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Haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery In California- Creepy Facts

Once the largest settlement in San Bernardino County, the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery is located in Agua Mansa, California. Now a ghost town, there exist a spooky graveyard in which the very scary ghost of an evil woman lives and haunts the whole cemetery and the including area. Locals believe this graveyard to be the most sinister location in Cemetery due to the fierce nature of the evil female ghost that was equally brutal when she was alive.

In the 7 years paranormal investigation history of the “Hauntedia” Team, They had not found any place that is possessed by such an anguish ghost. Normally haunted cemeteries do have a spooky history. Of the numerous graves, there are high chances of some engraved people who died in some dire circumstances including the natural deaths. People who die a natural death are likely to attain soul satisfaction while the one who lose their lives in accidental deaths are said to not achieve eternity and their soul keeps wandering at one of the places where they were engraved or, a place which they love the most.

haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery in California

Haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery in California

haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery in California

Among those unlucky spirits is the woman’s ghoul of the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery.  Legends have it the woman lived a happy life with her six children until a tragedy happened with them. The beautiful woman lost her calm and she drowned along with her six children to death. Since then, her soul is said to haunt the stretch of the AM road around the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery. Her ghost is famous by the name of “Crying Pan” that would mean the Weeping woman. There are a lot of ghastly occurrences that take place in and around the cemetery, making it one of some most haunted cemeteries in California.

According to a factual chilling local tale, the lady’s phantom roams in search of her children she had murdered. It shows her grief for the wrong decision she made during her lifetime. There are two other ghosts of people who died in a fatal car accident earlier. Many a spooky apparitions were seen near the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery. Also, the stinking smell of a corpse can be felt during the night hours.

Visitors have reported of ghosts following back, scary screams of a lady and many other mysterious noises coming out from this area. In the few ghost hunts conducted here, researchers have always caught disembodied recordings, hazy pictures and smoky air at this so called most haunted cemetery in California.

Visitors’ Experiences at the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery, California

haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery in California

Jennifer describes,
In 2005, I had a visit to the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer cemetery. We had pre-planned a trip to every haunted place in California. It was eerie and we caught some spooky apparitions behind a grave. While I was turning back, I heard a spooky scream. If you are not careful, evil souls will follow you home.
Christ articulates,
We had chosen a car journey to the haunted Cemetery. It was 2 AM when we entered in the graveyard. It was all peace there until we saw a disturbing apparition of a woman. She was all white and was moving toward us. I got so frightened that I ran back in my car and drove off. On the way back my home, I had this feeling of being watched from behind all the time.
Angelina utters,
I had heard of a boy “Tom” that had committed suicide at the cemetery. For the people who would like to pay a visit to the haunted Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery, they should be careful not to mock him, as that could be a big mistake. Except this, playing harsh with any children’s ghost here may awake the evil woman’s ghost (who is affectionate for children) and you will have a really bad time, in case you do.


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