Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Haunted Glen Tavern Inn Hotel- Spirits And Otherworldly Phenomenon

Generally, deserted structures are blamed to sport ghosts. If you ask a ghost hunter or member from a paranormal group, he would suggest you an aged cemetery or ramshackle mansion for a ghost escapade. But, in actual, there are some crowded places, full of living and that are haunted as well. For newbies who want to open up their ghost investigation, here I am going to tell you about the haunted Glen Tavern Inn, one of the most haunted hotels that would offer you ghost sightings at minimum risk. Ghosts those live at deserted places, say cemeteries, are said to cause serious trouble for people who do not know how spirits react. Taking a look at old investigations, you would find that many newbies were demonically possessed during their hunt at some of the real formidable locations.

Haunted Glen Tavern Inn Hotel in Santa Paula, California

The haunted Glen Tavern Inn is known as one of the most haunted places in California.
Credits- Haunted rooms
Located on Mill Street in Santa Paula, The haunted Glen Tavern Inn offers a variety of grisly activity. Visitors have reported to witness full sized apparitions, dusky figures that move around the corridor along with the mysterious phantom of a girl. People have also heard the piano music during silent night hours. These evil spirits have knocked off the dresses of some guests that lodged a room at the haunted Glen Tavern Inn.
Did You Know? – Room number 218, 306, 307 and 308 are the most possessed parts of the haunted Glen Tavern Inn. People who stay in these sections are more likely to encounter eerie happenings than who does not.
Once the Inn came in limelight, it became a hot spot for the paranormal investigators around California. During their ghost hunting programs, societies recorded mysterious voices, shadows and other poltergeist phenomenon. Many cold spots have been found in the haunted Glen Tavern Inn, making it one of the real haunted locations in California. Generally the whole construction is haunted but, it is the Room Number 307 that continuously sees the ghosts. Kindly take proper precaution, take proper devices to record the abnormal and acting in groups has always been a better option.

Visitors’ Experiences in the Haunted Glen Tavern Inn

Glen Tavern Inn- one of the most haunted places in California.

Jenny Says,
This place is indeed haunted. 4 years ago we had taken a tour to California and also the haunted Glen Tavern Inn. Meanwhile, one of the tourists decided to take a picture of the beautiful Chandler and a white apparition appeared on camera.
Adam describes,
During my stay in room 307, I encountered an evil male spirit. I was kicked hard and when I got up, I saw an apparition staring hard. I was very terrified and quickly made a move to transfer my room.
Miguel articulates,
The Glen tavern inn is a hub of supernatural occurrences. Firstly I saw the piano music coming from my neighborhood at 1 AM. When I got up, I saw a female ghost near my bed. I was too frightened to move. I got my husband up and suddenly it disappeared. We both could not sleep the whole night.
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