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10 Most Haunted Places in Savannah For a Frightful Visit

Savannah, GA isn’t just any other city. It’s a city so beautiful that General Sherman refused to allow it to burn in the Civil War. But could a city so beautiful escape heartbreak and horror? Furthermore we would proceed towards a comprehensive list of most haunted places in Savannah. The shrieks of injured Confederate soldiers and the sobs of their sweethearts still echo around the grand haunted mansions of Savannah. Now betrayed ghosts lurk restlessly in haunted Savannah attics, looking for the victory that never came. After the wounds of war, there are the wounds of love and the quirks of life. 

The sighs of slaves, the Trail of Tears, Spanish seamen- there are so many histories that are buried in the antebellum town. Here we have featured a set of 10 most haunted places in Savannah for a frightful visit. Where can you go to find these pieces of past that refuse to stay quiet?

Haunted 432 Abercorn Street, Savannah

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
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An old 1868 house, belonging to the Belle Époque era, stands empty and deserted in Calhoun Square. Everyone hurries past it. If you stand and stare at it, your skin will begin to tingle. If you dare approach closer- against your will, as if attracted by some magnetism- you will begin to see the living room window. There, at that window, sits the ghost of a little girl, killed by the cruelty of her father. If you try to click a picture- if your hands aren’t shaking too much- your camera will shut down. Or begin to smoke.
General Benjamin J. Wilson, for whom the house was built, did not like his daughter to run over and play with the children in the Massey School opposite. Because they were public school punks and the General was an arrogant man. But, little Wilson was spirited and she defied her father to play with them. So the General got hopping mad, and he tied her to a chair in the living room. The girl waited, waited and waited. Three days later she was found dead in that chair, killed by heat stroke and dehydration. The General died later of natural causes, in the same house, and rumor has it, father and daughter never left.  It is one of the most haunted places in Savannah.

Olde Pink House, Savannah

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
The Ol’ Pink House is the place to find a classy ghost. The polite James Habersham Jr., dead since the early 1800s, may sit down for a conversation in the restaurant, speaking in a flowery historical style. He is prone to disappear mid-sentence. His presence is a manifestation of the famous Southern hospitality. He likes to make sure that everything is in place. The ghosts of what are reportedly dead slave children lock ladies in the first-floor bathroom stalls. The situation is so bad that they’ve removed the locks, but women may still be forced to stay by unseen presences. It isn’t as haunted as other places in Savannah, in terms of ghost density. But the quality of the ghost surely makes up its does the quality of the food.

Haunted Cemeteries in Savannah - Colonial Park Cemetery and Bonaventure Cemetery

most haunted cemeteries in Savannah, GA
When you have ten thousand graves, isn’t it logical to expect a ghost or two? In Colonial Park Cemetery lie many unmarked dead, with no tombstones, including victims of the ghastly Yellow fever epidemic of 1820. The walkways don’t take into account unmarked graves- so a visitor will end up stepping on some, unfortunately. It is said that some parts of the town have been built over graveyards. No wonder the ghosts are a-walking’. Among the restless is the ghost of Rene Rondolier, who was hung from a tree in the cemetery after the murder of two girls. A shadow of Rene can be spotted, hanging from a tree or walking about. Green mists and Electronic Voice Phenomena- which is a ghost science term for ‘spooky voices’- float over the large, ancient grounds of Savannah’s oldest Cemetery.

The beautiful magnolia-filled Bonaventure Cemetery plays host to the spirit of six-year old Gracie Watson of the illustrious Habersham who visitors have sworn they’ve seen. A statue of hers stands before her grave, and weeps occasional tears of blood.   A cemetery is creepy enough. But ringed around with innocent magnolia trees, these two are collectively the best haunted places in Savannah. Because if you are not haunted by ghosts, you will be haunted by history.

Mercer-Williams House

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
Mercer-Williams house is now a beautiful museum, but it was once the scene of crime. And where blood is spilt, the stain remains. Jim Williams, antiquities dealer, was a respectable man. Under his roof, young Danny Hansford (allegedly not at all respectable, a gigolo) was found shot. Jim Williams was acquitted- the whole story can be found in the book ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’. An old man and a young one have been spotted walking the halls. Another haunting story is that of a little boy who fell off the roof, straight onto one of the metal spikes that impaled him.  His ghost is said to do the exact same thing, Again and again.  Any mention of the ghosts though, might get the visitor kicked out.  It ain’t polite   to ask about personal ghosts- even in a haunted place in haunted Savannah, GA.

