Monday, August 1, 2016

Haunted Fallon Hotel in California That Would Make You Feel Atrocious

There are many places in this world that are embedded with a paranormal factor. Now when we talk about the paranormal, it simply does not mean the existence of ghouls or similar characters but, it also means the weird phenomenon that one simply can’t understand.

It is similar to a magic show where the magician does a trick with pretty clean hands and leaves you awestruck. From the historic tales, the belief on supernatural occurrences is being conveyed to the future generation. Now when I talk about some eerie happenings, I just mean the truth about their existence. And here, I am going to articulate about the scary Fallon Hotel, one of few most haunted hotels in California that would make you Feel atrocious. Situated at 11175 Washington Street in Columbia, the Fallon hotel is said to be haunted by numerous mischievous spirits. After we got mails of people who had visited the guesthouse earlier, we planned an investigation of this spooky edifice. In this section you will unearth the collective experiences ghost stalkers including my group of paranormal canvassers had confronted here.

haunted Fallon hotel in California

The theme to captivate this article is to simply take an evocative read. This artifact is a mix of some research, personal investigation and natives’ experiences to provide you an informative read. The research part was necessary to mine out the changing history of the haunted Fallon hotel while gossip with inhabitants was necessary in order to recalculate the scary index of this very place. The last but the most important part was the paranormal investigation conducted at the Fallon hotel, that confirmed us about the presence of spirits at this construction and hence, I felt a need to write an article to articulate the true happenings at the haunted Fallon hotel in California.

Excavating the history of the Fallon Hotel

haunted Fallon hotel in California
The Fallon hotel was constructed by Owen Fallon in 1859. Located in Tuolumne County, It was a timeworn construction featuring a brick boarding house and a total of some wooden buildings. It was owned by different people in a period of time and thus, it underwent many renovations. During the period of 1890-1945, it was known by many names like “Kress hotel”, “Smith hotel”, “Columbia hotel and opera house” and “Columbia inn.” The series of changes were put on hold when the state parks bought this property in 1947 and restored the entire building as the Fallon Hotel in 1986. Today this hotel is being run by the Columbia city hotel cooperation and one can easily book a stay in here.

Paranormal Investigation report of the haunted Fallon Hotel

When you visit the inn, you find some weird signs of the presence of unnatural entities here. Feeling uneasy on entering the room is a sign that can be tracked through our senses. Similar to this, we had a feeling of being watched, almost all the time since we entered the room. In night, we had heard the cruel high pitched screams coming from the hallway. But when we went to take a look, the hallway was all empty. There were many other signs such as the apparition of a lady in blue dress was seen in the room. Also, the ghostly noise of a man was recorded during strange night hours. There were definitely impenetrable cold spots throughout the hotel. We had also heard the high pitched crying on the balcony of the hotel in strange night hours.

Many visitors have reported to hear unpleasant noises during night hours. Many folks have seen the ghost of a young woman that keeps wandering all around the construction. Also, the phantom of a boy was seen in the room and is blamed to pull pranks with guests in the Fallon hotel. However, the boy’s ghoul is said to be friendly with kids and their accessories. Some lodgers say that if you bring toys, they would move on their own (because the ghostly child plays with it). The automatic locking of the room door if someone was holding it from inside and smokes in the hallway are some other signs of the presence of notorious souls at the hotel. Well, except ghosts of the duo, there exists the awful soul of a man that rarely shows its presence.

Visitors’ Experiences at the haunted Fallon Hotel

haunted Fallon hotel in California

This section crafts some real scary experiences individuals had at the haunted Fallon hotel. If you also had a visit to this place and have got some words to utter, feel free to leave your views in comments.
“We rented room number 2 in the haunted Fallon hotel on July 19th and as everyone was sleeping, I heard a distinct women’s voice- kind of chattering in the distance” – Maria
“I grew up in Columbia and my parents, being music teachers, held classes in the Fallon House Theater. At that time, the building was uninhabited and entry to the theater was through the hotel lobby. One night I went down to the Fallon house with my parents and was sitting in the lobby reading an old book. While my parents were away there was rattling and banging on the door. The door was locked from inside given the fact that I had not been out of my seat. It was completely unexplainable. There had never been any noise of its closing.” – Ed Swanzey
“I and my boyfriend wanted to stay here so we walked in and were greeted by a nice gentleman. He told us to go upstairs and check things out. We did and as I looked around, I heard a giggle of a little boy. The whole activity seemed too eerie to me as there was no one present in the lobby.” – Jen
“My family decided to take a trip to historic Columbia and stay the night at the haunted Fallon hotel in California. We were the only five people that stayed the night in the entire hotel. It was pretty eerie and the hair stood up on the back of my neck when entering the parlor area upstairs.  My dad and step mom smelled smoke in the hallway and room while no one was smoking. My hotel room door could not be opened the whole day. We experienced several other things in that night that can’t be explained. Our cell phones would switch off and past a minute I felt like a child grabbed my feet three times. Shortly I saw a woman’s apparition sitting next to me. My covers pulled down my back as someone was sitting on them. Neither of us could sleep and had trouble breathing at times. We had heard mysterious noises in the hall as well.” - Kim
“A friend and I worked at the Fallon house hotel and Theater. One fine night, we could hear spirits rolling things around, talking and as if they were preparing a set for a play. We also distinctly heard spirits walking up and down the stairs to the green room. The ghost of the child often locks people inside. I have heard crying on the balcony of the hotel at late night hours.” – Jessica