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5 Most Haunted Places In San Francisco To Visit Now

San Francisco is a blessed city and strength of northern California. If you are a resident, you would know its cultural, commercial and financial background that is a reason of its glowing fame. Considering some spots to wander, there are some terrible cited locations in San Francisco. In this “5 most haunted places in San Francisco” article we have given place to a mysterious house, two spooky mansions, one horrible beach side restaurant and a haunted institute. With the Halloween approaching, it would be an absolute fun to gather your friends and switch to an exciting trek to the 5 most haunted places in San Francisco to visit now.

Haunted Places in San Francisco

Winchester Mystery House, San Francisco

Winchester mystery house is one of the 5 most haunted places in San Francisco
To get to the start, we gave the preference to Winchester Mystery House. It is a Victorian Mansion build with the modern amenities, unlike the grand houses of that time. Situated in San Jose, Winchester Mystery House is known as one of the top 5 Haunted places in San Francisco. So, first of all, let us get into the past of this creepy listing. Records speak the truth and here, a metaphorical one. This huge mansion has 120 rooms, 476 doorways, 13 bathrooms, 40 bedrooms and staircases and three elevators. A house with unexplained complexes adds the “mystery” before the Winchester house. 

It is said that this house belonged to Sarah L. Winchester, the project analyzer of Winchester rifle fortune. If you walk through the construction, you would find numerous rooms were formed in the shape of a maze- with secret doorways, chambers and leading staircases that misguides you. What exactly was the reason that enforced Mrs. Winchester to form a maze in the shape of a construction, why is Winchester Mystery House counted in the most haunted places in San Francisco; we have got the answers below:
The prime reason of this unfamiliar construction was Mrs. Winchester’s belief over ghosts. She believed this mansion was haunted by numerous spirits of those killed by the Winchester repeating rifle. These ghosts ran after her and tried to find her for the revenge. She took help of a paranormal adviser that advised her to confuse spirits within the construction by building continuation. She did the same and spent more than $5 million to continue building this mystery house that took more than nonstop 38 years. One night when she was sleeping in one of the secret basement cabin, they found her. Their apparitions were so gruesome that Mrs. Winchester got a heart attack and met with death. Later on, people still see numerous apparitions, hear disembodied voice and banging on doors. 
Except this, there are countless things that you can experience yourself by peeping into this most haunted place in San Francisco. This place is open for overnight stays and thus you can take your friends and avail a night filled with excitement out here.

Moss Beach Distillery, San Francisco

Moss beach distillery ghost
Located in San Francisco on the Moss beach, this distillery is basically a roadside restaurant that provides cocktails, brunch and seafood menu. Walking down this restaurant, you would never realise the creepiness of this distillery but there is something to be afraid of. Explore the prime reason that makes this place count in top 5 most haunted places in San Francisco and Bay Area.

Near Half Moon Bay, Moss Beach distillery is said to be haunted by a lady spirit. It is believed that this girl was the girlfriend of construction’s piano player that murdered her out of jealousy. Since then, her spirit is said to wander frequently in its premises. People have claimed to see her blood coated apparition that comes running from highway 1 and dances in every room. She can also be seen in piano corner sitting atop of it. However she has not harmed anybody but looking down at her fierce apparition is an ultimate sinister. Interested people are advised to visit during dark moon night to experience mysterious noises and shadows – ghastly experiences that make Moss Beach Distillery one of the most haunted places in San Francisco.

