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5 Most Haunted Places in Las Vegas

On a scale of scariness, Las Vegas occupied the 5th spot in the United States, and obviously it had to be our next destination. Hello there, I am John Smith, and I love to visit fearful places. With my partner Kelly Richards and cameraman Sin Style, we continue to search paranormal phenomenon. In this article we are going to talk about 5 of the scariest locations in Las Vegas crowded by paranormal entities. These set of places include locations like the Old Liberace Museum, Red Foxx house, Little Choo Choo day care and many more.
Right after we finished the ghost search programs in IndianaOklahoma, and Houston, we moved to our next destination.

Haunted Places in Las Vegas

5 most haunted places in las vegas even superman will fear to visit in dark.
Las Vegas is solely the city of Joy. 75% of Vegas Lovers are fond of gambling and the rest like dining and hang out at the numerous clubs.  Let me tell you- the quanta of excitement and thrill while visiting a spooky spot is hundred times more than winning thousands of dollar in gambling. Well, it’s time to check out some of the most haunted places in Las Vegas that would give you a hair-raising experience like never before.

Fox Ridge Park, Las Vegas

420 Valle Verde Drive, Henderson

One story, perhaps a dramatic incident backs up one urban legend that is believed to be a center of attraction. Legend has it a child was pushed hard by a vehicle while he was swinging on a road near this park. He met spot death, but his soul remained here, with his swings. Now, late at night ghost of this child is seen on his swings without disturbing anyone. But if you look into his eyes, he would turn demonic and disappear.

There is no such demonic possession or activity that has taken place near Fox Ridge Park. Although very few locals have encountered his spirit, we always believed a child ghost could turn more dangerous at times. Based on old Vegas’ tale, we pick this spot for some real haunted places in Las Vegas.

The Old Liberace Museum

Known as the hub of supernatural activities, Liberace Museum is one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas. People who visited this Museum had gone through superlunary experiences. We took a special permission to check into this Museum that later proved productive for us.
Dull, zigzag-shaped white smoke was the very first thing that distracted us. I stood paralyzed, but Kelly is comparatively brave. He moved towards that smoke, but suddenly smoke took the shape of a shadowy figure. All we could see was a hazy, not so transparent figure of a woman. We were overwhelmed and terrified.
Local staff have strong believe that the soul of Liberace’s sister in law visits this place more often. Apart from this, Liberace’s ghost visits carlucinno’s restaurant near the parking lot.  Legend had it when both were devoted to museum’s upkeep when alive, and they continue to do this even after their death. Where there live a pair of ghost, that place would undoubtedly make its mark on five most haunted places in Las Vegas.

The Sandhill and Charleston Tunnels

People who would like to take a visit to some real haunted places in Las Vegas can start their journey from the Sandhill and Charleston tunnels. This tunnel is situated between the Sahara Avenue and Charleston Boulevard. Below the stretch of Sandhill Road, these flood tunnels see many perishing incidents. Trespassers have complained to hear the echoing scream of a woman. Some people have felt of being slapped by some unknown force.

In past, a man with her wife was looted and killed in this Tunnel. Since then their spirit wanders around this place in search for their revenge. In late night, drivers have often seen an old lady that chases them on the roads of Sandhill and Sahara. During dark hours, people’s fear to cross these roads and tunnel make this spot one of some most haunted places in Las Vegas.

Red Foxx’s House


Red Fox was a Stanford and son star and comedian by profession. He became homeless in 1989 when his house, at 5460 Eastern Avenue, was captured by IRS. He could not take this stress and die after few years. Later, a local Elvis impersonator bought this house but he was unaware that he made his life full of trouble.
First few days after the takeover, the new landlord started to experience dubious activities. Lights began to switch on and off, Sliding doors started to open and close. He was so terrified that he decided to sell this house. Later few more tenants came, but they could not survive these ghostly occurrences and sped off. 
Finally, this property was sold to a real estate company who put a picture of Red Foxx to calm her spirit down.Due to its creepy environment Red Foxx’s House is considered as one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas.

Little Choo Choo Day Care

Located on Wynn Road, this day care area houses many spirits and is known as the most haunted place in Las Vegas.  According to locals, a teacher committed suicide at this daycare center and later, a child died after being dragged on the tracks of the toy train. This place was closed, but spooky business continued taking place.

Visitors have reported to see a little boy digging with a shovel who disappears on being approached. Apparition of a lady was also seen which slowly thinned into the air. Trespassers continuously hear strange noises emerging from this day care center.
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Frequent wandering of ghosts, otherworldly happenings and abnormal incidents make this spot first among the five most haunted places in Las Vegas.

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