Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Haunted Claremont Hotel Club and Spa where the spirit of a girl resides

Being a lover of ghost adventure, I have visited many spooky sites, worked with many people in the field and shared experiences with ghost hunters over the world. This story is totally based on ghost experiences of Mark Jet, my friend and a member of Hauntedia, a website that investigates the haunted places in California and all other states in America. Mark shared his experience of investigating Claremont and I believe it would horrify you as much as it did to me. Located on 41, Tunnel road, Berkeley in California, the Claremont is built on the ashes of a castle. A castle styled home was used to exist here during late 18thcentury. Under certain circumstances, the home was put on fire in 1901. Later in 1915, Claremont group constructed a hotel with a joint Club and Spa.

Haunted Claremont Hotel Club and Spa

Haunted Claremont hotel club and spa where the spirit of a girl resides
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The haunted hotel houses many spirits among which three mysterious spirits of an old couple with their son has been seen in various portion of the creepy construction. The other popular phantom is of a girl that we are talking about. The girl’s death is controversial. While some locals believe her to be burnt in fire, the others do not agree and blame the hotel a place she counted her last breath. It is the 6 years old child’s ghost that is seen to wander frequently around the construction, mostly haunting the 4th floor of Claremont.

Paranormal Happenings at Claremont Hotel Club and Spa

The Claremont hotel club and spa is listed in top haunted places in California

Many a ghastly incidents were caught by paranormal investigators and visitors. People have reported to smell smoke in the No smoking zone. In dark hours visitors have sensed hearing footsteps and the feeling of being watched by unknown entities. The shadowy images of a middle aged man are caught on the first floor of the hotel.

The most haunted portion of the Claremont is on the fourth floor. The whole area is said to be possessed by the girl ghost that reside in Room number 422 of Claremont. People have noticed the sudden flickering of lights, the TV gets switched on and off automatically without any issue. 
Doors of the creepy room gets slammed on its own gets followed by a creepy laugh from no evident source. On investigation, ghost hunters have caught two cold spots that continued to roam on 4th floor.The girl’s phantom has already been seen several times in the spooky room.
Due to extreme terror, the staffs of the Claremont hotel avoid entering in Room number 422 in late night hours. Who would do so after being habitual to creepy giggles, loud outcry and ghost sights? Well, if you are a horror lover, pack your bags and visit the Claremont hotel club and spa.
Already had a visit here? Kindly share your otherworldly experiences at the haunted Claremont hotel and help the newbies in deciding their first paranormal visit in California.

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Yes I used to work at the Claremont hotel for 6 years and I remember there being a folder kept at the front check in desk,this folder held only complaints about room 422. I never got to read them myself tho...they were ghostly complaints.