Monday, August 29, 2016

The Last Show- Real Horror Story From Indiana

I had told Wilson not to book ticket of last night show in the theatre but he did. I will never forget what happened with us that night. Who would go a theatre in middle of the week at 10 PM ? Well, we finished our dinner and reached the theatre at the show time. We entered the hall and grabbed our corner seats in the second row. People were sitting in a separate manner over the hall. Then I noticed there were hardly ten people in the hall and I was a lonely girl among all. Anyway, the movie started. I had taken Will’s hand tight in mine, maybe because I was frightened. The next moment, I consoled myself to think positive.

Suddenly my attention shifted towards a person who had sit two rows below. He was sitting facing us instead of the movie going on the front screen. I made Wilson aware of him and for a moment, I could see the wind of fright blowing on his face. The next moment he was alert but, I stopped him because I was afraid of his anger as he had lost his control on previous occasion too.

At that moment, the house boy entered the theatre with a torch and checked everyone’s tickets except us. Now, I was little upset and felt the movie boring. My feet started paining because of sitting in a constant manner and thus, I shifted my position. Suddenly I felt some mass beneath my legs. Will switched his flashlight on and we could see someone sleeping below our seat with his hand out. I felt something fishy in its environment and thus, I asked will to leave the cinema. We stood up and walked down the entrance door.

When that man knew that we were leaving, he stood up and started walking towards us. Wilson hid me behind him. We started moving quickly towards the door . Because of the last show, the main exit door was closed and thus, we had to to escape from the back entrance. That maniac was also coming after us. Me and Will were walking quickly in the long hall way. The next moment I saw the lift and smell an air of relief. We quickly entered in the lift while that person was running after us. When that lift reached the basement parking, we were scared as hell to see that man in front. Out of fright, I screamed loud.
Wilson quickly pressed 3 after he saw that man. The lift had started moving towards third floor. My hands were trembling and will was very scared too. We decided to take house boy along with us who was sitting on the third floor and was listening to loud Bollywood music. Suddenly, I don’t know what idea struck my mind that I stopped Willy and told her to take our car tomorrow. He agreed to almost everything I suggested. We rushed to the ground floor, took auto and reach main Indiana street. None of us two spoke until we reached our house. We took everything as a danger, were confused and held each other tightly.

Anyhow, we reached home. It felt really nice to get into a secure zone. I put my head on Will’s thigh and started thinking about the whole incident. Wilson switched on the TV and the whole silence was gone. Slowly slowly everything started getting normal. I went in the kitchen, took out the chilled water and started pouring it into two glasses. At the very next second, my eyes stuck on the newspaper spread on the dining table. The glasses fell down from my hands and the whole environment was boozed up from the breaking noise. Wilson ran to me and hold me tight. 

As I was weeping loud, my body was trembling badly. I pointed him towards the headline of the newspaper that said, “Due to technical issues in lift, houseboy of the INOX theatre beheaded to death” and next to it was the featured image of the same person wet in blood.