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Haunted John Sowden House in California to creep you out

In our lifetime, we visit numerous locations. But, what we really remember is those places which either takes us to the happiest mood or, thrill us to the extreme level. In My days of ghost hunting, I have visited many haunted places in California. My investigation included some ghastly cemeteries, a horrific museum and few heart ripping constructions where ghost sightings are doddle.Today, when I try to go back, I remember a very few places. In this post, I am going to utter about the haunted John Sowden House, one of those excessively dreadful spots where evil rides the throne- round the clock.

haunted John Sowden house in California

Haunted John Sowden House In California

Walking down Franklin Avenue in the Los Angeles County, you would come across an absolute sinister of a construction. The haunted John Sowden house has been a nightmare for the weak hearted and cowards that do not show enough guts to peep inside. That is pretty obvious because the history of this mansion is comparatively eerie than you could ever dream of. Well, let me take you to the virtual journey of the eminently haunted John Sowden House that the residents call a house of devilish spirits.

haunted John Sowden house in California
When you would flip the history of this mansion, you will blame this house for silently watching the murder of Elizabeth Short that is also known as Black Dahlia. She was murdered in a brutal way and her corpse was found surgically cut in many pieces. Doctor George Hill, the owner and accused, left the country and was set free. To resolve further doubts regarding the murder, the site was investigated by a police team with an expert cadaver canine. The smell of death was noticed in the basement section of the haunted John Sowden house in California.
Did You Know? – The haunted John Sowden house was priced for 4.89 million USD, a throw away price for this amazing 5600 square foot construction. It was designed and built by Lloyd Wright and was nicknamed the “Jaws house”.

Visitors Experiences at the Haunted John Sowden House

This place attracts many tourists. Some come to experience its beauty while the others simply enter and take note of the paranormal in this Mayan inspired house. Being the latter, I arranged a trip to this house that later proved to be a nightmare to my research team. We sensed some ghastly creatures, heard high pitched screams and the loud bangs on the door. When the clock struck 1, I saw a hazy apparition moving away. Also, I heard innocent sobs and screams from the basement section. We went down and what we encountered was awful and beyond any natural phenomenon.

haunted John Sowden house in California
Many locals have reported to hear strange sound of footsteps, chain dragging and encountered ghastly shadows of both the gender. We too had experienced the manly spirit in the basement with a girl’s apparition standing in the corner. However the haunted John Sowden house became notorious enough to drag famous ghost paranormal analysts and spook lovers. If you can remember, this house has undergone an investigation conducted by Ghost Hunters who captured apparition and EVP of George.
Did You Know? – The Black Dahlia murder scene is reflected in several novels and movies like “The Aviator” and “The Rocketeer”.
Note: The haunted John Sowden House requires additional permission before any investigation. Kindly take proper measures before visiting this place. I could still remember an incident when one of my companions was demonically possessed for tampering with resident ghost’s personal stuffs. Good luck for your visit. And yeah, if you find anything paranormal, do share your experiences here.


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