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Not everyone believes in the supernatural, but Seattle is one place that is sure to give you goosebumps and spook you out if you plan to go on a paranormal spree. Follow us as we take you through our list of Top 10 haunted places in Seattle, if a haunting vacation is on your mind. Take a visit to these abandoned places and notify us about how creepy have you felt while taking a visit down these spots.

Top Most Haunted Places in Seattle, Washington

1. Sorrento Hotel, Seattle 

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The elegant Italian-style hotel is set in a 1909 landmark building in downtown Seattle. This classic boutique hotel offers world class amenities and vintage accommodation. Still very much functional, gnarling great reviews, a few guests at this haunted hotel have reported seeing the apparition of a woman on the fourth floor near room 408. Ominous disembodied footsteps have also been reported. The hotel bar has witnessed many incidences of glasses moving on their own.

2. Central Saloon - Central Tavern

most haunted places in Seattle
The Central Saloon was originally the Watson Brothers Famous Restaurant in 1901, and was patronized by gold miners and is known to have hosted well-known area music artists like Jimi Hendrix, Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Sound garden. In addition to being a hot spot of music, the place is also known for the many paranormal activities, reported here. Both patrons and employees, have reported a lot of sightings of apparitions. Many guests have been spooked out by the disembodied unexplained eerie voices. Despite all the hauntings, this place continues to remain a happening place.

3. Butterwort Building, Seattle

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This building is just 0.6 miles away from the center of Seattle and was originally a mortuary. This turn-of-the-century building has always been a favourite among the spirit set. The building now hosts the Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub.  The building was the first purpose-built mortuary which was designed to handle the influx of dead from plague and disaster. This site has featured on TV's Ghost Adventures, and the paranormal activists found evidence of being haunted.

4. Haunted Ye College Inn in Seattle

most haunted places in Seattle
The College Inn was originally built in 1909 and is boastful of a haunted pub. Patrons have reported sightings of a musical male ghost and it's said that he also may be heard playing the piano when no one else is in the room. This ghost is said to be that of a fisherman- Howard Bok, who was mysteriously murdered in one of the rooms of the Inn, while on his way to Alaska to fish and mine for gold. Typical of a fisherman, Bok has made the basement his haunt now.

5. Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery

top most haunted places in Seattle
Popularly known as the GAR Cemetery, this was established in 1895 by the Grand Army of the Republic (otherwise known as GAR) in Seattle along with several others in the region. Presently, it is located adjacent to Lake view Cemetery, and lies nestles up upon Capitol Hill. It was maintained by the by the GAR, for several decades , after which the maintenance of the cemetery fell to the City of Seattle. Due to the ambiguity surrounding the land deed of the Cemetry, the place fell into despair with each passing decades. Surprisingly, it was during this period that the cemetery became particularly active, with paranormal activities. The 110-year-old graveyard is home to over 500 grave sites. The rumor has it that at night you can hear the bloodied cries and the shouts of Civil War soldiers, martyred during the battle.

6. The Canterbury, Seattle

The Canterbury building is almost the same as it used to be and has remained relatively unscathed through the ravages of time. Over the decades, many the place has hosted numerous guests who came, enjoyed their stay and left. But, since, 1970s, the hotel has been the permanent residence of one unfriendly guest, who refuses to leave. The legend states that in 1978, a bar patron was shot in the face during a bar fight and subsequently died in front of the fireplace. The patrons now have reported seeing reflections of a man who happens to  look down at the floor in the background in the mirror closest to the fireplace, and if they stared for too long, this faceless man looked to them, and spooked them out. These encounters were further more enforced, when a pentagram was found to have been drawn into the basement floor.

7. Creepy Harvard Exit Theatre in Seattle

most haunted places in Seattle
The very old Harvard Exit Theatre doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of ghost and goblins, despite being heritage. The theatre was built in 1925, and once used to serve as the home to the Women’s Century Club. Today, the theatre is known to host a wide range of events including Seattle’s Independent Film Festival and the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Though, it continues the legacy of being a happening place, people have reported seeing the shadow of a mysterious figure in the lobby. Also, in the top floors for the theatre , women in 1920s and ’30s attire can be heard laughing.
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8. West Seattle High School, Seattle

most haunted places in Seattle
The legend says that, a former student-Rose Higginbotham, hung herself at West Seattle High in 1924 and continues to haunt the school. Just adjacent to the school, is a very old park that has a deep connections entwined with West Seattle High, as well as the community. People say that on foggy days, or during dawn or dusk, the ghost of Rose along with few other pupils of the era, can be sighted and heard in the park.

9. Georgetown Castle

most haunted places in Seattle
The Georgetown area was a famous for prostituition and was greatly patronised by the sailors, loggers, and townsmen. The Georgetown castle is a three-story home and is the ideal building in the red light area, whose walls speak about the activities of the day. No doubt to it, the Georgetown building was known for gambling, having a rowdy tavern, and housed women of “ill repute”. It was during the 1900s that the taverns and brothels of Georgetown got engaged in stiff competition. But the city leaders on one hand, waged a war against the saloons, while supporting it with the other. The original owner of the castle, Mr. Gessner, a gambler himself, was found dead in one of the rooms, apparently he committed suicide.His successor took over around 1912 by the name Dr. Corson, and was the head of the Seattle Coroner’s office. Numerous reports states the guests being woken up the ghost of a woman, who hovers over them, and often tries to grab them by the throat. Other fables state, that children’s voices are heard mysteriously on the third floor. Today the caste has been refurbished, and is used as a private residence.
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10. Former Amazon Building, Seattle

The former house of America’s favourite online mega-store- Amazon, the Pacific medical building sits ominously on Seattle’s Beacon Hill. The building was originally used as a Navy and Marine Corps Hospital. During that time, the 6th floor of the building was the mental ward, and till date has a lot supernatural activity. The janitors have often reported being scared off the job on seeing items elevate off desks, by themselves. A dead nurse of the medical assistant, roams the hallways and people often report smelling the perfume, she used to wear. The scariest incident of all is the service elevator  getting stuck for many hours with  passengers being are trapped,only to hear several people laughing and calling out there names.

This was the list of 10 top most haunted places in Seattle. If you know any other spooky location, kindly let us know in the comment box. See you soon with a new haunted spot. Happy Haunting !!