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10 Haunted Places in South Carolina Creepier than Hell

The state of South Carolina has a rich and interesting history with mentions of crucial events like the Revolutionary War, Civil War, plantation homes and slavery. The paranormal association of this place can be attributed to this complex and layered history, including haunted plantations, cemeteries and an old hospital. Read on to know about the top 10 haunted places of South Carolina. These set of places include a Charleston gardens, Museum, hospital and few weird worn constructions. So, suit your tie as you go on a ghost haunting to South Carolina.

10 Haunted places in South Carolina

Below are the ten haunted places in South Carolina that are known due to their mysterious structure, build and their scary past. These set of locations are extremely creepy and ghost hunters believe these are creepier than hell. So, let's Get started to this list of 10 most spooky locations in South Carolina:

1. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Charleston

haunted places in south Carolina

Founded by the Drayton family in 1676 , The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens were operated as the "oldest public tourist site in the Low-country" after 1870. The plantation and gardens have now been restored, and the site is open year round. An array of ghosts are believed to haunt this place, making it one of the most haunted sites in the US. The various ghostly experiences reported here include- sounds like mysterious music, disembodied cough, disembodied girl's voice, EVP of a woman asking, "What are you doing?" and growling from an unidentified origin . Various apparitions have been sighted around the main house. Reports suggest that the plantation slaves were very well treated, but the haunting suggests the opposite. A leg stocks that were used to punish the slaves who tried to escape the plantation has been found at the location. Paranormal investigations suggest that the slaves cast spells on their masters and practised "dark" voodoo to curse. 

2. Patriots Point Museum USS Yorktown, Mount Pleasant

The prestigious Yorktown sunk at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. The ship was decommissioned until in 1975 was put up as display in the Patriots Point Museum USS Yorktown. Reports suggest that 141 men died on board the USS Yorktown. Since, the ship being housed, the museum staff have witnessed the reputed paranormal activity. Staffers have often reported sightings of very distinct apparitions that could be identified as the ship's crewmen. Syfy's Ghost Hunters have also documented full-bodied apparitions and have recorded disembodied voices caught in conversations and laughing.

3. Old Tuberculosis Hospital, Greenville

haunted places in south Carolina

Popular as The Devil's Castle, the Old Tuberculosis Hospital was operational from the 1930 to 1950s and was later used as a work release prison, and an insane asylum. The building was abandoned only to be handed over to vagrants and it was accidentally burned down in 2002. Before this destruction, there had been numerous reports of sightings of ghostly figures, sounds and happenings. People have reported hearing bloodcurdling screams came from the first floor, footfalls that suddenly broke into a run, loud clattering from the halls and disembodied singing voices have been heard. People who came to investigate the activities have been pushed from the third floor. Objects have been reported to move on their own and apparitions appeared before witnesses.  

4. Converse College, Spartanburg

The college commenced operations in the year 1890 founded by a group of Spartanburg citizens, including cotton mill industry leader Dexter Edgar Converse. Numerous ghost stories surround the institute. The ghost of Ms. Hazel B. Abbott makes it presence felt via cold spots and unexplained noises coming from the prop room. A young friendly boy haunts the William Dorm-the laundry room. People suggest he belongs to the era when the campus was a boarding school. A young girl jumped from her dorm in Pell Hall, only to be missed to be caught by her lover, is often sighted running down the hall. The Wilson Hall hold one hostile ghost. The legend says that once two men were arguing and one accidentally fell from the bell tower to his death. The victim haunts the hall and has demonic red eyes. 

5. The Gray Man-Pawley's Island, South Carolina

haunted places in south Carolina

A very famous fable of a man dressed in a rain slicker surround this place. He is known to walk to the beach prior to hurricanes, carrying a lantern. People say that those who are lucky see him are safe and so are their homes. This friendly ghost without fail, warns lonely beachcombers of the incoming storm, even prior to any TV broadcast. The man reportedly died after being thrown from his horse many years ago, and since then has supposedly walked the beach.

6. Hammock House

most spooky locations in South Carolina

The famous Blackbeard of the town of Beaufort, is the permanent inhabitant of the large mansion- Hammock House. This notorious captain with his other pirates has murdered villagers, lovers and crew mates of this quiet seaside village, and today their ghosts haunt the residence. The infamous pirate Blackbeardâ was known to have at least two dozen wives in ports all along the coast. One of his love interests wasn’t impressed and desperately fought back against his romantic advances. Agitated by her noise and struggle, he hung the girl from a large oak tree while on their romantic stay in the Hammock House. According to folklore, visitors can still hear her screams during the night. The witnesses have reported constant creepy noises, glowing orbs of light and irremovable blood marks, all owing to the violent history.

7. Thomas Rose House-Charleston, South Carolina

most haunted places in south Carolina

The house is known to be haunted by the ghost of Dr. Ladd- a previous inhabitant of the residence, who died of gangrene. The story is of a feud between Dr. Ladd and another man. The two got into an argument and decided to settle with a duel. Realising that a duel was not the solution, Dr. Ladd fired his gun into the air while the other man, who was still quite angry from the previous day, shot Dr. Ladd’s kneecaps out. After three weeks of agony, he died of gangrene. He is often reported to be seen in the house, especially in times of distress.

8. Frog Moor Light

The legend surrounding is place can send chills down the spine. Localores suggest that a man was once hanged under a tree, near the old church, and then decapitated. The ghost of the man is still seen during the night, searching for his head.

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9. The Inn at Merridun 

This little Inn is haunted by very friendly ghosts of former residents T.C. and Fannie Duncan. These ghosts can be detected by their rose-scented perfume and cigar smoke smell and are known to leave pennies as housewarming gifts. Mary Anne Wallace- the sister of a former owner is also a known non-human inhabitant of the residence. Many guests have reported seeing her . Guests have also felt a touch while sleeping or have been woken up to piano or harpsichord serenades, although there is none in the premises. A white ghost dog lives here too. 

10. Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston

haunted places in south Carolina

Cited as the most haunted house in Charleston, this inn was built in 1840 and the Inn owner Drayton Hastie keeps a record of the inn's ghostly residents, though neither he nor his wife have ever witnessed any of the phenomena their guests report. A couple staying in room number 3 was awakened by the man's cell phone making "noise and blinking" in the absence of signal, when the phone had been switched off. The same couple also saw a "giant firefly glow" emitting from the bathroom, which on the second night entered the sitting room. Guests who have stayed in Room Number 8, have sighted a headless torso standing over the bed. The ghost is reported to have a "raspy breathing" that escalated to a threatening sound. The most number of ghostly encounters have been reported by the guests of Room number 10. 

Guests have reported seeing an apparition float through a closed door. It moved over to the bedside of a woman and lay down beside her, drawing his arm around her shoulders. A guest once set up a video camera which continuously moved in and out of focus, as if someone had been moving between the camera and the bed where the woman and her daughter were sleeping.

This was the list of ten most haunted places in South Carolina. What did you feel about this article? Kindly speak your mind in comments down below and you can also add a place with its description, if you think that can add further to this list. Keep Haunting.