the basement, and died starving as no one could hear them from so deep below. You can hear a sounds of a girl crying in the gym locker room and bathroom. One story mentions a teacher who committed suicide because nobody respected him. This ghost is responsible for pushing down a girl, from the stairs. The girl’s friend got imprisoned on grounds of murder.

7. Dugway - Photo Building at Ditto Area

The building was constructed in the early 1960s on or near the site of German P.O.W. barracks of World War II and the history of it being haunted is some three decades old. The atmosphere gets unsettling after war and you can hear sounds of running feet, indistinct whispering, and unintelligible talking at a distance. One of the ghosts is said to be of a photographer who died a natural death, but did not leave the place as he enjoyed working there. This ghost has even been caught on tape and was found to be tall with dark hair, wearing black pants, white shirt.

8. Huntsville - Old Dairy Farm House

most haunted places in Utah
The Old Dairy Farmhouse is about 130 years old now and sits right on Pineview dam.The foundation of the barn still lies in the back, although the barn was moved a short distance and is now a hotel- Jackson Fork Inn. The master bedroom at the back is uncomfortably cold all around the year, and people using the bedroom regularly have been reported to develop serious illnesses. When the bedroom is shifted, the diseases get cured. Bizarre noises are common throughout the house, and doors and windows open and shut on their own, even in the absence of any storm. 
One of the owners used the house as a summer home, and once sent their son to study in the home in the winter, and one year he committed suicide in the house. Very clear and dominant ghost of a young man walking through the house have been reported by all the owners. Soon after they were awoken to a violent earthquake. An old couple, once had this place as their home, and one morning woke up to a violent earthquake with objects falling from the walls and the bed bouncing on the floor, when it subsided, they got to know that only their house was affected by the “local earthquake” and no one in the vicinity felt the same. 

9. Benjamin - The Pump House

The old pump house of Benjamin was built to regulate the arrogation flow to the farmers. Two workers while working alone there on a night, died in an unfortunate turn of events and since then the place has been left abandoned. The electricity supply to the place has long been shut off, yet after dark, people have reported seeing light shining through the cracks in the boarded up windows. When near the house, you can hear people talking, and music playing in the background, but on inspection, no one has ever been found inside.
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10. Brigham City - Idle Isle Cafe and Candy Co.

most haunted places in Utah
It is believed that it is a ghost of an old Native American man which haunts the Idle Isle and several other businesses on Main Street in Brigham City. Strange occurrences like objects falling off the shelves, chairs getting knocked down, etc. and eerie noises have been reported in the dining room during closing time. The other ghost is that of an old lady who haunts the Idle Island Candy Company and is believed to be the grandmother of current owner. Both of these ghosts are often sighted by the locals, and have scared them for lives.
One scholar at a seminar in Indian Schools said that Northern Utah was 2nd in the nation among Satan worshiping among teenagers, and may be this is the reason why Utah has always notorious- for the numerous paranormal activities.