Tuesday, October 18, 2016

6 Halloween Ideas For 2016 To Make It More Exciting

“Halloween” - A bunch of letters that altogether project an emotion. A feeling that unites countries around the european continent. It is widely celebrated around the globe and one could easily sense the fragrance of excitement weeks before the Halloween. It is actually when you see people wandering in the streets sporting weird dresses, creepy makeup trying to scare his neighbour. Well, that kinda seems so routine work. So, What’s your halloween ideas this year?

If you are good at history and remembering facts, you’d probably know that the halloween is commemorated for more than 6000 years. An evening before All Hallows Day is known as the All Hallows eve. Halloween has its evident veggie connection and the so does it is known for the evil-holy encounter. Fret not, we are not going to dig up the history any long and thus, let me ask about your halloween idea for this year. What are you gonna do this  31 Oct, 2016? Well, here I have a couple of ideas that are  different  to your previous solemnisation and trust me, these will take your excitement to the next level.

1. Visiting Real Haunted Places

Imagine yourself alone standing at a graveyard in a dark night. A shiver that would flow down your spines would make the time more special. Haunted places are known to have evil ghouls that keep wandering around its premises. Thus, the advice is to take your allies along, find a real creepy location and peep inside with a camera. Here, selection of a real haunted spot is more important and thus, we have some suggestions for our US readers. After you pick the most notorious location, try going inside during midnight hours and trust me, you would never be able to forget that night full of excitement and frightening vibes.

Try to check out these places :

2. Dressing up in a new pattern

Enough of trying the old shitty pattern of dresses and makeup. One of the interesting halloween idea is to pick up a newly designed outfit for this halloween that would make you stand out of crowd. Customise everything from your outfit and makeup to your phone cover. Less of bucks? You need not to worry. Here I have shortlisted some of the amazon items that will keep you moving. For the makeup you can look after some newly launched scary sketches at the beauty parlours down your city.

3. Reading a scary Novel

A good bedtime scary story is a delightful experience in another manner. If you are an introvert, you might like to pick a good horror book from bookstore and give it a read. Dim your study lights, play some scary music in background and start reading the book. For the history diggers, any book on Halloween would do the needful. This idea works perfectly for people who do not like to explore a real haunted spot or, like to stay inside. I personally do this and guess what? It is so exciting that sometimes it feel somebody else is present in your room and staring at you. So cool.

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4. Neighbour’s Trouble

Moving on number four, I have an idea that sounds so interesting. Call few friends, dress up like a zombie/witch/ghoul and apply makeup. Divide all of you in a group. Ring your neighbour’s doorbell and don’t appear for the first time. What exactly would they feel when they open the door frustrated, for the third time and encounter a long haired witch as their halloween guest. Similarly you can hide at the street corners and scream loud when a trespasser comes near. Well, a search on Youtube for “scary pranks” would give you an idea to master your plan. Good Luck ! 

5. Decoration Shop

Artiste with innovative floor management ideas? If you have got the passion to design a place with an out of the box idea, you can set up a halloween decoration shop and add fancy spookiness to people’s house. Set your presence online or offline and kick off your interior designing career right here. If you are good at it, you might build some trustworthy clients that would recommend your name to their contacts. In this way, you would be able to build some wealth this halloween season.

6. Participate & Win

If you think you are the one in coolest getup this halloween, there is a big advantage waiting out there for you. In different states of America and England, the counties put on a competition for halloween getup. There is a minimum fee for participation and if you win, you will be provided a decent amount. Nevertheless, that’s no harm - you get awarded for your skill without any extra effort.

Websites that arrange online contests:

Well, that’s it from our side. If you have got some more ideas, feel free to comment down below and if you are lucky, you could get free pass to halloween festival this year.