San Francisco Art Institute

5 most haunted places in San Francisco to visit now
In the listing of top 5 most haunted places in San Francisco, the appearance of an Art Institute may amaze you but boy this has really got a creepy face to shiver out. Near to the site of a cemetery, this art institute shares its establishment with the Trinity Episcopal Church. If you listen to the spectator’s experiences, you will be left with no choice but to believe that this place is really one of the most haunted places in San Francisco area. Why San Francisco Art Institute is possessed, discover yourself:
Many ghost hunters including Stephen and George, investigators from Hauntedia stepped into this creepy location. At the first glance, the construction seemed absolutely fine and no such signs were present to confirm the existence of spirits down here. Talking to few visitors that had experienced mysterious unexplained noises was worth to investigate. George saw a terrible gray apparition that faded through the bathroom wall and appeared climbing the outer walls. Capturing the images, we got a blurred Zigzag pattern that appeared as a heat map. 
To complete the investigation, we moved to the church that did not plunge our hopes when we found many cold spots and hazy voices. Overall, it can be said that this building houses a silent and harmless ghost that would not trouble you out. From the above reporting incidents that made sure the decision of listing San Francisco art institute in the list of 5 most haunted places in San Francisco was right gave a new hope to inexperienced investigators. If you are less daring or want to start off your investigation, this is a place to give a start to.

Russian Hill

Russian Hill has a haunted house counted as one of the most haunted places in San Francisco
A haunted house that is famous from the name of “House of Demons” is what we have picked up as the next spot in the current listing of most haunted places in San Francisco. Initially this Marrow’s house is named after J.P. Marrow, a leading civil engineer and advocate judge of a vigilance committee by profession. This establishment was built in 1851 and located on the Larkin and Chestnut streets junction. Everything was going smooth until Marrow family shifted to their newly built house where a big surprise awaited them.

Few weeks after the couple stepped in this so called one of the most haunted places in San Francisco, they started experiencing paranormal. Shifting of things and weird noises were the primary signs they had neglected but, soon they noticed the cause. He cited table tapping, door knocking and growling noises coming out of nowhere. Soon, they called their relatives and decided to set an investigation to get the exact scenario of this house. Marrow couple and their two relatives stuck to different rooms and waited till the heart-trembling activities happened. Later, they claimed to see the intermixing of kitchen recipes, knocking on the doors and disembodied voices.

During the night they saw a Negro phantom standing in front of their bedroom’s window. Last day they saw sofa cushions being thrown away and they got pinched out of nowhere. These activities were so frequent that local San Francisco’s newspapers had done an article regarding the same. Violent ghastly activities such as throwing of chairs and books on the investigation team and land lady’s hair pulling are the major incidents that make sure this house is one of the 5 most haunted places in San Francisco. Even today, it is believed that demons haunt this place and do not like a living body to interfere them. If you are a daring guy and want to experience paranormal for sure, George and Me advise you to visit House of demons right up the Russian Hill.


Chinatown is known as one of the 5 most haunted places in San Francisco
When you pick up the history of people that have turned into phantoms, you realize that the difference between a good and bad ghost is actually the difference between a natural and untimely deaths. On a scale of bad to worst kind of a spirit, it is worth to cite that people that die in a more ferocious way becomes deadly monsters. Here, we are talking about the Cameron House, one of the 5 most haunted places in San Francisco where every inch is ready to spook you out.
Located in San Francisco, Cameron House is said to be haunted by endless horrible souls that wander frequently in the construction. It is said that these ghosts were people that brutally died when the fire burnt in the original building. Later, they rebuilt it and realized many disturbing phenomenon going in the fresh establishment. Many a workers faced demonic possessions that led them to death. To sort this out, many priests were called to perform tantrum to catch ghosts under a particular area. 
Since then, every door in the Cameron house is protected with a red and gold charm to seal in the spirits. Due to frequent ghostly happenings and intense possessions, Chinatown is indeed one of the most haunted places in San Francisco. If you are someone that would take risk to play with paranormal, this house can be your next otherworldly investigation spot.
Except the above listings, we had also visited some other places and later, chose to put them out of this article. It was a tough competition because; few places were spooky and hard to choose to place in top 5 most haunted places in San Francisco to visit now. Now when we are done, we would like to mention those places in short. San Francisco peninsula is haunted by ghosts of army men whereas in Union square you can see the ghost of a ticket attendant in the mirror in the lobby. Now when you are done reading with this article, we would love if you help share this article with your friends. After all, sharing is caring, right?