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18 Haunted places in Oklahoma for Ghost Tourism

In this mortal world, there are mysteries as small as stars in the sky – infinite if you count them.  As one gets closer, mysteries start to reveal and show their real side – Giant and frightening. Similar to this, here we have some thoughts before revealing 18 haunted places in Oklahoma for ghost tourism. In the word’s war between skeptic and believers & Science and God, World see every single incident with two different eye. But there is a common thing one can’t ignore. “Presence of spirit” in this world has certain proofs and skeptics who use to explain everything scientifically are speechless. There are many places on this earth that are usually possessed by souls – evil and kind one. Today we are going to reveal few real haunted places in Oklahoma. Based on people’s experiences and research by some paranormal societies, this article is crafted to reveal most haunted places in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma State – A part of United States of America.  This metropolitan city is famous as OK and is 27th crowded city of United States. Among innumerable attraction, there are plenty of creepy places in OK. Well, Let us move to top haunted places in Oklahoma. Before you decide to visit few of them after reading this post, we request you to take proper precautions as some of them are very spooky and can turn into a life threat.

Haunted places in Oklahoma - Belvidere Mansion

Built in 1902, this Gothic style brick house looks like a classy mansion. On the very first sight, you would never call it haunted. But what the visitors and paranormal researchers experienced will make you think twice before you decide to spend a night in here.

Unexplained noises all around the mansion and Appearance of hazy figures in dim light will be usually a few things that welcome people to this spooky mansion. Hot and cold spots all around this mansion are something ensuring about presence of spirits. When Hauntedia Team talked to Stephen Lee and his team who got into this mansion to examine the reality, here’s what they did experience:
When I got into this mansion, it was 7 in the evening. The moment we entered, lights started dimming. In the night around 9 when we all were having a gossip outside, bathroom door closed itself and shower got on. Some other basic signs like noise of footstep and feeling if someone is staring at us made us frightened. While we packed our bags back to home, we were confirmed that this place is in a list of haunted places in Oklahoma.
Unlike most of possessed places, the spirits residing inside this mansion which is among the top haunted places in Oklahoma are harmless and only show their presence here. When we dug up the history, read what we got.

This mansion was built was the owner John M. Bayless. He had a family of 8. Half a year before it could be completely build, Mr. Bayless died due to complications in Appendicitis surgery. After that, Mary Bayless finished the construction and lived there till 1919. This mansion is still said to be haunted by the Bayless family. Since 1991, this place is restored by Roger’s county historical society.


Blanchard cemetery located in Oklahoma is haunted by spirit of a tall man engraved here. This cemetery sees many paranormal activities that make it one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. Visitors have experienced unexplained sounds in this cemetery during dark hours. 

Many people have also complained about seeing an apparition of spirit of that tall man whose spirit is supposed to haunt Blanchard cemetery. More detailed inquiry about that ghost got us information about his outfit as visitors usually see his ghost in black pant and dark blue suit. He is said to wave his hand towards people to call them near.


Bird Creek School,Pawhuska is one of few haunted places in Oklahoma
Next on the list of haunted places in Oklahoma is Bird creek school. It is presumed to be haunted due to a mysterious activity that has been reported by many people who took a visit to this school. This one room school house was built for Native American children in 1900’s. 

It is said that if you write something on black board and come back after a few minutes, you will find it wiped by some unknown hands. However there is none such ghost sightings in this school but due to this mysterious thing, you would surely like to have a visit to this place.


There is a theater which is said to be haunted by soul of a well-known singer. Can you guess? Let me tell you.
Brady theater, located in Oklahoma has a public assembly facility since 1914. In 1920, during his show in this theater, Enrico Caruso got infected with cold and flu that Later took his life in 1921. It is rumored that even today his spirit haunts this place. 
Brady theater is known as another haunted location of Oklahoma
During dark hours, high pitched opera singing for some seconds terrify the trespassers. Due to visitor’s reports and unexplained noises, this theater is considered as few most haunted places in Oklahoma.


Located on W Harrison Ave in Guthrie, this rugged and creepy structure is one of the top haunted places in Oklahoma. This saloon was used to be a crowdie place full of fashion. It was owned and run by Madame Miss Lizzie and two of her girls Claudia and Estelle. In past, Saloon’s fate demolished with Claudia as she was beaten to death. When she died, she was buried in the saloon. From that day, this place turned into a rest house of dead. After a few years Miss Lizzie and Estelle were found dead under unclear circumstances.

