Tuesday, August 30, 2016

True Scary Facts About Haunted AMDS Building in California

Spirits have a tendency to pick in the dull corners of a creepy location. Parapsychology believes the existence of evil souls depends upon how aged and worn a place is. In this post, we are talking about one of some really haunted buildings in California where the presence of ghosts is evident. This article is based on the real ghost experience of Hauntedia, a paranormal society and some locals living in the particular area.

Located on Graeber Street, the haunted AMDS building is intensely scary. Earlier, this place was used to be a TB ward for children. In odd circumstances some children died at the building and those souls are believed to haunt the whole building. Since then, many furtive activities have taken place here. The residents and the regular trespassers have noticed the presence of sinful poltergeists at the haunted AMDS Building in California.

Haunted AMDS Building in California

haunted AMDS building in California
In addition to the children’s specters, there are few other malicious phantoms that haunt this structure. Locals have listened to ghastly female voices that call them by their names. The giggles of children and their outcries at strange night hours can easily be heard in the haunted building. The sudden opening and closing of doors, murmuring of adults and mysterious disembodied noises are some unusual activities that anyone can notice during their visit to AMDS building, one of the most haunted buildings in California.

When the paranormal investigators paid a visit to this spooky military building, they had captured pictures of orbs and EVP’s of children singing and responding to direct questions. Ouija board investigation resulted in their answer back and made us even sure about the presence of spirits in the haunted AMDS building.  The basement area was once the morgue and also the other haunted section where distorted laugh and loud screams are continuously being heard. Many images have been clicked which clearly shows the phantom of children and females wandering in the haunted AMDS building. Except this, there were many cold spots, taps on shoulder and visitors back were cited here.

Visitors’ Experiences at the haunted AMDS building, California

haunted AMDS building in California

Mike Says,
During the Ouija board investigation, the little boy “Gus” told us his name, said he missed his family and told my friend Joe happy birthday. It was during daytime and we heard some disturbing noises, captured some images and saw some spooky apparitions similar to that haunted cherokee cemetery in California.
Era articulates,
I have explored the haunted AMDS building to find that this was once a hospital. The elevator runs on its own. Cold spots, faint taps on the shoulder or arm are some stuff that occurred when I was around. This place is definitely a hub of paranormal activities. Just be careful when you visit this building.
Liza uttered,
There have been many other stories from several other locations on the base. It is interesting to do the interviews and investigations. We have experienced many otherworldly activities and also captured many images with our infrared cameras. There were many evil spirits of woman and children were seen on the camera but that could not be seen with open eyes. The haunted AMDS building is a spot, I would personally suggest to all the horror lovers in California.