Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ghost Encounters At The Haunted East 8 Mile Road

 Ask me an auspicious location that promises a shivering ghost sight and I would name you East 8 Mile road. It has been a bed time gossip among newbie ghost hunters and horror aficionados that are planning to actually feel paranormal. Taking a look down various haunted places, you find so many haunted roads and possessed tunnels. Did you ever try to unbridle the unrevealed mystery?

Ever since the beginning, people are divided on the basis of their belief. Be you are a theist or an atheist, the major difference occurs when you start believing on the good and evil while the latter has a firm belief upon the nonexistence of the both.
The East 8 Mile road, one of the most haunted places in California is said to be haunted by the malevolent ghost during night hours.
East 8 Mile road is said to be haunted by numerous evil spirits.In para psychological studies, it is concluded that there is a virtual world where souls live. Majority of them do live in a passive milieu and do not want to be appeared in front of us living bodies. But the sectional evil souls are passionate about disturbing human elements particularly people that are lonely and weak.

I have got lot of words to say on this particular niche but yeah, I guess it is unworthy to elaborate a topic you are not here for. All in all, what I meant was, bad spirits always haunt a cemetery, a road or a dark tunnel for a reason because it is supposed that these places conduct such an environment where ghosts can easily opt in alone trespassing bodies to target.

Haunted East 8 Mile Road Haunting- History and Facts

Know about the East 8 Mile road that is one of the most haunted places in California.

Located in Stockton, San Joaquin County in California, we have a record of ongoing ghost sighting in this particular area. The pathway is said to be haunted by a woman ghost who is said to be dressed in white clothes. Many a trespassers including truck drivers and night workers have seen the formidable soul wandering on the East 8 Mile road. 

According to reports, vehicle drivers noticed a white dressed lady in the middle of the road and when they passed her apparition, in the rear view mirror they saw her phantom sitting on car’s back seat. The whole scenario has troubled many chauffeurs for long.

Not only the evil woman’s spirit but the ghost of a Native American girl has also been seen on the same road. Ghost hunters have claimed to see the young’s apparition during full moon light nights and is said to have troubled none. 

Another ghost of a native Indian girl that died in an accident here is said to haunt the way. Neighbors have reported to hear her screams during dark silent hours. Well, it is up to you to calculate her level of generosity but to do that, you would have to fill up your tank and get on a long drive across the stretch. If you have some more time to investigate, you can take a tour to the extremely grisly Los Coaches Adobe building in California.

 Visitors’ Experiences at the haunted East 8 Mile Road

On North highway 99 close to the haunted eight mile road, my mom was on her way to work in the early morning hours when she saw a man running across the highway. She slammed on her breaks but suddenly the figure started to disappear. - Lupe
Many of the neighborhoods along spooky 8 mile road were built on Native American Camps and Burial Grounds by an unsavory and ruthless real estate developer named Alex. I believe this could be a reason behind the presence of two ghosts haunting the path. – Robert Jefferson
I drove down East 8 mile road about 7 years ago, this was around 6 am and I was badly lost. I thought I saw a woman walking along the side of the road. So, I decided to stop and ask her for directions. She seemed to literally disappear, I couldn’t find a trace of her anywhere after I went back to reinvent her. - George