Friday, February 5, 2016

Five Most Haunted Houses in Indiana to get spooked

The state of Indiana has been the most diversified state you would discover when you take a visit to the whole US. Be it some marvellous tourist spots or few eminent natural location to wander, the Indiana has it all. Not only human but some passed entities really like to stay here and that produced something meaningful to us, the ghost hunters and all other horror enthusiasts who are always ready to take shit to extract a productive investigation. Well, this is an exclusive list of most haunted houses in Indiana to get spooked. So, get ready now.

Hannah House

A beautiful Italianate designed mansion once used to be a home to jovial living is now the hub of supernatural activities. Not a single spook lover in city can afford to miss this haunted house in Indiana, they say. And once you’d come to know the ongoing phenomenon out here, you get yourself in the former queue. Located at 3801 Madison Avenue, this classic house is flaunted the evil’s paradise in all the campfire stories and books hovering around this niche.
The 24 chambered Hannah house was built by Alexander Hannah, an excessive luxuriant that was blamed to operate an undetected sanctuary for feeding slaves heading towards Canada for years. Urban legends have it one evening a group of slaves concealed in the Hannah cellar died in fire by an oil lamp that accidentally set the room on heat. Their painful death due to smoke inhalation and burns led their soul haunt the mansion that we know today as one of the most haunted houses in Indiana. The cadavers were buried in the cellar floor to hide the incident.
haunted houses in Indiana

The slaves’ spirits are supposed to exist in the Cellar. The reports of witnessing the apparitions, moaning noises and scary screams are received every time a visitor walks around the Cellar area. Paranormal investigators have noticed numerous cold spots in the stellar area and have seen an old woman in white on the balcony.  Except this, the ghost of Mr. Hannah is also said to be seen by some people walking inside the haunted Hannah house.

Whispers Estate

haunted houses in Indiana

Whispers Estate is a Victorian house nuzzled in the Mitchell city of Indiana. As the name suggests, this is a place where the walls do talk or ghosts do the talking every night. All in all, if we go with the evidences, we find it eligible to be listed in haunted houses in Indiana. Locals have witnessed mystic shadows, disembodied voices, jiggling doorknobs, creepy screams and smells. Many ghost investigations have already taken place here and the otherworldly activities like shaking of furniture and moving of objects on their own made them sure enough to get it featured in a TV horror show.


Wolf Mansion

haunted houses in Indiana

Located in Porter county in Indiana, the wolf mansion has a story little similar to the Hannah house ghosts. Long after the slavery ritual was put to an end, owner of this mansion went furious and killed all his slaves and their young. After he realized his sins he committed suicide, as the sources say. The other story says the owner’s entire family was slaughtered and the owner was hung to the bell tower. Now this house undergoes a series of ghastly occurrences round the clock. Disembodied whisper in visitor’s ears, appearance of shadows in the mansion, Loud screams during late night hours are some of the frequent incidents that take place here. Sightseers’ reported to have comprehended an unexplained light from the bell tower and spotted mysterious orbs there. The mix of eerie noises and scary apparitions make it one of the most haunted houses in Indiana you may take a visit now, if you dare.

Carolina Street Demon House

haunted houses in Indiana

When you pass through 3868 Carolina Street in Indiana, you find a worn mansion that is blamed to have hundreds of demons inside its structure. The whole incident came in limelight when three children of the resident family were possessed by the evil demons residing along. The psychiatrist could not treat them and hence, the priests were called on to cure them all. People have witnessed footprints, groaning noises and unexplained hammering sound. The investigators have collected many cold spots in the ceiling and living area and some of them were demonically possessed too. Visitors have encountered very scary apparitions and high pitched harsh noises in the so called one of the few most haunted houses in Indiana. The notorious house is now under the ownership of Zak Bargans, face of the TV show Ghost Adventures.


haunted houses in Indiana

Situated in Munster, the Stallbohm Kaske house is considered one of the most haunted houses in Indiana. The present building is built on the ashes of the former structure that burned down on Halloween of 1909. 40 years later Wilhelmina Kaske, owner of the Kaske house was found dead in the front bedroom under mysterious circumstances. Since that incident, the house started behaving awkward. It is believed that Mr. Kaske haunts this house and is not willing to attain eternity. Visitors have noticed a leaning figure outside the barn window, hazy figure in the bedroom. Ghost investigators have claimed to find a moving cold spot that often sit in the bed room section. Also, a house painter was immersed in the liquid by some unknown entity, sources said. Except this, mysterious voices like Footstep sounds, crashing noises and scary giggles can often be heard around the structure.