Blue belle saloon at Guthrie is one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma
Residents who live nearby this saloon often report paranormal activities, hazy apparitions that are supposed to be the spirits of Miss Lizzie’s family. Many unexplained noises like crying and gossips of women often frighten people residing nearby. If you plan a visit to few haunted places in Oklahoma to listen spirits singing – we advise you to visit Blue belle saloon.


Next element of our list of haunted places in Oklahoma is modified Cherokee Strip museum. This museum is situated in Alva, United States. This place was earlier an old hospital which was later converted into a strip museum. The Old Ground floor was added with two floors upwards. There is one unique thing about this place – Only Ground floor section of this museum faces paranormal activities that are scientifically unexplained.

Cherokee Strip Museum in Oklahoma
Like other visitors, you may feel cold spots in Ground floor section of this museum. People have heard ghostly voices and piano in the reception area plays itself. In dark hours, one can see strange lights and ghost apparition in this museum. People and few old staffs of this museum assume this to be done by spirits of people who died earlier in the hospital. Due to constant wandering of unsatisfied spirits, this place is called one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma.


If you go in words with paranormal experts and few popular research societies, you find out this fact that most of the spirits reside in church rather than the cemeteries. Well, few of you would have surprised to see this place listed among haunted places in Oklahoma. Eye down to discover.

First christian church in Oklahoma
This church located on East Moses Street (in Cushing) was built across the top of an old burial ground. Usually the white clothed woman’s apparition has been seen walking between pews of the church. This spirit is also said to roam frequently across hallways of the church. In the absence of living ones during dark hours, lights of this church gets on and off on its own. Few more incidents like playing of church’s organ without any reason have set up fear in hearts of people who take visit to this church. Paranormal activities at the God’s place turned this holy church one of the haunted places in Oklahoma.

FORT RENO, Oklahoma

This fort is named after General L. Reno after his death in war of South Mountain. Located at El Reno, this place is one of the top haunted places in Oklahoma. It became a permanent post in July 1871. This place is said to be haunted by spirits of soldiers who were killed brutally during war.

Fort Reno , Oklahoma
This fort is possessed by unexplained shadow figures, apparitions of children. One could also hear phantom sounds made by ghostly soldiers. In one quick sentence, this place could be called – one of the creepiest haunted places in Oklahoma.


Situated in Tulsa, this place has been a concert venue that has hosted some fabulous acts such as Van Halen, Ramones and s*x pistols. With passing time, this historical place has turned out to be places among haunted places in Oklahoma. This building is now believed to be haunted.

Cain's ballroom view in night
Visitors often had a feeling of being watched, sensible cold spots at some section of this historical Ballroom. Few more incidents such as appearance of orbs that could be seen in photos, Lights getting off and on- On its own ensures this place as one among haunted places in Oklahoma. Later in a paranormal research, few more observations such as disembodied voice, singing and giggling were made. If you are daring enough and want to visit top haunted places in Oklahoma – you can’t miss this.


Don’t get confused by name of this place as it is no longer a place you could take your family on a dinner. Situated in Talihina, the demolished Kiamichi kitchen is counted in few haunted places in Oklahoma. It was said to be housed in a former private home. 

Kiamichi kitchen-top haunted places in Oklahoma
This place is haunted by the ghost of George. Incidents such as turning lights on its own, sudden playing of radio and laughter confirms this kitchen being top haunted places in Oklahoma. Night’s silence that breaks by a sudden scream and giggles produce chills down the spine of trespassers.


This abandoned private home is located near Fort Gibson in Oklahoma. It is said to be occupied by numerous ghosts which makes this house few of the top haunted places in Oklahoma. Its former owner has written a book on her experiences in this house. 

Haunted McBride House
According to her :
This place is possessed by first owner of this house along with the builder. As the clock strikes 2 in the night, spirits throw a ghost party in this house. Strange noises, gossips and laughter can be heard clearly in this house. Ghosts here call each other by name and move things from one place to another. Due to repeated and frequent ghost activities McBride House is considered one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma.

Mohawk Park & Golf Course

Mohawk Park which falls under Tulsa region is one of few reported haunted places in Oklahoma. Garden section of this park is said to be possessed by many spirits. This park is rumored to be the home of a creature that is half lady- half woman. Talking about the Golf section, one bathroom facility is said to be haunted.

