Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Spooky Christmas and associated Creepy Tales


Growing up, I did the best that I could as far as dealing with all the creepy tales and all the chilling effects that came with it in the loving arms of my parents. Ever sat on a lap of your old folks only to shatter your night cap with all the spooky stories that linger growing up? Shoots, had I only knew that they just needed me to shut down for them to begin their nightly dalliance, I would’ve just slept on my own without the staged effort to scare the heck out of me! So I educated myself that these ghost stories can’t be so true. The haunted houses were just a place that older folks would hangout to; but they had to paint it as eerie as they could possibly be just to keep us away from it. But most of the method is somewhat in denial form. I could more or less sum it up as my way of avoiding the topic as a way of discrediting its presence.

As I grow old, I got torn into those beliefs that I forcibly inculcated within against the very thing that I dread about. That’s as good as to say that the defense mechanism failed, hehe! But I guess my itching curiosity led me into discovering the dreaded truths about the things that I fear the most.

The rekindled affair with ghosts...on a Christmas season
It was on this same time last year, when the world was in anticipation of the Christmas season when I opened up myself about haunted houses. I guess facing my own fears could be a unique Christmas gift that I could afford myself. That curiosity led me to researches on what drives lost souls to these haunted houses. I’ve read a thing or two about it but basing these stories to fictions of course could led to baseless assumptions. Ghost sightings were supposedly documented and most of these documented apparitions came out with one common history: Asylum.

House of Ghosts

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum of Weston, West Virginia was a sanctuary for the mentally-ill during the 1800s. Back when mental illness were not totally recorded yet as a disease but legends have it that unwanted people back in the day (unwanted categorically those that cannot be immersed with the civilized people) were thrown into the pits of this asylum and were allowed to rot in death there. One can just imagine the violent atmosphere inside in the company of society’s outcast struggle for survival on its shadowy dungeons. The listless souls it might have produced over the centuries were way too much even for psychic medium advisors to handle. So up until the asylum’s eventual closure back in the mid-90s, both the myths and the studies made by psychics persisted to cast the grim menace on the said asylum.

Come One...Come All!
This is a creepy location but not without its lighter footnote. Because of this rekindled interest in ghosts and haunted houses that led me to the list of top haunted houses that led me to discover this asylum from West Virginia. I looked up for the exact asylum online and lo and behold, it got its own website! But the funny thing about it is linked up on its website is a ghost tour link page as if to say that, “Hey, this is some of the scariest place on earth! Come one, come all!” Imagine that? They are advertising it more as to say that they are not at all denying it and in fact making business out of it.
So that’s the funny side of it, but that only made my belief leaning toward its realities more and more. That indeed there are these types of places on earth that somehow only being discredited as myths. But of course knowing the definition of commercialization that this might be a hyped up artifact cannot be just thrown away.

Change of heart?
Someone asked me if I still am a disbeliever of these kinds of mysteries from all of the legit and rather ridiculous things I have taken on my road to its discovery. This is me probably saying in affirmative as I never ever debunked its non-existence anyway while growing up. My renewed interest to it opened up my belief on its possibilities that we could probably explore a little more at some point in the future. But looking back at that fated Christmas season that led me to sort of reconsider the idea of ghosts, wandering souls and haunted houses that give home to them, my in-denial of their existence was the perfect thesis (rather than an anti-thesis) to my personal belief in relation to it.

On this time of the year, I would normally bask into the reverie of Christmas season and last year’s encounter has totally changed that. I could probably look every December from this point moving forward as my reintroduction to my childhood’s spooky Christmas Eves. The feels and the goose bumps aren’t just reminder of the past but reaffirmation as well of its presence. In retrospect, the scaring was kind of double-edged and tricky, or was it the part where I failed to put much weight into?

To all readers who have their first or second hand experience of haunted houses, I highly recommend sharing their stories as well. Or if this experience of might is somewhat similar to yours, feel free to put your thoughts here and we could help one another to relive the back old days of spookiness and now has transcended into something that is worth discussing.

(Images by Mark Walz and Judibird  used under Creative Commons License)