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Haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital in California

Infirmaries own an important place in Para-psychology. The relation is so obvious because, after cemetery and church, hospital is one of those locations where life meets demise. Almost every big hospice sees several deaths a day and that makes them really haunted. Some soul gain eternity while the other sticks down to its death place, is what the after-world science suggests. The most explainable and valid cause can be their unfulfilled yearnings that keep the spirits circumscribed to the earth. I have done a lot of case studies on haunted hospitals (including the haunted Linda Vista community hospital I’m talking about) and their spirits and what I came across made a plausible point.

In the history of the paranormal investigations accomplished in real creepy hospitals, investigators extracted few grim phantoms. To know more about those snubbed entities, they put on several trials to fathom their emotions. The Ouija board test turned out to be a fruitful one and was efficacious to know about things that kept those souls bounded to that particular dwelling. It was similar to my enunciation that said; about 90% of ghosts demanded the gratification of their left desires while the others stuck to the place for other reasons. There were some spirits those wanted revenge and did not like to leave the earth, due to the fear of the afterlife.

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In this post, I would tell you about a hospital that was evident for holding a series of ethereal occurrences and known as the pickup spot for every horror lover group in California. Due to the existence of some really evil souls, we decided to investigate the “haunted Linda Community hospital” in California. From the history of the haunted Linda Vista community hospital to the paranormal investigation out here, this article has everything. The last section places “Visitors’ Experiences in the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital” so as to give you an assumption of what you are going to feel at here, only if you wish to conduct a ghost hunt at this sinister hospital.

History of the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital in California

paranormal investigation at the haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital
The haunted Linda Vista Community hospital was established on the site of Santa Fe Coastlines hospital that was built in 1904 for serving the employees of the Santa Railroad. Later, when the Coastlines hospital gained reputation, it was expanded and allowed increased staff and patient intake. Three decades later, the former hospital was converted into what we know as the haunted Linda vista community hospital.

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Ups and downs affect everyone’s life. The Second World War proved out to be the bad fortune for the hospital. It affected hospital’s reputation, funding and management. During that time, the crime rate in the neighborhood hiked up and so did the death rate. We have reports of the increased unexplained patients’ death that could possibly due to bad management and inaccessibility to resources. The existing doctors joined other prestigious institutions and finally the hospital was shut down in 1991. But not only are the technical reasons to be blamed but it is the psychic factor that led to the extremely low survival rate in the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital.

Haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital Paranormal Connection

Scary history of the haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital
After the hospital was sealed, the ex-staffs talked about the ghostly incidents at the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital. After the rumors were aired, some paranormal societies including many small groups of ghost hunter showed special interest in conducting investigations. In the 20 year span, the hospital underwent thousands of paranormal investigations and it never disappointed the investigators.

The haunted Linda Vista Community hospital is said to be haunted by three spirits that have been sighted in the surgical room. The young woman’s ghost was often seen on the hallways of the third floor. Other phantoms that roam in the construction include the spirit of a baby girl that lurks in the operation theater. Also, the ghost of a middle aged man is seen wandering around the whole construction several times.

Due to its creepy environment, many TV shows and movies including the famous Ghost Hunters, Outbreak and End of Days used the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital as a shooting spot. Known as the hub of ghoulish activities, this hospital sports some absolutely scary phenomenon. Talking about the otherworldly activities, many peoples have heard mysterious buzzing, unexplained apparitions and grisly voices. The production crew has reported disembodied noise and moving of objects inside the structure. Some visitors’ have complained of hard pushing by unknown entity that made them fall. In strange night hours, trespassers hear high pitched outcries and see white dressed female apparitions.

Located at St. Louis Street in California, the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital is now closed for investigations and further tours. This place is being reshaped into a retirement home. But, you can’t deny the presence of ghosts in the newly built retirement home.

Visitors’ experiences at the haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital

Visitors' experiences at the hospital |  Image Source
I lived in the area for a while and always drove by. The building would have dim lights on and it was abandoned. I can still remember an incidence when I was driving by with my daughter and saw a transport van with a man in it. He looked right at us. It turned in there so I looked on him. But what I saw was unbelievable. At that split second the disappearance of that vehicle left me speechless and frightened all that day. - Bruno

I had once heard of this girl’s phantom wandering in the third floor section. My uncle went on an investigation at the haunted Linda vista community hospital and recorded mysterious orbs. He would tell us about how spooky the hospital was. He encountered many disembodied voice and had also reported of someone pushing him intensely. - Stephen

It was a tough time being on a mission that every other horror enthusiast would dream of. I was a part of the crew during the shoot at the haunted Linda Vista Community hospital and this happened. Meanwhile when people were busy, I noticed an apparition through the corner of my eye. When I went after the apparition, I heard a creepy voice. Gosh, I could not believe it, I had seen the shadow of a baby girl that later thinned into air. - Linda
Have you ever visited the haunted Linda vista community hotel? Kindly share your ghastly experiences at the hospital in the comments below. If you have any questions regarding the investigation or related to this place, feel free to drop your words.