Haunted Kehoe House Inn, Savannah

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
For nice domestic ghosts, Kehoe House is the place. Built by ironmonger William Kehoe in 1892, it was inhabited happily by him and his wife Annie. They had at least 10 children .But they had their share of tragedy too. A pair of twin children died here at the age of 4 or 5 by getting stuck in the chimney. They were not discovered for days by their distraught mother, until a peculiar smell had begun to waft around the fireplace. The heartbroken Annie Kehoe as well as the boisterous child-ghost has not left their haunted house in Savannah.

Visitors to the Kehoe Inn, especially those who dare to take room 201 or 203, encounter the gentle ghost of Annie Kehoe that lovingly caresses their cheeks while they sleep. The light in William’s study in the cupola, which is far away from the rooms used by the staff or guests, switches on by itself. Noisy children can be heard playing about, but open the door and you won’t find any.

Pirate’s House

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
In the old days, if you drank too much at the Pirate’s House Inn, you might be flogged over the head and wake up on a privateer’s ship to heaven-knows-where, ‘shanghaied’. There was a long tunnel below the restaurant to the seafront, which was used to smuggle sailors on board, or illicit liquor, or some people say, to bury yellow fever victims. This Inn is where Captain Flint, from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, is said to have made his base. And no wonder. Savannah was a flourishing port and was known for plenty of privateering activity; and attracted a grand quantity of desperados and delinquents eager to make a quick and blood-stained buck.

Besides the ghost of Captain Flint ( who may or may not be a fictional character), the Inn is haunted with seamen dressed in 18th or 19th century costume, who died in one of the many violent quarrels between French and Spanish privateers. The chairs and plates change positions in the night and the coffee pot can throw itself against the wall. And sometimes, laughter can echo from the empty second floor, which is used only for storage.

Haunted Marshall House Hotel, Savannah GA

most haunted places in Savannah GA
During the Civil War, the Marshall House Hotel was used as a Civil War Hospital by the Confederate Forces. After many years, during renovations, amputated limbs were discovered buried below the floor-boards, recalling the agony of the war, when there was no anesthesia. Another way to understand the agony of those times is by meeting one of the people dressed in Civil War uniform who can be found in the corridors, who, it must be warned, do not exist. A nurse-like presence checks pulses in the middle of the night. There is nothing like a war to leave residual souls, wrenched away by misery from a peaceful afterlife. Savannah is haunted by the terrible tragedies of war, despite having been spared the fire by General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Haunted 17 Hundred 90 Inn and Restaurant

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
In Room 204 lived Anna, who jumped to her death, unable to bear the shame of being unmarried and pregnant, and the betrayal of her lover. In Room 204, women may find their jewelry moved around, or a visitor at the foot of their bed. When the room is empty, sobs can be heard coming from inside. Poor Anne is gentle, but restless. An angrier ghost hangs out in the pub, which throws pots, and pushes women. It is said to be that of a Voodoo practitioner, whose power haunts the entire three buildings of the Inn. Occult West Nigerian magic, imported along with many unfortunate slaves, was once found as an undercurrent in the whole of the Deep South. This increases the variety and types of haunted places in Savannah. From privateers to private tragedy, we got it all.

Moon River Brewing Company

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
The Moon River Brewing Company was left as a ruin for over 150 years after the end of the Civil War. When in 1990, someone decided to make it a happening place, they didn’t reckon with prior claims. Like that of James Stark, that was killed by town physician Philip Minas. Or of Mrs. Johnson, who may be spotted dressed à la 1830. In the Brewery, however, there are ghosts galore that are not harmless. They grab at the shoulders, arms and hands of patrons. They are ‘intelligent’ ghosts that interact- and not benevolently- with the people who have made their quiet abode noisy. It is the most haunted restaurant in Savannah according to some people.

Haunted Madison Square, Savannah GA

most haunted places in Savannah, GA
Listing the haunted places in Savannah doesn’t do justice to the ethereal unearthliness of this lovely town. It’s the entire brig that’s haunted- full of ghosting and disquieting paranormal occurrences. Madison Square, presided over by the statue of heroic William Jasper, who was a Patriot soldier, is built over the graves of many British soldiers who died during the disastrous Siege of Savannah, during the American Revolutionary War. Many of these soldiers were not dead when buried- too delirious to speak, they were tossed in and covered up, buried alive by the cruel accident of fate. Corpses have been unearthed during the construction of the Square. Unearthly footsteps can be heard at midnight, and solidly black shadow-men seen. The groans of soldiers and their accusations may be whispered into the pedestrian’s ear. After such dishonor and suffering, maybe they’re too unhappy to leave. The haunted Sorrell-Weed House is said to channel this bad energy. On the way to the basement, you may feel as if a pair of hands is choking you- or a strange and inexplicable nausea.

Now when you have known about the most haunted places in Savannah, GA, The daring one among you would take a visit out there. Happy Haunting !!