Sunday, August 21, 2016

Haunted Stanley Ranch Museum In California

Museums are considered a place where historical, artistic and cultural belongings are preserved. But this time, it has a spooky vibe; a haunted Museum in California State has got the elements to keep a sinister lover happy and has mettle to provide paranormal investigators a platform for ghost hunt. And Thus, we came up with the idea of unleashing the ghost happenings at the haunted Stanley Ranch Museum, a tourist place with a spoon of terror and ghouls. The Haunted Stanley Ranch museum is  established in Euclid Avenue, California and is eminent for the frequent abnormal disturbances. There are some untold stories, urban legends and local talks that show how fierce and ghostly this place is. In case if you doubt it, there is a ray of terrible experiences visitors have had at the haunted Stanley Ranch Museum during strange hours. So, keep your cool and visit this place, if you are deep into para-psychological stuffs.

Haunted Stanley Ranch Museum In California

Haunted Stanley Ranch Museum in California

Situated in Orange County, this Museum was reported to face supernatural happenings after 1891. It is the Stanley house section which is known to be possessed by numerous evil spirits. Among the resident ghosts of Stanley are the eminent Old man’s ghost, a baby’s phantom and a demonic lady in a red dress. Also, the apparition of a man’s ghoul is noticed in the lawn of the Museum during Halloween days.
Did You Know? – At the haunted Stanley Ranch Museum, if you carefully observe the paintings, you would find two deviant paintings. One portrayal changes its facial expression while the other bleeds from the throat.
We have a list of paranormal incidents that go in support with the haunted Stanley Ranch Museum. It was a former caretaker who had seen the old man’s ghost sleeping next to his bed and if you believe his words, the ghost advised him to mind his own business. A Gallery employee had also reported to see the oldie sitting at the Heritage Barn Theater; it seems if he is a fond of auditorium dramas. Many a trespassers complained to hear the baby crying in midnight hours while some who had seen his bloody apparition were too terrified to move.

Talking about the visitors experiences, many people have experienced the unusual phenomenon going in the Museum and have voted it for some real haunted places in California. Some tourists have spectated oaf women with a hard stare while the others encountered the other spirits roaming in the haunted Stanley ranch Museum, known as one of the most haunted Museums in California. You may experience the other signs of horror such as disembodied laughs, giggles and anklet sound that would give you a chilling sensation.

Visitors Experiences at the haunted Stanley Ranch Museum

Stuart experienced,
I had a tough time in this house. While I was with a class group, we recorded a baby crying in the next room. I went to check and in the downstairs living room, I found if someone was squeezing my hand very tightly. Probably that was the baby’s spirit because I had also heard the childish scream the very next moment.
Linda articulates,
I live a mile away and all I have to say is this is a perfect spot for the horror enthusiasts in California. I felt if someone followed me back home. After returning to this place, I got snuggled into bed and my door bell stopped ringing. Next afternoon we heard a loud scream and the following night I saw an apparition of an ugly woman. It freaked me so much that I went to the church and met the father.
Jennifer describes,
On the night before Halloween our group visited the Museum and I saw a woman in white standing in the yard just looking at us. We took off quickly. Do not know who she was but I will not go back there again.