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The Mysteriously Haunted Cherokee Cemetery- Ghosts And Haunting

A cemetery signifies a place where life honors death. In true means, graveyards have always been a place where ascetics know the reality of their lives. In this post, we will be talking about such a burial ground that is haunted by spirit of two male ghosts for so many years. Situated beside off Cherokee and crystal pines road, the Cherokee cemetery is known among the real haunted places in California. The graveyard is known for a variety of abnormal happenings that has filled locals’ heart with fear. Like other graveyards, Cherokee cemetery has many graves but it is one evil spirit to be blamed for haunting at the Cherokee Cemetery.

Haunted Cherokee Cemetery In California- Ghosts and Haunting

Check out the ghost sighting at haunted Cherokee cemetery, reported one of the most haunted places in California.
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The whole drama started in 1843 when a girl was brutally murdered by a man and in returned the anguish crowd burned him to death. The accused was pushed in his house and people put him on fire. He was left alone in his house and given a ruthless death. For dying in such a painful condition, his soul did not attain eternity and is said to roam in the locality for revenge.

Since his murder, people witnessed to have seen a dusky apparition wandering in the cemetery. Trespassers have complained to hear loud heavy footsteps inside the cemetery during late night hours. Few visitors have reported of getting slapped and the feeling of being watched by anonymous entity. In night hours you can hear loud screams and giggles that are rumored to be of the burnt phantom who keeps wandering in the cemetery.

The other ghost belongs to a child that had died on the very same day of his father’s death. Rumors say, if you place flowers at that child’s grave, the spirit of the particular child would visit you the next evening to express gratitude. Whatever be the reality, the majority of residents believe the Cherokee cemetery one of Most haunted places in California. If you want to conduct a ghost hunt at the graveyard, the preferred time is after 1 AM when the location goes through maximum disturbances.

Visitors' Experiences at the Haunted Cherokee Cemetery

My husband’s family has lived in Cherokee for the past 20 years. We live there now. 4 years ago my father-in-law was outside one night, gathering wood. Suddenly he heard something moving in the bushes right behind him, then a horrible noise. We know it was not an animal because it did not move or sound likes one. There have been a ton of ghost sightings here. - Christina
I and a friend went up there a few months ago at night and we heard the loudest scream ever. Each scream happened three times and were followed immediately by a very loud roar. The screams were heart cleaver and ear piercing. – Neil
I lived near the Cherokee cemetery for years behind the murderer’s house. Many unusual things would happen at the cemetery and surrounding homes. Lights turning on and off and eerie silence made us skip a heartbeat. – Doc Smith
  • Did You Know? – To face the anonymous child’s ghost, you will have to keep flowers at graves of every child that is cremated in Cherokee cemetery. This child is said to of the woman whose phantom keeps wandering at the terrific East 8 Mile road.

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Stories of ghost and things that go bump in the night are great fun. But, purely a figment of the individuals imagination. Cherokee cemetery is my families burial site. The Granite Pillars and Front Gates were installed by my family. I have spent many hours at this cemetery over the years and, even spent an unplanned night at the cemetery being locked in for the entire night. I was attending the burial of a family member . The year was 1988. The seen was gloomy and right out of a 1950's Horror movie. The sky was black with clouds and heavy rain poured down, thunder echoed throughout the grave yard and lighting flashed, lighting up the open grave and casket.
As we stood around the grave site. All were dressed in black, many held black umbrella's. When the service ended everyone headed to their cars to make the long winding drive from Table mountain back to the valley below.
However, one of us always remain until.. The grave is back filled. It was my turn. The rain continued relentlessly. As the workers back filled the grave, The rain was building up on the decomposed granite dirt roads of the cemetery, turning some areas to slush. The workers completed back filling the grave just before sunset. I walked to my car. Which was parked at the end of the road, at the opposite end of the cemetery from the main gate. Which was the only way in or out. I started my engine. and put it in gear, only to find my car had sunk in to the soft decomposed granite and mud. I was stuck. I got out of my car and ran through the grave yard to catch the workers as they left, in hopes of getting them to help me pull my car out of the mud. Only to find. they had left the Cemetery, locking the gate behind them. Needless to say. I spent the night from 5:46 pm to after 9:00 AM There were no disturbances, no ghost, spooks or things that goes bump in the night. Other than sounds of thunder clashes from the storm and the wind blowing through the few trees.