Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Haunted Wolfe Manor- Ghastly Occurrences and Paranormal Encounters

Of the many historical buildings and ramshackle ways, one can easily encounter the paranormal. Among the numerous aged structures in California, today we have the most haunted building and also a construction with a quick altering history. If you have not still guessed it, let me clarify you it is none other than the Wolfe Manor. The haunted Wolfe Manor is situated near 2674 Clovis Avenue in California. It was constructed in 1922 for residential purpose. 13 years later, the home turned into a Sanitarium what we know as the Hazel wood Sanitarium. During its period, it did welcome the patients with terminal illness like TB. According to the reports, the condition of admitted patients was pathetic and more than 110 ill had deceased here due to unscrupulous administration.

Haunted Wolfe Manor In California- History and Otherworldly Happenings

Check out the haunted Wolfe manor, one of the most haunted buildings in California.

Later, in 1942 the Hazel wood closed down and there emerged a new sanitarium. In Clovis avenue sanitarium, people with mental illness were treated. However the sanitarium could not survive for long and was taken over to provide it the shape of a Halloween attraction. Sources articulate the haunted Wolfe manor was already taken over by the evil spirits of the patients who had died during their treatment.

A ray of formidable ghastly activities has been experienced here. Locals have reported the feelings of being watched, sudden pushing and appearance of apparitions down the structure. Tourists have complained to have heard the uncanny noises, footsteps and screams all over the haunted Wolfe Manor, a way less disturbing than this haunted ship in California.

Did You Know?- It was earlier open for tours but now authorities do not permit one to investigate this spooky mansion. Since November 2014, the haunted Wolfe Manor is closed down for further investigation.

Since the site was purchased, it was noted to witness paranormal activities. The haunted Wolfe Manor attracted paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. The notable paranormal group “Ghost Hunters” had come up with a show on the various disturbing phenomenon inside the creepy structure. There are many a visitors who had previously visited the haunted Wolfe manor and had many scary experiences to narrate.

The Haunted Wolfe Manor- Ghastly Occurrences and Visitors Experiences

The haunted Wolfe manor has many ghost sightings and scary incidents.

Sarah Says,
Few years ago at the haunted Wolfe Manor, me and some friends planned a visit there. As we peeped in, I went to the front door and looked in the window. As I started to turn away, I saw a tall man’s apparition moving quickly into the next room. After we checked that room, it was all empty. I was too terrified.
Carrie Describes,
We paid a visit to the haunted Wolfe Manor in 2012. We were standing behind the fence around the construction and this happened to my sister as I was standing next to her. She was clicking pictures and suddenly her hands were forcibly moved in the opposite direction. She was also scratched on his back by unseen entities.  This place indeed is a creepy zone.
Visiting girl got scratched on back in the haunted Wolfe Manor

Stephanie explains,
The demolishing of the haunted Wolfe manor is a sad one. My mother was an L.V.N. and had worked here till it was shut down. She told me a story about the ghost Mary and how she kept her room clean. After dark she would not go upstairs because she felt something was in there.
Irene articulates,
Just because of some fancy devices, one can’t truly experience the ghastly occurrence and the resulting adventure. There is something in this place and that is not friendly at all. I had cited the hazy apparitions inside the haunted Wolfe Manor and few days later, I was demonically possessed. Evil entities from hell are nothing but pure evil.