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5 Most Haunted Places In San Antonio To Encounter Evil

San Antonio is a popular tourist place to visit in Texas. Talking about the haunted tourism, there are several haunted places in San Antonio. In this article, we have listed a historic memorial, a creepy dome, a hideous hotel, one spooky plaza and a drear theatre. These locations are truly terrible and cited as 5 most haunted places in San Antonio, Texas to encounter evil spirits. One more thing, few of these places was investigated by the Para Psychological society and the experiences are included in that particular section. Get started now, and if you feel the words, do not forget to share this article with your horror lover mates on social media. Well get started now with exploring these set of haunted attractions in your city and be ready to get thrilled.

The Alamo

real haunted places in San Antonio Texas
If you ask me to name the most haunted place in San Antonio on the basis of abundant spirits, I would name The Alamo.  Standing on 300, Alamo Plaza, this formidable place is reported to have endless spirits wandering around the construction. If you flip the pages of history, you find the gaunt battle of Alamo where more than 2000 people were remorselessly killed. After the war stopped, the living returned back to their normal lives but those that were killed could not get the eternity and kept roaming at their death spot.

Since then, a throng of restless spirits haunts this place round the clock, making this one of the most haunted places in San Antonio. The whole scenario appears an absolute pogrom yet none could do anything for the dead but pray. The heart rending incidents include frequent sighting of blood wrapped ghouls and fading apparitions in the dark.
Many a people have witnessed the apparitions moving towards them and disappeared on their own. Poignant noises such as the noise if somebody is crying aloud can make you feel awful and grieved. Other sounds that of heavy boots, sudden outcry, whispers, disembodied voices can be heard clearly in the midnight hours. Due to a series of supernatural activities, the Alamo is indeed one of the most haunted places in San Antonio where horror lovers visit to get spooked.

Saint Anthony Hotel

San anthony hotel is known as one of the 5  Most haunted places in San Antonio Texas
The St. Anthony Hotel is situated on Travis Street in Bexar County of the Texas state. This is a five-star hotel with all the modern amenities. But it is not the features and comfort that brought this hotel in this list of 5 most haunted places in San Antonio. Let me tell you, this hotel has something to get spooked. Check it out.

Located in San Antonio, this hotel is believed to be haunted by evil spirits. Some visitors have reported seeing mysterious shadows that move near the lift while the others have seen the full-size apparitions. Normally these figures can be felt in the corridors but, they are mostly experienced on the tenth floor. A hotel staff told us that it is a girl’s ghost that died in one of the rooms in the tenth floor and a sweeper’s apparition can also be seen. 

In the dark hours, people living on that particular floor have heard weird noises coming out of the corridors. Noise such as sobbing, laughter and knocking can be clearly noticed. If you love scary places, we advise you to board one of any rooms on the tenth floor and have a close watch over creepy activities going on there.
4 Months ago, I (George) and Stephen had boarded a suite in same hotel to investigate paranormal. Since we were on the mission to find some real haunted places in San Antonio, we brought our cameras and heat meter with us. We got in and checked for cold spots and didn’t find any. 
It was 2 in the dark when we heard the first knock on the door. We could not find anyone after inspecting the corridors. Later, George discovered three cold spots moving towards the lift. We ran after them and what we saw was terrible. It was a faded apparition of a teen girl in open hairs. Excluding ghastly occurrence and mysterious noises, there are many an incidents that support the creepiness of this one of some true haunted places in San Antonio, Texas.
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Wyndham San Antonio River Walk

Haunted Wyndham San Antonio River Walk
Located on E. Pecan Street in San Antonio, Wyndham San Antonio River Walk is a center for entertainment. It was earlier known as Crowne Plaza and is rebranded recently. This location is reported as one of the 5 most haunted places in San Antonio due to the spookiness it holds. Why exactly is this centre haunted, read below:
Formerly Crowne Plaza, San Antonio river walk undergoes ongoing hideous activities that have made this place one of the top haunted locations in San Antonio. From Heavy footsteps to Feeling of being watched, everything signs towards the existence of ghouls in the house. If you walk in a corner in night hours, you may spot a strange shadow walking towards you. Many people have complained of being followed by unknown entity. If you are a paranormal lover, it would be better to take a camera to record any apparition, if there are any.

The Alamo dome

5 Most haunted places in San Antonio, Texas.
In this list of 5 most haunted places in San Antonio, the third construction is the renowned Alamo Dome. It is situated on Montana Street in San Antonio, Texas and is known as a gristly spot. The two evil spirits are considered as villains of this formidable spot.

It is believed that people that are murdered or die in an unnatural manner become dangerous souls. In Bible, it is suggested to not to interfere their ways until it is too urgent. This awful dome houses the spirit of a worker that was killed during the construction work. 

Another spirit belongs to a lady that was fiendishly murdered.  Both the ghouls are said to roam frequently within the boundaries of the Alamo Dome. Talking about the visitors experiences, many people have witnessed to see a clear apparition of the female ghost in the parking lot. 

On the other hand, worker’s ghost haunts the halls of the Alamo dome making this a gruesome place to visit. Several reports of ghost sights and high pitched outcry were heard in the midnight hours. Due to abounding otherworldly incidents, the Alamo Dome is considered as one of the top 5 most haunted places in San Antonio to get spooked.

Alamo Street Theatre – San Antoine Café

Spooky and most haunted locations in San Antonio, Texas.
Located on S Alamo Street in San Antonio, Alamo Street Theater is gruesome due to ghastly occurrences. For the fright loving people, it could be a nice opportunity to visit one of the 5 most haunted places in San Antonio where an eminent phantom exists. This place sees abounding doleful activities that are often reported to take place in night hours.

The San Antoine Café corner of the famous Street Theater inhibits the ghost of an eminent actor Margaret. The spirit haunts the café interiors and is often seen by visitors. Talking about some gristly encounters, some witnessed the ghost dressed in white staring at them while the remaining had the feeling of being watched. Years back, paranormal investigators had investigated the café and spotted a moving cold spot. 

Except this, no weird sound or demonic possession is reported till date. If you are a paranormal investigator, you will be grieved to know that this place is now closed for further investigations. The good news about this one of the 5 most haunted places in San Antonio is, it is open for sale from 2013 and you can acquire a permission to investigate this macabre.

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