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The Haunted Del Monte Hotel in California Where reside an evil Male Ghost

Hello creep lovers out here. Howdy? Hope you all are fine and enthusiastic about unsolved mysteries and supernatural phenomenon. Today, before I proceed to the actual post on a haunted place in California, I would tell you a short story. It belongs to 1998, long back when our group had just stepped in the field of paranormal investigations. We were scared and emotionally petrified before our first task.

At that time, we were focused on searching abnormal happenings outside California. George remembers how badly he was scratched at the Whispers Estate, Indiana. It took us 16 years to move to California and this is exactly when we had started reconnoitring some awful spots that were absolute sinister. We came across many haunted locations in California and almost all of those showed us its real dark side. We came across some real ghost experiences that the locals had and collected real proofs. Believe me; we have given you a platform to get on an adventurous tour to the particular haunted construction you want to peep in.

Haunted Del Monte Hotel in CaliforniaHaunted Del Monte Hotel in California- History

As we had promised, we are right here, with a post that includes the complete inspection, scary incidents and all the major spooky sightseeing the visitors had at the haunted Del Monte Hotel, a hotel where the paranormal can be observed and explored. Before you start reading the detail analysis of the spooky Del Monte Hotel, I would suggest you some relevant places in California that evoked more terror in our spines and would do the same to you:

Haunted Del Monte Hotel in California
When you drive on the Cunningham road in Monterrey, you would find the eminent hotel Del Monte. It was known for holding a luxurious resort stay facility and the staffs who are very gracious in handling the customers. But, as per the ancient Greek saying, “Bad mad is famous than good dad”, the haunted Del Monte hotel is popular for the creepy phenomenon and a series of otherworldly occurrences round the clock here. Now I will talk about various ghost experiences, past sin and the people’s experiences at this haunted resort in California.

The Hotel Del Monte was built in 1880 to provide people accommodation facility in a natural environment. During the Second World War, the hotel was rented to the US navy and was converted in a place where electronic technicians were given various training. After the World War, a naval postgraduate school was set down here. Well, if you take a wide look at the building, you would find three sections here.

The Main part is the prime building that is known as Herrmann hall. The second and third sections consists administrative offices and a hotel respectively. Let me tell you, the weirdest segment of the haunted Del Monte hotel is the Herrmann hall where the ghoul of a middle aged man resides.

The Investigation

Haunted Del Monte Hotel in California
According to locals’ assumption, the Herrmann hall is said to be crowded by three spirits. Among the three, the most notorious soul is of a gray-bearded middle aged man that is said to wander through out the hall. The ghost of Charles Crocker, the middle aged man, was seen at different times in the haunted hotel. Local legends blame the untimely death of this person who was murdered in 1880 here, enforced his soul to stick to his favorite spot. 

Except this, soul of a young kid and an old woman has been seen throughout the haunted Herrmann hotel. Except this, we have caught some other signs that go in support with the Del Monte being one of the most haunted hotels in California.

We took proper permission before stepping in this worn but classic building. I could not believe the creepiness of this place but, we were there to dig out the truth and gather facts. Everything was calm and sound.

Real Literature to take you one step closer to what we call the absolute thriller
The structure faced a pin drop silence that was broken by horn of vehicles sometimes. In the strange dark hours, we moved ourselves to the Herrmann hall in the haunted Del Monte Hotel. What we faced during night was absolutely against my supposition. When I saw a gray apparition moving towards the west gate, I realized the spookiness of this place. We started clicking out pictures but none of our cameras could capture that entity. 

In the mid night hours, we heard noises of crushing glasses, loud footsteps and bangs on the door. Few hours later, we saw the hazy shadow of a woman that passed through the locked gate. We recorded the banging noises and creepy screams. Next morning, we were too sure to write about the paranormal connection of the haunted Del Monte Hotel in California.

Visitors' Experiences at the Haunted Del Monte Hotel

Later, we raised a poll and asked people about their experiences at the hotel and came up with some more revealing and horrifying experiences. People have complained of moving of objects, striking of trays and cracking of window glasses on their own. Also, we have reports of moving of the disconnected antique elevator.

Except these, Mr. Crocker is also blamed for tapping employees’ shoulder and making disembodied giggles during silent afternoon hours. Residents have seen the apparition of the gray ghost throughout the building and it seems ghost sighting has become a part of the workers’ office life out here.

Well, in this part, I have narrowed down some exclusive experiences. These comments belong to people who had earlier visited the haunted Del Monte Hotel and caught some or more part of the paranormal happenings out there. If you have such an experience, you can write us in comments.

Luna articulates,
When I was 18, I was stationed in the navy at this grand hotel. At midnight exactly the elevator would run and the ball room on the second floor would have heavy and large furniture arrangements noises while nobody was there. I always had a feeling of being watched in the long hallways. Indeed this is a haunted place.

Delilah describes,
I had three paranormal experiences in the haunted Hermann hall. In 1990, during my weekend stay, I saw a gray orb come out of the swinging doors to the kitchen, glide across the ballroom and disappear into the ceiling. The second incident was an accident when something invisible hit me hard in the stomach. This sensation was very strong. 

The third experience had taken place when we boarded a room on the top floor of the haunted Del Monte Hotel. I felt uneasy in that room for no obvious reason. That night I was awakened by something shaking the foot of our mattress, lifting up and down violently. I tried to wake my husband but he would not wake up. In the morning, I saw the pictures were crooked on the wall. To this day, I can’t find an explanation for the experiences I had there.


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My husband and I were there this June 2018. We were there during the Graduation, but we were just visiting our son and his wife. We had gone down to the lobby to wait for our son to call. My Husband sat in one of the Throne Chairs close to the front desk, I went to sit by the fire, as I was cold. As I went to sit on the couch, I noticed an elderly woman sitting in one of the wing back chairs close to the fire opposite of me. I said good morning , then sat down. She said, " I was just sitting here so that I wouldn't frighten anyone" So I take a closer look to see if maybe she is disfigured, but just noticed that she was quite elderly, 90's or close. So I said, "I am just sitting here to get warm, as I am freezing." Then she says" but we have had some beautiful days" and I say "yes we have. Then I take my phone from my pocket and check for messages. I hear her talking to someone, I glance over and she has her head turned as if talking to someone beside her. I think at this time that maybe she is a little senile, and look back to my phone. Then I hear her talking again to someone, again no one there. At this time she gets up and walks toward the front of the room to leave. My husband comes over to me at this point and asks me "who were you talking to?" I tell him that there was a little old lady sitting in the chair, and that she just walked out. " I tell him, you should of seen her she walked right in front of you" He says that he didn't see anyone. So Later having lunch with our son, I relay the story to him. He then tells me that the Hotel is supposed to be haunted. So I guess I am unsure if I saw a lady or a ghost. The only reason I think it might of been a ghost is because she said that she was sitting here as not to frighten anyone. The chair that she was in was quite obscure from the room. You would of had to be close to the fireplace to see her.