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5 Absolutely Haunted Places In Texas To See Phantoms

Similar to the other states in America, Texas has many renowned creepy locations. In this article, we have made an analysis of more than 30 haunted places in Texas and finally cited those 5 extremely most haunted places in Texas horror enthusiasts can’t miss a visit to. In the menu, we have given place to a creepy road, one dilapidated fort, a stale bar, a spooky hotel and a terrible theater. Written in a conversational tone, these thousand words will take you on the journey to the 5 absolutely haunted places in Texas to see phantoms. This comprehensive list includes the creepy Opera House, La Carafe, Bragg Road and many other notorious locations.

Bragg Road Ghosts Lights

5 absolutely haunted places in Texas to see phantoms
Clear from its name, Bragg road Ghosts Lights is a phenomenon of appearance of mysterious light that has no evident. Located in Saratoga in Texas region, locals name it one of the most haunted places in Texas you can ever visit. Well, what a set of incidents are responsible for pushing it in the list of top haunted places in Texas, read below:

If you are a resident of Texas, you must be aware of an eminent legend attached with these mysterious lights. If not so, do not worry, I will tell you that. On dark and creepy nights, trespassing people see a flickering of lights in the distance whilst driving through this old logging road. The local legend claims this light to be of a lantern that belonged to a railroad worker. In a train accident, his head shoved off his body. It is said that his headless body led beside tracks with the lantern in his hand.

Locals believe his spirit is wandering in search of his decapitated head and the unusual light is that of his lantern. If you want to experience this hideous phenomenon, you should apply the rule of dark and silence. Pick up a dark night, a vehicle with all your needful objects and a binocular. Park your vehicle in a side and wait until you see the expected. You may have to wait further and be sure not to create sound. Just lay back still and experience why Bragg road is considered one of the top most haunted places in Texas.

Presidio La Bahia, Texas

Most Haunted Places in Texas

Presidio La Bahia sounds Spanish, right? Yeah, it is. But unlikely to be a person’s stretched name, it is a dilapidated fort located in Goliad region of Texas. Constructed in 1721, this stale Spanish fort creates a scene weird enough to be named in top haunted places in Texas. Why actually locals feel fierce to check into this fort in night, discover below:

A historical place has many incidents associated with that very location. Some we know, the rest we do not. If you flip the history of this fort, you would easily notice some of the revolutions, battles and conflicts have taken place with Presidio La Bahia as the nucleus. 
This worn fort houses numerous spirits of soldiers that were either killed or ferociously cut to death. Even today, their cries are easily heard. Except that, some otherworldly happenings like scratching, sobbing and loud screams are also experienced by the paranormal investigator groups. 
If you are lucky enough, you would be able to see clear apparitions of soldiers that are filled with blood and look nasty. If you are a horror enthusiast, I would advise you to take your daring friends along and check into one of the most haunted places in Texas. And do not forget to take required permission from the authority.

La Carafe, Texas

La Carafe is in the list of top 5 absolutely haunted places in Texas to see phantoms
Hey mate, what are you doing this weekend? If you are free and would like to try a new bar for a change, I have a name. It would accomplish your two hobbies at one time. Given you love horror, I would name a café cum bar that is known to be one of the most haunted places in Texas.

La carafe is known to be the oldest bar in the Houston city alive till date. This place offers a ride of spookiness when you come to know its history. Recalling those old civil war days, an African man along with two other men were said to be killed on the first floor of la carafe. Since then, the ghost of that huge African-American man is still said to wander frequently around upstairs and the second floor region of the structure. 

Take up your gang and check in La Carafe this Halloween to experience the paranormal experiences such as a noise of footsteps, scratching of the floor and loud giggle. And if you would be lucky enough, you might see the apparition of the ghost that himself is the reason La carafe is known as one of most haunted places in Texas. If you would like to visit some more featured locations in Houston, give a look to the article below:

Baker Hotel, Texas

Baker hotel is one of 5 most haunted places in TX
The next dish in the menu of most haunted places in TX is a haunted hotel. Baker hotel is established in mineral wells, Texas. This place was closed due to elementary disturbing phenomenon and plunge in business that led the owners to shut down it permanently. What is the disturbing phenomenon that has enforced this jovial hotel into the most haunted hotel in Texas? check it now.
Baker hotel, known to be one of the top haunted hotels in Texas is surrounded by two ghosts. The first ghost belongs to Lady Lisa, the mistress of the hotel manager. She is said to jump out from the balcony and met death.  
The primary cause of her death was the emotional stress that derived from her lover’s cheating. Few days after her death, Lisa’s ghost was seen on the seventh floor by many spectators. Many witnesses have seen her bloody nude apparition roaming frequently in the hotel, haunting the seventh floor. Another ghost is of a man who was brutally murdered in the elevator. Their ghost can still be experienced producing many supernatural activities. If you a paranormal lover, consider visiting this hotel after taking adequate permission or, you may wait for its re-opening.

Granbury Opera House, Texas

It is a creepy house that is counted in most haunted places in Texas.
Granbury opera house is a renowned aged theater located in Granbury of Texas. This place was earlier known to be a magnificent spot that was truly magnanimous for the jolliness in its shows. But a dark evil spirit ruined all its fame and this place quickly turned into one of top most haunted places in Texas. Figure out the remaining below:

Earlier a jovial place, Granbury opera house is said to be haunted by John Wilkes, a man that is popularly known as President Lincoln’s assassin. You would be surprised to know that Wilkes was a famous theater artist and had performed many times in numerous plays in this theater. After his untimely death, he is reported to haunt this place even today. 
Lots of incident including appearance of a tall black figure and murmuring of voice confirms this place being one of the truly and most haunted places in Texas. One more proof that goes in favor is the inspection by Discovery channel ghost lab test. It went positive when Ghost lab captured an EVP of Booth’s voice confirming its presence. If you like to give it a hit, unite your group and peep into this theater when it’s dark. 
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Well, buddies, this is a finalized picked up list of 5 Most Haunted Places in Texas Horror Enthusiast Can’t miss a visit. In this list, Granbury opera house could be the last location in most haunted places in Texas but, there are a number of spooky destinations to surf. We are exploring more haunted places in Texas and will add our words as soon as we find a place spooky enough to meet our expectations and not plunge down the level of haunted places in Texas. If you have visited any of these, kindly write to us in comments below.