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Dark Secrets Of The Haunted RMS Queen Mary Ship From California

When we talk about haunted places, we make a general perception regarding the creepiness of that particular place. For that time being, we do not know whether it is really the spooky thing or just our imagination but we get afraid. Well, there are number of such spots where one can find a colony of spirits full of evil, holy and reacting souls. For an example, people get scared to peep in a cemetery during night hours. That’s because it is their perception that cemeteries are always full of souls but, in actual, it has been found that there are more ghosts in a church comparable to a real scary cemetery.  Seems unbelievable? We will explain the paranormal connection behind it later. For a change now, today I am going to tell you about a giant ship that has been the center of ghastly activities since ages. People know it as the most haunted ship in California that has made a successful appearance in “top most haunted places in California”.

Facts from the History of RMS Queen Mary Ship

Dark secrets of the haunted RMS Queen Mary Ship from california
Placed one among the top 10 haunted places in America by the Time Magazine, this gigantic ocean liner sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean for more than 30 years. She lived her life in three partitions that finally ended up in 1967 when it became officially retired. Later, this huge spaced ship was converted into a hotel, restaurant along with a tourist spot to visit in California State. Now it stands permanently in Long beach and facilitates event organizing, a museum other than attracting thousands of city explorers. In a recent poll, we have calculated 30% of visitors love paying visit to RMS Queen Mary due to its spookiness and the ongoing otherworldly activities. You would be amazed to know that 21 murders have taken place on this ship and hundreds of workers had noticed paranormal whilst the ship was active.

Haunting at The RMS Queen Mary ship

It has been a matter of debate regarding the number of ghosts that seriously haunt this aged ship but, based on visitors’ experiences, that include experiences of paranormal societies, ghost hunters and us, we have analyzed nearly all the spirits responsible for capturing every inch of this vintage styled ship.
Did you know- 49 people lost their lives on the Grey Ghost, the synonym of Queen Mary for its painting color.
The old kitchen area houses the spirit of a cook that was cooked in the oven to death during the World War II. Next to it, the door no. 13 is haunted by John Peddler, a young fireman that was crushed by the door. The ghost of a girl Dana and her family reside in Room B-474 awaiting revenge of their brutal murder. Among the numerous ghosts on the ship, the boiler room area is occupied by the spirit of John Henry and few others. Jacqueline Turin, another ghost of 6 years old girl child that was drowned to death in the pool area haunts that particular section.
Did you know- David and Sarah, a couple ghost are looking for their lost child and converse with people that take up their name.

John Palmer’s ghost is said to wander the top way while the ghost of a murdered staff member is known to haunt the cabin number B340 of the haunted Queen Mary ship. Apparition of a young boy was also seen near the engine room of the ship. If you would be lucky enough, you can spot Maria’s spirit, whose ghost was seen floating into airs of dockyard section of Queen Mary. The lobby area is occupied by the ghost of a tall and creepy man with yellow teeth by the name of Fedora Dude. You can’t simply find a ghost enriched ship along with a haunted hotel and encountering something this formidable does give you a shivering sensation, would not it?

Ghostly Activities on the RMS Queen Mary Ship

Dark secrets of the haunted RMS Queen Mary Ship from california

When the sun goes down, the RMS queen Mary turns into a fierce spot. The spirits come in action and you can actually see ghosts wandering in the constructions of this renowned ship. The ghosts of children that were drowned in the ship’s pool to death are often seen in the interiors of the ship. Except this, ghost of the sailor that died in engine room of the ship frequents its appearance around his death place, scaring people those walk through that way.

Hauntings at RMS Queen Mary Ship, one of the most haunted places in California

This haunted ship is frequented by lots of otherworldly activities. Talking about visitors’ experiences, some of the travellers have reported to see a hazy figure near the engine room, probably the John Palmer’s ghost, while few of them noticed an apparition of a white lady that thinned into the air making those viewers paralyzed. Many unexplainable noises such as banging of the doors, formidable crying of children and giggles can be heard in the most haunted ship of California.

John Peddler’s ghost is popular for interacting with visitors that have reported to have found grease in hand print form from not so visible source. The ghost of Dana calling for her mother was seen by many trespassers near the second class pool. The room number 340 remains disturbed round the clock- where things fly all across the room and sheets get thrown by disembodied forces. Sarah’s spirit is most aggressive among all and is said to create trouble for people passing by the pool section. You can notice the childish giggles, laughing and speaking- oh, that’s the boy Jeremy whose ghost keeps wandering with the soul of Sarah and Jackie.
Did you know- An angry spirit keeps lurking in the lower deck area and reported to growl people. He is named “Grumpy” by the ghost hunters. He is an angry spirit by nature and of unknown identity.
Dark secrets of the haunted RMS Queen Mary Ship from california
Tourists have encountered the ghost of a woman in a bathing suit that roams the pool area on the upper and lower decks leaving footprints and phantom puddles on the pool deck. From the technical point of view, “Heat map” test at the RMS Queen Mary shows many cold spots especially in the haunted cabin and engine room section. After the first ghost hunt conducted, there is a throng of paranormal societies those have featured the haunted RMS Queen Mary Ship, one of the most haunted places in California.

Visitors’ experiences at haunted Queen Mary Ship

During my one week stay in the Mary, I always felt uneasy walking through the halls. One night I was awoken with the laughing sound of children. The next morning when I complained at the desk, the lady told us there were no kids on the ship. This gave me chills- Kevin
My first night at the queen Mary turned out to be frightening after I spectated a shadow running in the hallway. I clicked some pictures around the same section and was amazed to see an apparition of a man with a hat and few kids laughing. – Jovany
I and my fiancée did an investigation with Matthew Schulz that lasted until about 2 AM. We captured an EVP of a young girl and also saw apparition of a young man near the engine room. – Dean

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