Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Haunted Los Coches Adobe Building- Scary Facts and Ghost Sighting

The historical buildings and old worn forts are generally considered a great place for mysterious activities. The “spooky” element is their unfamiliar history and because these happen to be deserted, these might have turned out to be perfect crime sites. On an average, near about 70% of old historic construction, these so called tourist spots, are known as a hub of paranormal activities.In this post, I will be talking about Los Coaches Adobe, a haunted old building from Soledad, California that has been a great place for horror lovers to spend their late evening time. I have taken help of some great paranormal groups and ghost hunters who had investigated the Los Coaches Adobe earlier.

Haunted Los Coaches Adobe Building in California

Check out the haunted Los Coches Adobe building, one of the most haunted places in California.
Located in Monterrey County, Los Coches Adobe is primarily famous for the ghost sightings it offers. Earlier, this place was used to be a mine until a vindictive incident took place. One fine day, many mine workers got trapped after soil fragmentation. In this accident, more than 30 miners reported to have died. This incident brought a black day to the lives of both the living and the mortals.
  • Did You Know? – There are some extremely haunted buildings in this area. Like the Old mission school and the old Victorian place out at wrath winery. There are also some old labor camps where the spirits of dead women roam.
Since then, otherworldly happenings started to occur here. Locals had reported to hear the screams of trapped miners coming from the old well in the premises. It is also said that a female ghost along with a male phantom haunts the construction. Trespassers have also noticed a ghostly lady in black dress walking down the ground. 

Some people have also seen the ghost of a man hanging from the tree in the boundary of the Los Coches Adobe. Due to many daunting phenomenon, this location has become an interesting spot for spook aficionados and an preventable destination for the local residents.

Visitors Experiences at the haunted Los Coches Adobe

Ghost sighting at the haunted Los Coches Adobe Building, Check out the scary facts and ghost experiences at this haunted building in California.
Alma Says,
I went for a visit to the Los Coches Adobe when I was 15 years ago. I was with my cousin brothers and some other family members. I saw a person dressed in black had climbed one of the trees by the house. When I called our family members, he was not there. Later, my brothers said that they had also cited the phantom.
Jack Articulates,
In 2005, I took some people there very late at night. At night hour, we caught some really creepy pictures that showed a woman in black dress. However the apparition was hazy but, we caught her. It made us feel uneasy because we could not see her with nude eyes.
Ricky Utters,
That burned down old mission school has many ghost sightings especially in night hours. We have heard screams and seen a mysterious figure present on the tree near the boundary.
Liza States,
It is rumored that if you fall asleep inside the house, you will wake up outside in the morning. However, I have not tried it yet but, my uncle has many experiences to prove this place is haunted. Screams, apparitions and demonic possessions, what else it takes a place to be haunted? 
Los Coches Adobe is part of the list of Top 10 haunted places in California to visit. Have you been to this place or, have felt anything paranormal? Write your ghost experiences below: