Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dreadfully Haunted Lake Elsinore Country Club- Ghosts and Haunting

Situated in Riverside county of Southern California, Lake Elsinore has a population of 60,000 residents. This part of California has been a leading news part for all the spook lovers that are searching for new scary spots to experience something horrible and adventurous. In this post I will talk about real facts and incidents that go in support with the club being a haunted place in California.
Did You Know? : Lake Elsinore was named after Elsinore, a Danish city in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Haunted Lake Elsinore Country Club

Check out Lake Elsinore Country club that is known as one of the most haunted places in California. Discover the ghost haunting going on here.
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Lake Elsinore Country Club was earlier a hang-out spot for local youth and a shelter to the homeless wanderers. It was a jovial spot before a pyromaniac set this club to fire in 2001. Later, this place burnt to an end and was left abandoned for years. After years of desertion, the jolly country club turned in a hub of grisly activities. Earlier a jovial place, Lake Elsinore country club is now considered way ahead the real haunted Wolfe Manor due to the presence of numerous spirits. Today this area is heavily patrolled by police and one needs to attain special permission before investigating of even stepping in Lake Elsinore Country Club.

This club is crowded by three spirits that include an atrocious spirit of a woman that died in her 20’s. Two other phantoms, one of a middle aged man and another an old aged lady give company to the evil soul of the young woman that is said to haunt the earlier magnificent place. The other two ghosts are rarely visible and less harmful comparable to the evil soul that has led few visitors to a demonic possession.
Did you know? -  Lake Elsinore club was derelict before it was set to fire. If it were filled by locals as it used to be, more than 50 people could had lost their lives.

Visitors' Experiences at the haunted Lake Elsinore Club

Haunted Lake Elsinore country club ghosts and haunting
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Talking about the sightseers experiences, many a horror enthusiasts have complained of restlessness after stepping in to the haunted site. Locals had sensed some strange figures following them around. Disembodied manly voices were heard in the interior section and on moving further you can hear the grumbling high pitched sound occurring from no evident source. In the dark hours, many a trespassers have reported to hear loud outcry emerging from the country club. According to Hauntedia, a ghost hunter team there has been found some cold spots in the first left corner.

Few people had seen the evil spirit of women in white dress and said to have fainted few hours later. The ideal time to peep in the haunted lake Elsinore country club is after 1 AM when there is a high possibility to encounter spirits and if you would be lucky enough, you might also see the apparitions of all ghosts along with different other phenomenon that make this club one of the most haunted places in California.
Did You Know: The Lake Elsinore Country club is rated Y in the haunted places index, where Z means the most haunted. There are several reports, listings and investigations that go in favor of the Country club being one of some gruesome spots in California. In the poll results organized on various levels, more than 94% residents accepted its realism.