Mohawk Park and Golf Course Tulsa
Numerous abnormal incidences such as gossips of many unseen people with sudden outcry in dark hours could be heard in this park. These paranormal activities make this place one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. Even in power cut, haunted bathroom facility remains bright with some strange light inside this bathroom. People who had visited this bathroom facility felt cold even in summer without any obvious reason.


Located on exchange Ave, there is a story behind this place turning into one of few scariest haunted places in Oklahoma. Read below:
Build in 1919, this place was earlier a dance hall and bar. It is supposed to be haunted by ghost of two female sisters – Rose and Patty who were taxi dancers at the dance halls. One fine day patty was shot by her boyfriend in the room which is now children’s clothing and women’s Boots section on first floor. Rose could not take this and hung herself in the room upstairs.
Since then, this place started having weird incidences. Employees often complain of feeling frightful on the stairs that goes to second floor. Management has also reported the lights turning on and off on its own. Due to a series of scary incidences, paranormal experts named this place amongst haunted places in Oklahoma.


Located on W Warner Ave, paranormal investigators love to check in and encounter paranormal activity going out here. Counted as one of the haunted places in Oklahoma, this hotel is haunted by ghost of a child and a middle aged man. Visitors who stay here are told the story of Augusta - female ghost which haunts this place. Ghost of 8 yrs. old Augusta is said to occupy the third floor.

Many people had a feeling of getting touched on their cheeks during night when nobody uses to be there. Ghost of Augusta is said to move objects from one place to another. Another ghost loves smoking and his apparition could be seen with a long pipe during late night hours. Due to continuous paranormal moves this hotel is included in haunted places in Oklahoma.

Veteran’s Lake – Sulphur

Veteran’s lake has been considered as one of the creepiest haunted places in Oklahoma. This place is possessed by spirit of a lady who died by drowning in this lake. She did the effort to save her child who was drowning and instead both of them lost their lives. Later, a girl also died by drowning in a water boat accident.

As darkness appears, apparitions of the girl and lady can be seen in the lake. It is believed that if you enter that lake after evening, you may be pulled into the lake and drowned by those two ghosts. Due to extreme terror in heart of residents, this place is reported among top haunted places in Oklahoma.

McDonald’s – Idabel

Situated on SE Lincoln Road in Oklahoma, this place is famous for scary activities more than its delicious food. Due to ghost of a little girl, this brunch center is named in famous haunted places in Oklahoma. Presence of ghost in Idabel branch of McDonald’s is confirmed by customers as well as working staffs.

Before opening hours, a little girl is seen entering into men’s restroom. Ghost of the little girl is said to flush toilets of women’s restroom. Creepy giggles and loud laughter can also be heard in women’s restroom. 

Employees often feel sudden cold environment in McDonald’s Idabel which is considered most haunted places in Oklahoma. Other activities such as Turning on computer by itself fill the staff with horror.  


Listed as one of the haunted places in Oklahoma, this scary spot is situated in Skiatook. It is considered to house the grave of a witch who died during early 1990’s. According to locals – whoever tried tampering with this grave suffered dire consequences. Few ruined their lives and had demonic possessions. A boy who died in a car accident in 1970’s is also supposed to haunt this place.

What makes this place one of true haunted places in Oklahoma is true hair rising experience when you take a visit to this place. In dark, one can easily see ghost of that guy in white clothes. Also many scary noises like screams and giggles can easily be noticed if you pass nearby. In dark it is strictly recommended not to touch or go near the Witch’s Grave in Hillside Cemetery.


Located on SE Madison, Wheelock mission is known as one of the real haunted places in Oklahoma. This place is captured by numerous dangerous spirits. It is said that once a man got into this mission and murdered few girls. From that day spirits of those girls are supposed to wander at this place.
Incidents such as bleeding from trees bring a new and terrific scene to people’s eyes. Visitors have reported to see apparition of girls hanging themselves from the roof and sitting on chair. Due to spirits who are wandering in search of revenge, this mission is one of the most scary and haunted places in Oklahoma. There is one more incident locals usually narrate:

Once a group of few teen girls had a visit to mission’s cemetery. They tried to steal a vase from cemetery. They got into the car with their plunder and tried starting their car. The car did not start. Getting scared they put the vase back to its place and it worked… the car ran smoothly.

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