Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10 Haunted Places in Virginia Not For Lonely Cowards

Virginia is arguably one of the most haunted places in all of the United States. It has perhaps some of the most unparalleled tales and cases of horror that is enough for even a grown up man to have goosebumps. The state of Virginia is one of USA’s oldest colonies. The first successful English settlement in America happened in a place called Jamestown. Its initial dwellers are believed to be of Asian descent. Much later, the state became the home of various Native American tribes. Today this post would take you to a featured list of most haunted places in Virginia.

The explanations behind the hefty number of haunted places are varied. Be it the executions of the native Indians by the colonizers on charges of black magic and witchcraft, which has resulted in spooky and unnerving burial grounds and old prisons (read Public Gaol and Wythe house in Colonial Williams burg), or the innumerable battlegrounds in Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg resulting in frightening number of casualties.Some haunted places in Virginia have also had a history of being a witness of ghastly killings, catastrophic suicides, atrocious massacres, senseless human experiments and unfortunate accidents. So let’s explore them on our crazy ride.

  • The Ferry Plantation House 

haunted places in Virginia
This is one of the most haunted places of Virginia, this colonial and plantation era house is said to be home to 11 ghosts, including Henry who was a former slave; Sally Rebecca Walke, mourner of the loss of her lover who was a soldier; former resident and painter Thomas Williamson; a Lady in White who is said to have fallen down the stairs in 1826; and victims of an 1810 shipwreck at the ferry landing. Visitors here have reported apparitions, unexplained sounds, and other paranormal phenomena. Talk about variety in ghosts!!

  • Aquia Church 

haunted places in Virginia
Located in Strafford, it is said to be one of the most haunted churches in Virginia. Legend says that the church and the church graveyard, which has graves dating back to 1738, are both home to paranormal activity that has taken place for over 200 years. The earliest records of the church date back to Feb. 17, 1754 when the church caught fire three days before assembly was complete in 1757.

The first story that ascended from the church was about a young woman who was murdered there throughout the revolution. Her body was hidden in the belfry, and because the chapel was not in use at the time, was never discovered. Years later, her skeleton and golden hair was discovered with her bloodstains that persisted on the floor for 100 years until the floors were replaced. People have described loud noises, the sounds of running up and down the stairs and the image of a confounded woman standing at the window. I am not going here for sure.

  • Major Graham’s Mansion 

haunted places in Virginia
Located in Grahams Forge, the owner of the mansion was by Major Graham, the mansion was once a home to slaves who were kept chained in the basement. Slave owner Joseph Baker was murdered by two of his slaves in 1786. Common manifestations like the electricity pulsing, curtains moving and spirits walking up and down the stairs have been detected. Nope! Nope!! Nope!!! The brutality mentioned is more than any other haunted place in Virginia.
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  • Public Gaol and Wythe House 

haunted places in Virginia
Located in arguably the most haunted place in Virginia i.e. Williamsburg, the public gaol was intended to be a strong sweet prison. When it was established in 1701. Murderers, thieves, and dangerous men were never meant to be housed here. But as Williamsburg was reasoned the capital of colonial Virginia, the population increased. This two-story brick prison quickly became congested with not just your average minor-offense prisoners, but blood thirsty pirates and traitors to the country. Though some additions were added, the conditions were disgraceful. Many inmates shuddered to death or died from illness. Some held this fitting for pirates, some of whom served under the infamous captain Blackbeard. What haunts the Wythe House today is more the feeling of absolute despair visitors are said to feel upon entering. One visitor described the sensation as complete and total darkness and she then observed chains rattling on the walls. If that was just a visit imagine what life must have been like for those held there for years. Arrrrghh!!!

  • Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park

haunted places in Virginia
Located in Fredericksburg, this park has witnessed four battles including the Battle of the Wilderness, Battle of Chancellorsville, Battle of Spotsylvania court house and the Battle of Fredericksburg. Ghostly images dressed in civil war attire have been caught on camera and cries have been heard here often. Because of the volume of evidence captured and reported sightings, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park has been encompassed in many of the top five most haunted battlefields of America. Died for nothing these poor men. Sigh!

  • Edgewood Plantation 

haunted places in Virginia
This one is kinda cute to be honest. Elizabeth Rowland etched her name into one of the windows at the Edgewood Plantation. She died of heartbreak, having lost her love to the war. Many witnesses have seen the ghost of Lizzie, still patiently waiting for her lost love to return home. Awwww!!! Remember it’s still haunted though, nothing cute about seeing a ghost.

  • Cavalier Hotel 

haunted places in Virginia
situated at Virginia Beach, Adolph Coors of Coors Beer Brewery committed suicide by jumping out of the sixth floor window. Many people who stay on the sixth floor report sounds of flesh hitting the concrete. Guests have reported hearing cats scratching at their doors, which is said to be the pet of a girl who drowned in the hotel’s pool. Towels varying colors, toilets flushing by themselves and elevators running on their own have also been reported. Some guests claimed to have encountered an African American bellhop at the staircase of the sixth floor, warning people to stay away. When mentioned to the workers at the hotel, no bellhop as the one described works there. No, this was not written while watching “The Shining”.

  • Longfellow Middle School, Long Church 

haunted places in Virginia
Back in the 1960, the principal of Longfellow suffered a massive heart attack and died in his office at the school. After hours, custodians and other faculty report seeing him walk around the halls, apparently looking for mischief-makers - as he would do normally as principal. They also have reported doors shutting, lights turning off, voices, and other noises, all of which have no explanations. This school, reportedly, is one of the most haunted in all of northern Virginia. In 1995, a teacher even reported hearing a grousing and blaring down the hallways, with no one else around. I would not want to be a naughty fellow here.

  • Ludwell-Paradise House 

haunted places in Virginia
From the outside, it is difficult to believe it is a haunted place, but if it was not, we wouldn’t be mentioning it, right? Lucy Ludwell married John Paradise and the two of them lived a lavish life in London. When John passed away, Lucy was sent back to their home in Williamsburg which had previously been rented out. Lucy was said to have some unconventional behaviors, and now that she was a widow, they were taken as a sign of folly. She was sent away to the Public Hospital for two whole years. After this unbearable sentence, Lucy committed suicide. And yet many believe her spirit still haunts the property. There have been accounts where people enter the empty house and hear someone upstairs drawing a bath. Everyone enjoys a bath, even people from afterlife.

  • Haunted Peyton Randolph House, Virginia

haunted places in Virginia
Hey look, its Williamsburg again. We saved the best for the last. Having been built in 1715, the Peyton Randolph House is one of the oldest structures in Williamsburg and the most haunted with a reported 23 ghosts said to haunt the house. A young soldier who fell ill and died of tuberculosis while staying in the house and a thin, old lady wearing a white gown and laced nightcap have been seen by the house’s past residents. The woman has been sighted by many people and is said to wake visitors up by calling their name then crying. A young girl was also killed after being pushed down the stairs by her ghostly friend, Elizabeth. The doctors said that a superhuman force would have had to be the cause of her death, since she only fell from the second story.

Enough said, All in all let us say that anyone in their right minds would not want to visit these haunted places in Virginia. But we all love our sides of crazy don’t we??